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  1. I think The Armorer and Paz are looking pretty slick even if the angle isn't doing the former any favors. I like the selection of figures in that set a lot, so that's probably a snag.
  2. This is probably one of the most impressive builds I have ever seen, Technic or otherwise. As someone who is getting back into MOCs (system) after years away, this is also super humbling. There is probably more engineering, planning, and designing in one fender of this than in the entire model I'm currently working on. I'm over here scratching my head over relatively simple engineering problems and people are out there creating things like this. It's a wonderful model, excellent work.
  3. I think I own every Slave 1 set they've ever done, though not entirely on purpose. I don't need another, but I want both that Old Man Fett and the full Beskar Mando, sooooo maybe I'm in. I like the look of all the sets in the leak.
  4. Geihlen

    [MOC] Galaxy Explorer SDR-926

    This is probably one of my favorite takes on this particular idea. Looks fantastic and I love all the features.
  5. Geihlen

    Help with identifying parts/sets!

    Would some be able to give me some info on one of the parts that makes up the boosters on the new Space Shuttle Discovery set. Specifically the ones below. Are these parts unique to this set? A part number would be great as well.
  6. These are all so cool! I have to say though, the Jukebike is especially nice. It has a great design and is super imaginative. Also nice to see some Aquazone love. That was a favorite of mine as well, and I feel like it's kind of a often forgotten theme.
  7. Geihlen

    [MOC][Instructions] UCS A/SF-01 B-Wing

    This is incredibly well done. I missed the boat on the UCS B-Wing, but I feel way less bad about that after seeing this build. Fantastic job!
  8. Geihlen

    Greetings everyone

    Hi all, I'm Joshua. I'm 35 and from the States and have been building with Lego since my parents were sure I wouldn't try to eat it. I've been primarily just a guy who builds sets out of the box for the last 10+ years, but I recently got inspired to start building my own stuff again. Hopefully I'll have something MOC wise to show off and get some feedback on in the near-ish future. You'll probably see me poking around the Sci-Fi and Star Wars subforums a lot, as those have always been my kinds of builds. Looking forward to finally being part of a larger Lego community, seeing cool stuff, and sharing some of my own builds.