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  1. because it is common story. for example, this part was introduced in 2012 but has 2010 copyright on it.
  2. LEGO Nexo Knights 2018

    my axl from 72006 has printed code 27X7: july 3, 2017 — july 9, 2017. so set itself was designed before. and it was before this news. so theme was closed because it not give expected profit.
  3. Sets with large sized extra pieces

    my speculation. as we know, lego checks is bag contains all parts by weight. as 1x1 plates, tiles etc. too light - we get them as extra. here I think the same story but on box level. I think scales that checks set accuracy isn't enought to catch missing plate 2x16 or clay's sword so we got extra.
  4. Sets with large sized extra pieces

    70362 has extra sword part, 70366 has extra lance part. as in 60148 this items not packed into bag inside box. in all three cases the item is long and narrow.
  5. LEGO Nexo Knights 2018

    no any nexo 2018 set in Latvia. in last two years we got all major sets including store exclusives. but now nothing ???
  6. LEGO Nexo Knights 2018

    Is I correctly understand, what tracks in Axle tank don't have rubber attachments?
  7. 2017 City Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    40175 polybag content.
  8. J seen on duplo items - definitely china. X seen on Axl torso (nexo knights). N, U, V - seen on duplo train bases. 310P1 - girl from 5646.
  9. according lance and clay set af hands in battle suits — final.
  10. loom bands in any toys shop.
  11. Bionicle 2016 Sets Discussion

    I have one axle hole brocken in red y-joint and two brocken ballsockets in trans-neon orange short bones.