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  1. It makes a nice sci-fi elevated railway. The problem is most things that can run on it wrap around the track.
  2. The track is compatible with narrow gauge wheel sets, but the curve is too tight (R12) to accommodate most locomotives, so the best method is train wheels facing inward and running on the outside of the track.
  3. Amicus1

    Is it worth it to get into 9V trains now?

    I bought some 9v track on EBay, just to be able to drive an elevated railway from ev3 without requiring a battery box. Wouldn’t make my entire layout 9v.
  4. Amicus1

    Building LEGO Trains book

    Bluebrixx is not the same thing as Bluebrick the track designer program for those confused like me.
  5. Amicus1

    4DBrix goes DIY

    Just checked back. They have released the models for a few basic tracks, and have added a forum:
  6. Amicus1

    4DBrix goes DIY

    This is something else I'd like to get out of this thread: Is there still enough demand for the 4DBrix unique products like the monorail tracks and the automation ecosystem that other manufacturers could feasibly pop up and make and sell the 4DBrix designs?
  7. Amicus1

    4DBrix goes DIY

    Just curious, is there still a market for 4DBrix products? Would people buy from other microbusinesses printing and manufacturing the 4DBrix designs?
  8. Amicus1

    4DBrix goes DIY now shows this: Dear fellow AFOL, We apologize for the radio-silence of the last couple of weeks. We have been dealing with the fallout of the Covid-19 pandemic on both personal and professional levels. Some of you have contacted us and we still need to answer those emails. We’re sorry about that, we’re going to try to get back to you as soon as possible. It has been a period to reflect on the future. We started 4DBrix because we had several ideas to increase the playability of LEGO® creations by combining 3D printing, electronics and programming. We are proud of what we achieved and we’re grateful for all the support and wonderful feedback we got from many of you. Unfortunately not everything is awesome in our AFOL community... One of the first things we did was launching a kickstarter campaign to introduce our modular switches. The campaign was successful... too successful actually. Before we had shipped out the tracks to all our backers there were already copies of our modular system being sold. It didn’t stop there, in the following years that same company started systematically copying our train products. It has become clear that copying our ideas is their core business strategy. To our surprise this is not only condoned by a part of our community, some prominent members of the AFOL community are actively supporting this. In the long run, this is not a sustainable situation. We’ve always focused on what’s in the best interest of our community, e.g. our nControl software has always been available to everybody for free, and want to continue to do so. One of the main concerns we found in your feedback was the cost of our products. We’re located in the US so our production costs are high, there’s not much we can do about that. That’s why we decided to transform 4DBrix into a Do-It-Yourself platform. We will release our 3D print models so you can print the parts yourself. We’ll also release building instructions for the automation components so you can build your own automation system from readily available off-the-shell components. We understand that some of you don’t have a 3D printer and/or don’t have the skills or interest in assembling electronics. That’s why we’re looking for 3D print and electronics enthusiasts who want to set up a micro-business and start producing for their local AFOL community. Like that we can also get rid of long distance shipping. If you’re interested in this, please let us know. It’s a radical change and we believe it’s the best way to move forward. We’ll start by updating our website site: adding download links to the models, assembly instruction and all the other information you need to build your dream layout, so stay in touch! Tom (aka @Lowa) Discuss here, especially if you would like to start a micro-business as described in the post and want to get an interest gauge..
  9. Amicus1

    EV3 block orientation .

    I am not aware of any app where the blocks link vertically. What is the name of the app you are using?
  10. Amicus1

    Moc scifi gunship

  11. Amicus1

    Moc scifi gunship

    Not at the moment but I will take some when I get home.
  12. Amicus1

    Moc scifi gunship

    Here is a ship that uses an engine block I’ve had around for years. More pics later.
  13. Amicus1

    (Proof of Concept Moc) Lowrider

    Unfortunately I will be gone until New Years so you’ll just have to wait. But I will tell you it’s meant for a sci fi layout, and one of the supports for the battery is actually the receiver.
  14. This is my concept model of a fully functioning PF locomotive in under 6 bricks height.
  15. Amicus1

    EB Xmas Build 2019

    Sure, why not.