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    LEGO Harry Potter, City, Castle and all the sets that are nice. I'm also interested in films and music and surfing on the internet. Now and then I draw or write something, when I am bored.

    If you want to know something more about me, don't hesitate to ask! ;D


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  1. Matn

    Modular Madness

    It was hard to vote with all those amazing entries! Great job everyone. I'll take my time this weekend to comment on every entry in the contest.
  2. 9. alois - 1 21. domino39 - 1 27. Myko - 1 33. CarsonBrick - 1 36. Bernd - 1
  3. Matn

    Winter Village 10229 Winter Village Cottage

    I love it! What another amazing addition to the Winter Village theme. I seriously have to get all of them, I only have to Winter Toy Shop at the moment. The colour scheme is basically the colours I'm using for The Three Broomsticks pub from Harry Potter. It fits nice for a cottage. It looks like a huge building though, I wonder how that will compare with the other small buildings. It's a lovely interior, but the cottage may be just too big because of that. I still love it though. The car is also amazing and so are the other structures. Looking forward to this set.
  4. Fantastic creation, Piglet! I stumbled upon this on Brickshelf and I'm glad to see a topic here with more information. Really amazing diorama, it's like a medieval diorama combined with World War elements. I love it! You can look at the pictures a dozen times and still be amazed. There's so much going on. It's great that you still managed to pack in so many lovely details, despite the huge size of the whole layout. The little town is beautiful and the castle is amazing. I love the greenery, great trees you've build there! The vehicles and the train are also great and well detailed. I like the fact that you took the concept of World War II and pushed it a bit further, over-the-top with the super soldier and the spy. Again, amazing job!
  5. B-OM-27D Visit Ollivander's Pub for a refreshing drink and a snack! Originally build in the middle ages, this building features a pub and an apartment. This detailed Modular House includes interiors on both floors, a courtyard with a passage to it, a terrace, a huge bay window, and more. The floors can be lifted off to reveal the pub and the apartment with a detailed interior: fireplaces, tables and chairs, couches, a kitchen, toilets and much more. Includes 6 minifigures with accessories and a cat. My entry is based on a Lilliput Lane model, which itself is based on a pub in London. I've always wanted to build a nice modular house and I just love medieval style houses, so the decision was made to build this. Be sure to check out more details and pictures at Brickshelf and on Flickr. Hope you liked it!
  6. Matn

    Lego Superheroes 2013 Rumours & Discussion

    Nick Fury, Bane and especially Jim Gordon are awesome! Man, the LEGO Superheroes line is so great. I'm looking forward to what sets they'll be in. I'm thinking of Jim Gordon with a SWAT van and perhaps Batman's bike (based of the Dark Knight film).
  7. Matn

    LOTR & The Hobbit 2012

    What a lovely set Bag End is! It looks like a fan creation to be honest, and it's perfect as a set. It captures the little hill perfectly. Upon further inspection I noticed it's bigger than I thought at first sight. Nice building techniques, lovely shape, sweet colours and awesome minifigures. This is a must get set, and the price is doable. LEGO Lord of the Rings/The Hobbit looks like to become an awesome theme, and I don't even have any of its sets yet. But the figures and the buildings are great, nice to see more of that instead of a vehicle-driven theme.
  8. Congratulations to the winners, awesome entries and deserved winners!
  9. I participated in the last two categories, a citizen and a super hero. Unfortunately my MMCB trench coat hasn't arrived yet, so I won't be able to participate with a villain. But I promise I'll upload it in the weeks coming anyway! Great contest, good luck everyone.
  10. The Crescent Adam Celest grew up in the rural area near Gotham City. He worked as an flight engineer before he became a full-time super hero. When he met his wife, they moved to Gotham for her work at the newspaper 'Gotham Globe'. Darkness fell on Adam when his wife was brutally murdered during one of her dangerous investigations. From that day on he swore to avenge his wife and their unborn child... Luckily for the innocent citizens of Gotham, Adam managed to stay on the good side of madness. Adam Celest became the Crescent. With his knowledge of aircraft he developed a sort of hang glider which he straps on. There's no use of hiding his identity, he has nothing to life for which makes him even more reckless. He fights evil with a grappling pistol. When Gotham sleeps and the filth of the earth awakes, the Crescent is there to take them down. I wanted to create an agile super hero with dark colours. I didn't want him to have any real super powers, because that are the coolest kind of heroes. But he had to fly, so I decided to make him wings. That's the only custom part, the wings shaped like a half moon and the neck piece to carry it (it's a sort of plastic paper). Brickshelf gallery Cost of the minifigure Black goggles: € 0,16 Helmet: € 0,84 Balaclava head: € 1,18 Silver chain jacket: € 0,88 Dark Blue legs: € 0,35 Flat Silver Ray Gun: € 0,46 Total: 3,87 EUR or $ 4,83
  11. Dane Peterson getting up in the morning, his mom already brought today's paper. Meet Dane Peterson, just an ordinary citizen of Gotham. At the age of 35, he is still living with his mother. Now, there's nothing wrong with that if it wasn't for his mom acting like she's his maid. His father, a bank clerk, died when Dane was a young boy, presumably by a hostile attack. From that day on his mother protected Dane with her life, not wanting something bad to happen to her little big boy. She handles Dane like a god. The side effect of your mom still cooking you dinner is quite visible on Dane. Besides the situation at home, Dane is a pretty down to earth guy. He's a friendly manager at the do-it-yourself store 'Gotham-fix', where the employees are fond of him but they do laugh now and then with him still living at his mother's house. Brickshelf gallery Costs of the minifigure Spiked Hair: $ 2,28 Anakin Clone Wars torso: $ 2,13 Hagrid head: $ 2,57 black headlight brick x 2: $ 0,10 black plate, rounded bottom: $ 0,04 Black Short Legs: $ 1,21 Total cost: $ 8,33
  12. Some parts arrived this week, exams are done so I can finally begin on my entries. Currently laying the last hands on my superhero entry. I'm still waiting for a special custom piece, but I don't think I'll have it on Monday for my villain. Also it just didn't work out right with my custom decals, so I'm just making my entries (mostly) purist. There's some very nice challenge out there, nice work everyone.
  13. Matn

    Modular Madness

    Awesome prizes! I'm looking forward to all the beautiful creations this contest will spawn.
  14. Great to see new progress pictures, maydayartist! Good start on the tower and that archway looks pretty nice. Those trees with more leaves are a nice improvement. I can't wait to see more, very inspirational!