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  1. Prices are absolutely out of control. I was interested in it, but not $380 USD worth of interested.
  2. Yeow

    Future Constraction Lines

    Outside of a few polybags and a couple D2C/retailer exclusive sets, we already know everything that is going to be released this summer. Winter/Spring 2019 would be the earliest we could see a new CCBS theme.
  3. Yeow

    General Pirates of the Caribbean Theme Discussion Thread

    wrong thread, sorry.
  4. Yeow

    Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    I agree with this as well. The Grocer part of the Green Grocer is the important part and it was fully furnished. The amount of play features packed into something like the Detective's Office was just too much for me. Combined with it's small size, it really rates as one of the lowest modulars for me, despite some of the nice things inside. I really dislike the addition of cars into the series as well. The one in Palace Cinema was straight up awful and while the Diner's car is better, I'd rather those pieces be used to improve the building more. They release enough cars in City anyways.
  5. I'm not sure where you're getting this sentiment from in this thread, because the majority of answers so far have been either a resounding "No" or "Maybe the freight train". If I only bought Lego sets that I fully loved 100%, then i would have never gotten into Lego in the first place. I buy the train sets that interest me, but people who think that not buying the sets will suddenly get Lego to produce more Creator Tier trains are misguided. In this day and age, if a line does poorly, it will be cancelled. Nexo Knights and Bionicle fans know this all too well.
  6. I'll definitely buy the cargo train and most likely the passenger train, but I can't deny that I'll wait for a sale before picking them up. I understand that most here might not want to because the trains aren't Emerald Night/Maersk tier, but I think the only signal that low sales send is that people don't care about trains anymore, not that their trains aren't good enough.
  7. Yeow

    Future Pirates Speculation

    Not sure if this was brought up before, but in the upcoming Minifigure Factory promo set, there is a pirate microfig included. Not much, but it is nice to see.
  8. Yeow

    Future Constraction Lines

    I believe you just described Galidor. At least, that seemed like the point of Galidor to me. It's why pictures like this exist.
  9. It was confirmed at the Nuremberg Toy Fair that Nexo Knights was cancelled. Via Brickset and Zusammengebaut. Regarding 4chan, there have been instances when accurate information has been leaked on 4chan before, but as always, rumors should be taken with a grain of salt, no matter the source.
  10. I was just saying it was theoretically possible for someone to come up with that link themselves and then have a lot of other people click on it to drive it's ranking in the search results higher. Besides, G1 and G2 are grouped together in the same category (Bionicle [Theme]) on Brickset, and presumably G3 would probably be in the same category, not Bionicle Reboot.
  11. I'm not missing the point. As this thread has shown, it takes a trivial amount of traffic in order to push a result towards the top of a Google search, particularly a topic that probably isn't Googled all that much in the first place. The fact that you can generate a valid Brickset link containing the text of your choosing without it 404'ing does seem to suggest this is a hoax of some sort. I don't think it's a hoax on the part of Brickset, but it could be due to someone else. I really wish I could eat my words though.
  12. Nothing has to be added by anyone to make that link work though. You can replace "Bionicle" and "Reboot" with anything and it'll still turn up with the same page.
  13. Yeow

    2018 Lego Trains

    I find it a bit strange that the Cargo train would include a bank vehicle, because the 2018 Mountain Police line already has a bank transport, but I guess they're just being lazy. As long as they don't include robbers in the set, I'm perfectly fine with a bank transport vehicle and vault. If this inclusion results in more kids pestering their parents to buy them train sets, then I'm all for that. Regarding the Passenger one. I'll probably pick it up on sale like I did with the previous passenger train. Definitely not buying that one at full price.
  14. Yeow

    4-wide to 6-wide Vehicle Transition

    I definitely agree with World City being the transition period. The 4 wide vehicles from then could easily have been Town era sets had they replaced the hood/roof cover with those hinged roof pieces with the sun roof in them that they used to use all the time. Jumping off of that, but I think we are also in the middle/end of another transition period with fewer 4 wide vehicles and a lot of vehicles being 6-10+ studs. 60143 Auto Transport Heist from the 2017 police line contains 4 wide vehicles, along with the main Police Station, 60141, but the other police cars are all 6 studs wide. We also have a new 6 wide car base that was released in 2017 that I suspect will start appearing a lot more in the future. I can't imagine they would bother creating a 6 wide base for just a few cars. Looking forward, the Mountain Police line contains several particularly large police vehicles, with the only 4 wide vehicles being buggy's/offroad vehicles. Most notably, 60172 Dirt Road Pursuit's main vehicle is technically a 6 wide build, but the extra large fenders + massive tires push this build into the 10-12 stud range of width. A set of this size also seems to have appeared in a Jungle set as well, 60162. It'll be interesting to see if Lego continues this trend forward.
  15. Yeow

    [PRESS RELEASE] 10260 - Downtown Diner

    Not really impressed with this one. As much as I like the Detective's Office, it's small size was really disappointing, and this one looks smaller still. The change of heads is a shame, but that can be fixed easily. I don't think cars belong in the modular building series at all, as they simply take up parts that I think could be utilized elsewhere. Considering I own every modular building, I will still pick this one up, but if this is a sign of things to come, it's a bit troubling in my opinion.