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  1. Haven't been told not to share pictures, so I don't see a problem with it. Reviews are allowed to go live at the time of set release, but didn't say anything about mere photos I've got LEGO employees in my friends list who have posted pics since the set was announced so shouldn't be a problem. And yes, my work revolves around high end cars so it comes in handy knowing a lot of Porsche owners for this.
  2. I built mine last night, pretty cool set. Much larger than I expected, would have thought from pics it was about 25% the size it is. Well worth its retail price imo. I'll share a review when I write one, since most sites will probably be focusing on reviewing the build, the parts, etc, I'll be reviewing it side to side with the real car to give a little bit of a twist on set reviews. :)
  3. Meiko

    How many sets do you own?

    According to Brickset, which I haven't updated my collection there in a year or so, I have 1616 sets. I'm currently 17 years old and have been collecting for my entire life, being raised in a family that also collects LEGO. Many of these sets are shared in our collection. According to Brickset I have 1889 minifigures.
  4. Mind linking to the store calendars for those who don't know how to find them?
  5. Meiko

    What Other Lego Website's do You Use?

    Brickipedia, BZPower, and occasionally Brickset.
  6. Meiko

    Lego colors in hex numbers

    Brickipedia also has a page with a table of colors, however colors are a fairly neglected area of our site, so it's a bit out of date and probably not as comprehensive as Peeron's.
  7. Meiko

    Any Contests going on now?

    Brickipedia has a contest this month for Halloween:
  8. I think the most common comment I get is "I love LEGO" or "I used to have a lot of LEGO myself" and similar comments.
  9. LEGO ID has been experiencing intermittent issues the past couple days. This effects LEGO Shop,, ReBrick, LEGO Ideas, LEGO Ambassador Network, among other services. However, it should be resolved before too long.
  10. If I could take a guess, I'd expect Chrysler didn't want to agree to the license. I'm a Ford guy so the Camaro and Challengers wouldn't do much for me (even though in my other hobby, automotive photography, I got a chance to photograph a Challenger for the first time the other day), but I've always wanted a LEGO Viper ever since the early 2000s.
  11. Meiko

    pab cup online! :)

    I agree with Vorkosigan. Although it could be nice to have Pick-A-Brick cups available online, it would be a fast-track to a financial loss from what I'd presume, and it also would risk detracting from some of the unique incentives that going to a LEGO Brand Retail store offers.
  12. Finally some American cars! Looking forward to the Mustang. The "Ford F-150 Raptor and Model A Hot Rod" seems like an odd combination though.
  13. Meiko

    Lego message bords

    Seem fine for me.
  14. Meiko

    Why is LEGO now being made in China?

    Why not? LEGO hasn't been exclusively manufactured in one country for a very long time. As stated above, LEGO has been manufactured in China for many years. The Chinese factory is also more advanced than some of the other factories, so more intricate parts and printings have been done in China lately as the other factories aren't (yet) equipped with the ability to mould or print some of these kinds of parts.
  15. Meiko

    DC Superheroes 2015 Rumors & Discussions

    It isn't going to be an SDCC set-- this set is exclusively for this VIP sweepstakes only. Its set number will be 5004590 (Brickipedia link). It contains 311 pieces and will be labeled for ages 16+.