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  1. I picked up the ucs star destroyer on one order. Ordered another order with bad batch shuttle, tauntaun vs ATAT microfighter, Mandalorian forge, and Snowtrooper battle pack. Then went to Lego store and got ATST and duel on mandalore plus a couple keychains to get over the $70 usd threshold. So I should have three of two of the promos plus 2 of Lars homestead. Spent a ton of money towards Lego.
  2. No, but I would be interested to know if you figure out a way to display it like that. I honestly hadn’t even thought about trying to find a way to do that. I might have to mess around with that if I can get some parts to play around with it. Good idea.
  3. Bbafett

    [MOC] ARC-170 starfighter (Instructions)

    War Eagle back. Love that someone recognizes it.
  4. Bbafett

    LEGO 10294 Titanic Discussion

    Lego Titanic came back in stock today and was right back out of stock 14 minutes after receiving the back in stock email from lego. I did get my order placed 8 minutes after the email. However received the dreaded back ordered email from Lego not long after. I have never seen a set that has been out of 2.5 months never stay in stock for not even 2 hours several times. I hope the back order ships in next couple weeks, but almost would rather them wait to put in stock for when they have many more available.
  5. Okay. Yeah I just picked up another one on Amazon for $24 which was 20% off.
  6. Curious where you found them 25% off.
  7. Bbafett

    Issue with UCS AT-AT!!!

    Couldn’t they have just used a axle 6m with end stop instead of the parts in the middle? That part could’ve gone straight into the orange pin. Mine doesn’t come in til Thursday and might not build it til after the holidays so can’t check if this would work.
  8. Yeah, well I dont normally buy to invest in Lego. Not like I am turning around and selling it on eBay for $550 like I see out there currently. That is just stupid to see when the product is still being sold at normal prices. When it gets discontinued in a few years it might prove to be a good/bad investment.
  9. Bbafett

    LEGO 75192 Stands

    I also have the mark 2 from Kingdom Brick Supply. It works great and looks great. Would definitely recommend.
  10. Bbafett

    Display for Star Wars UCS sets?

    I have gotten two of these shelves from Wayfair last couple years. I watched for them to go on sale so found both of them for low $300 range each. Little pricey still but very sturdy and great for displaying large sets. Have UCS Millenium Falcon on top using a stand from Kingdom Brick Supply. Will put UCS Gunship on the top of the other shelving most likely. Maybe a lower shelf depending on how it fits.
  11. Ordered two of the UCS gunships at launch on Sunday. Hoping that they might be worth more than the correct box in several years. Might build one of them at some point but one will definitely stay sealed.
  12. I didn't find a whole lot of large cost pieces when I bought what I needed so not sure you are going to find much that can be done. I made a couple color substitutions more to use what I had already if it wasn't going to be shown on the outside. One very small issue I did run into was part 36841 bracket 1 x 1 was supposed to use I think 4 qty that never got connected to anything and didn't seem to be needed. Not sure if I missed something but I ended up taking them off b/c the ones I had kept getting knocked off. So you could save the 4 parts there but those are very low cost at a $.01/each. As TGBDZ said, just going through the parts list and instructions to see what you could substitute is a good way, but not entirely necessary just b/c the low cost parts that are primarily used where possible. This ship looks so good in person.
  13. Picked up the 75275 Ucs Awing on May 1st from lego and then also ordered 75318 The Child and 75273 Poe Dameron xwing from Lego today. Should get two Tatooine homesteads but really only cared about getting one. Very disappointed in lack of deals on Amazon vs buying them from Lego with double VIP points.
  14. Brilliant! That is much better. Never occurred to me about opening the canopy and trying it. Thank you. I do love the MOC. Great build.
  15. Let me know what you think I can do to fix it.