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  1. Bbafett

    Venator Class Republic Attack Cruiser

    I will be honest. I spent close to $1000 to build this MOC. Could possibly get it a little cheaper but it has a lot of parts. Bought parts over several months on BrickLink to spread out the cost. It is my favorite Moc I have it built and it sits above our tv in the living room. Absolutely a beautiful build and very strong. Have never regretted spending the money on this Moc. If you like the Venator than this is the Moc to build. Anio did an amazing job.
  2. I emailed Dave a couple days ago about this with my previous order attached. Haven’t heard back. Is he possibly on holiday right now? thx. Happy New Year!
  3. does some busts and lightsabers. does a lot of clone vehicle Mocs. Both based in USA. Found them via YouTube lego channels. Both sell instructions and bricks together.
  4. Definitely interested in the phantom 2 instructions as I already have the ghost and phantom instructions. I am assuming you will put that one up separately? Haven’t bought the rest of the parts I need for this but will first if the year most likely. Looking forward to it after I get done with the ucs falcon build and get past Christmas. Nice job.
  5. Picked up Bespin duel set on eBay plus Kyle Ren microfighter on amazon and 501st battle pack and AAT tank set 75283 at Target 20% off. Almost picked up Boba Fett helmet but decided to wait for a better deal than 10% off.
  6. Bbafett

    Venator Class Republic Attack Cruiser

    It is an amazing MOC in person too. Have built it twice and sits atop my entertainment center. Love it.
  7. Purchased TGBDZ’s instructions for his Ghost VCX 100 freighter. Excited to start getting the parts to put this beautiful moc together. Might have to wait til after wife and I build the UCS millenium falcon I bought a couple months ago.
  8. Yeah you are correct. I was wrong on the difference as I just looked it up. Mark 2 is the only one I want as I don’t want to take the landing struts off. I will keep an eye on your website for stock changes. Thx.
  9. I believe the difference is the mark 1 was designed for the original UCS MF while the mark 2 can actually fit both but ultimately designed for new UCS MF.
  10. When are you getting more of these stands to sell in US?
  11. How sturdy is this ship? Always liked the Ghost and have been thinking about buying the instructions for this moc. Just want to make sure it is a very sturdy build and won’t run into issues of it being fragile. Great job on getting this designed.
  12. I also just ordered the UCS millenium falcon as it is finally on back order as an option. Had $45 dollars in LEGO discounts too which helps cover the big expense of it. Not sure when will be built or where placed in house, but didn’t want to regret not getting it like I did the original millenium falcon. Wife seemed to be okay with it too when I talked about it a few weeks ago. Hopefully she didn’t forget it. Lol.
  13. I have been on the fence on the Awing. I like the ship but space is starting to be a concern for legos. I might pick it up next year. I want the millennium falcon UCS too but $800 is too much. Enjoy.
  14. Weird, bc I have no link to preorder it like some of the other items. Can’t do it for the 501st battlepack either. I can do it for the razor crest though which comes out in fall.
  15. Boba Fett Helmet doesn’t come out til April 19th according to I would love to get this one. How did you get it roadstermatt?