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  1. AncientDayz

    Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    Forgive me if this was already mentioned (I haven’t been able to catch entirely up yet); however, based on the previous (translated) description, specifically the fact that this breaks away from the original modulars, do we think this opens like a dollhouse? I’m wondering because 1) the (translated) description provided, 2) the lack of visible floor breaks like previous modulars, and 3) it looks as if there are small pieces sticking out as you look down the wall on the left side. It almost looks as if those are the joints to flat hinges. I may be way off, but based on those three things, I’m starting to wonder if this reall does open up as opposed to lift and separate. That would be a HUGE change. For that reason, I tend to doubt the thought. On the other hand ...Hmmm.
  2. AncientDayz

    LEGO Star Wars 2016 Pictures and Rumors

    Actually, aren't you a penny short of the $25? $499.99 would equate to $20 in VIP points. They don't round up (at least, they never have on my account). I just assumed that the promo is saying you would get (correctly so) $20 in VIP points.
  3. AncientDayz

    LEGO Star Wars 2016 Pictures and Rumors

    The wife gave me permission months ago to get this set when it was first rumored. I never got the original. However, after all the hype, I definitely fall in the camp that's a bit underwhelmed. It's not a bad set, by any means. I just wish they improved upon the original set more as opposed to just the minifigures. While I was wanting a shell, I knew that was probably going to be too good to be true. I just don't care for the "blocky" nature of the sphere, in this one or the original. Even though I have the money and "permission" (when has she ever said no?), I think I'm going to pass on this and spend the money on the Disney castle. I'll BrickLink the three or four characters I want a year or more from now (after I see if any come out in cheaper sets in the future). I don't know. I don't want to completely bash LEGO, but for a guy who picks up everything (I have over 200 sets, mostly large ones like modulars, UCS, etc.), I've passed on Hoth and now the Death Star. LEGO Star Wars is letting me down a little lately. Anyway, it's a good set; I just wanted something that seemed more fresh, especially for $500.
  4. AncientDayz

    How many Minifigures do you own?

    1000+ change
  5. AncientDayz

    I've Lost My Mind - Lego Artoo on Ideas

    This is absolutely crazy cool, but I just can't see this having even a slim chance of being made by LEGO. We're talking thousands of dollars more than their largest retail set. Even for a guy like me who picks up sets all the time, especially the larger sets, and who loves Star Wars, I don't think I could justify picking this up. However, I really do wish you all the best.
  6. AncientDayz

    Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    This sounds promising. I was never excited about a bank, but I don't hate the idea either. I really like the idea of a laundromat. I hope it's really detailed and done well. I'm looking forward to some pics!
  7. AncientDayz

    The point when you have enough Lego?

    At what point do I have too much LEGO! How do I know? I had to rent a climate-controlled storage unit and store 30+ plastic containers full of LEGO (my guess: 100,000+ pieces) because I have absolutely no room left in our place for anything, let alone more LEGO. Ugh! ...of course, I still keep an eye out for my next new box of LEGO!
  8. AncientDayz

    10249 Winter Toy Shop

    They definitely got lazy with the theme this year. I actually feel bad for the wife because this is the only theme she builds, but she even looked at it and said that this was just plain dumb. I guess we'll be passing on this year's Christmas tradition :(
  9. AncientDayz

    10247 Ferris Wheel

    I went ahead and built it on a 48x48 base. I've moved it quite a few times very easily; I'm glad I put it on the base. As to some comments about it changing the look, I kind of like it. You can turn the grey areas into paths, etc like at many parks. If you don't like the grey, cover it with a few more green plates. Anyway, for those thinking about it, I think the base works great.
  10. AncientDayz

    What's your recent LEGO Star Wars Purchase?

    Picked up 75094 The Imperial Shuttle at TRU just now.
  11. AncientDayz

    How do you spend your VIP Points?

    I was using them as I got them, but the end of last year I decided to save them up for a few months - I knocked out the detective's office and a Star Wars micro fighter for free recently. In the end, money is money so I guess it really doesn't matter how I use them, but it did feel good to get a large package in the mail - especially when I didn't spend a cent on it.
  12. AncientDayz

    What's your recent LEGO Star Wars Purchase?

    Even though I still have Christmas sets to build, I couldn't resist some of the new sets today. I picked up... Skyhopper Micro At-At x2 Micro Snowspeeder TIE Prototype Troop Transport, and The Free AT-DP Best part off it, I threw in the Detective's Office and the free Flowers Cart to get it all free via VIP Points - sweet!
  13. AncientDayz

    What's your recent LEGO Star Wars Purchase?

    Took advantage of the double points and winter set to pick up the Sandcrawler and Ewok Village.
  14. AncientDayz

    Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    I'm very torn on this set. It's well designed and looks good, but it just doesn't have that more adult-modular feel to it. It is rather busy, and as one already posted, has a somewhat cartoonish look. I'm really curious how it would look near buildings like the GE or GG. My wife, who doesn't follow LEGO set except for those I bring into the house, even questioned how it would look on my street. I have 12 modulars right now, and I know I'll end up getting this one. However, I'm just not jumping up and down like past ones upon seeing the first pictures. Again, it looks great as a set, but in the line of other modulars, I'm just not as excited. Hopefully more pictures will change that feeling - fingers crossed!
  15. AncientDayz

    What's your recent LEGO Star Wars Purchase?

    Well, I'm continuing my Introduction to Lego Star Wars. Today I picked up: 8097 Slave 1 75005 Rancor Pit 75052 Mos Eisley Cantina 75020 Jabba's Sail Barge Dark Side Book Encyclopedia 20+ Older Minifigures Random, Loose Pieces After my last purchase and my coming Black Friday purchases (planning to get the Ewok Village and the Sandcrawler - decided against the Death Star), I'll have to take a break for a while ...for my wallet and wife's sake!