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    Ahsoka t6 - 75362

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  1. In the meantime my 8th alt from 75362 - Ahsoka Tano's ARC 170 playset got done - theres a gunner turret at the back for Professor Huyeng, the 4 wings can switch to attack position, and there's a little stand too. More pictures and instructions: https://rebrickable.com/mocs/MOC-174243/zsoltom/ahsoka-tanos-arc-170-75362-alternative/#details Soon i will release Ahsoka Tano's 2 seater F-18 Super Hornet too :)
  2. So, the Falcon is ready:) https://rebrickable.com/mocs/MOC-173971/zsoltom/ahsoka-tanos-falcon-75362-alternative/#details
  3. awesome design, so detailed, i spent at least 15 minutes looking at these pics (i love when designers of theese extremly detailed builds go nuts with the photos, since there are so many little details to check out :))
  4. zsoltom

    Stud.io Millennium falcon WIP

    we all tend to forget, that the falcon once was brand new and might have looked this clean :D
  5. So here's a first of a fully fictional yet potentially fun line of models: unofficial character-themed star wars pod racer playsets! I wanted to do a a tie-themed podracer alt from a 75300 tie fighter for a while now, but got a 75347 bomber set, and since i didn't have better idea for what to build from it, it was time for my Tie Pod! :D Minifig fits in the cockpit, studshooters, 2 little moving wings and also the bit pod wings are moveble. Sturdy if you grab it by the middle part. More pictures and free instructions are available on my Rebrickable: https://rebrickable.com/users/zsoltom/mocs/ I'm sure there will be an Ahsoka Tanos Podracer alt from her T6 (75362), and one from the Mandalorian's N-1 (75325) If you have any more idea i'm happy to hear it, i just might happen to build it soon :)
  6. Yeah, Wurger's design is fantastic, i would have never thought of it for some reason :) thanks, i'm thingking of the same of a tie bomber set, got 1 from my collegues on my last work day, and i cant came up with any alts for it :D yes, it is funny, it became my all time 2nd favourite set, but not because of the official model :D
  7. i'm getting a 75337 tomorrow, gonna retire soon, so its last time to grab it with acceptable price tags, I already started to see irrationally priced offers from second hand sellers....
  8. zsoltom

    [MOC] MINIs from Ahsoka - 7 NEW Models

    wow very well done, a nice little fleet - my faveourite is the eta shuttle, on point design :)
  9. Hey all, as for most of the people around social media, i thought that the new Ahsoka t6 was a bit of a letdown, amazing pieces, nice source for the model, yet the size and overall features felt kinda meh... That set became the only "bigger" official set so far that i have, but don't rellay want to display at all, so i started creating my first ever alternative build last november, and now i have 7 alts done, 6 of it was already released on Rebrickable - Instructions more pictures, and some more of my designs are available on my RB: https://rebrickable.com/users/zsoltom/mocs/ For my first ever alt, i just wanted to have a republic ship (due to the bricks colors in the box), my choice for the first experiment became the Acclamator as a display set with stand, this one started the madness that came afterwards: https://rebrickable.com/mocs/MOC-165540/zsoltom/acclamator-class-clone-assault-ship-alternative-from-ahsoka-t6-jedi-shuttle-75362/#details I got brave after the acclamator (i think it turned out unexpectedly well for my first alt), so i wanted to do something irrational. I'm in love with the ISD since i first saw New Hope (~30 years ago), so my second alt choice was an ISD. The bridge turned out very well, but the rest of the body is pretty forced, tho it was possible to create something that resembles the ISD, so i kinda feel good about this experiment: https://rebrickable.com/mocs/MOC-168514/zsoltom/republic-star-destroyer-imperator-class-alternative-from-ahsoka-t6-jedi-shuttle-75362/#details After 2 alts without using the windshield, i wanted to do a minifig scale playset next. The cockpit of the T6 could be easily transformed into a Tie Phantom, have enaugh parts in the box for 3 wings, so as my 3rd alt, i started working on the Phantom. When the body was ready - cockpit-body and the 2 horizontal wings - i saw a tie striker almost completely done, so i finished that first - made the wings bigger from the 3rd wings parts, and smoothed out the back of the body. After this, it was just an hour to make the pahntom's smaller wings and build the 3rd. That's what i call effective design 2 for 1! https://rebrickable.com/mocs/MOC-169855/zsoltom/ahsoka-tanos-tie-striker-75362-alternative-build/#details https://rebrickable.com/mocs/MOC-171539/zsoltom/ahsoka-tanos-tie-phantom-75362-alternative-build/#details The 5th alt became the best i have ever came up or dreamt of to achieve with LEGO, ever in my life especially as an alt build from 75362. I achieved a fully playable and displayable minifigscale B-Wing playset! I'm in love with this ship, cockpit rotates 360°, wings have 1-1 stud to connect while landed, studshooters. Still can't belive i made this. https://rebrickable.com/mocs/MOC-171909/zsoltom/ahsoka-tanos-b-wing-75362-alternative/#details My 6th Alt was finished saturday, released the instructions yesterday, Ahsoka Tano's Starfortress / Resistance Bomber playset - can stand on its own, have playfeatures and also minifig scale: https://rebrickable.com/mocs/MOC-173500/zsoltom/ahsoka-tanos-starfortress-resistance-bomber-75362-alternative/#details The 7th alt was done in tandem with the starfortress: the Millenium Falcon (i got a very cheap 2nd set without figs to display my B-wing, but for now i'm doing the alts in pairs :D)! I already started working on it in december and early january but couldn't come up with an acceptable body so cancelled it twice, but after working on a Hammerhead cruiser (it wont be possible to make, at least for me) i came up with a nice shape for the Falcon's body, and aftert a weeks hard job, it is done! Instructions coming this week! Update, its released: https://rebrickable.com/mocs/MOC-173971/zsoltom/ahsoka-tanos-falcon-75362-alternative/#details 8th Alt is Ahsoka's ARC-170: https://rebrickable.com/mocs/MOC-174243/zsoltom/ahsoka-tanos-arc-170-75362-alternative/#details I'd love to hear what you think of theese, i have 8 more alt ideas in my mind, but i'm open for suggestions on what to try to make from 75362 :)
  10. zsoltom

    Stud.io Millennium falcon WIP

    this looks awesome, but i always wonder how can people design this big sets in .io? :D I can only build irl with bricks, and after everything checks out, i make the io model, and still .io finds collision all the time when i exactly know it"s ok since i built it first :D
  11. zsoltom

    Star Destroyer - Set 75055 UCS Mod

    up until now i was sure that the 75055 is the best looking star wars set ever made (ucs and other irrationally priced mocs do not count...), that is my most loved display item, but now i see it can look even better! It seems OP never came up with the instructions, so im afraid i will have to do something very similar soon Man this is beautiful, can't look at it enaugh :D