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  1. capathmo

    Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    Thanks everyone for the links, with your help I was able to find them. I don't think I'll be ordering any, as I probably have enough bricks to build them myself, but an awesome idea none-the-less. It'll be interesting to see if they suggest any more, officially, in the future.
  2. capathmo

    Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    Haven't seen those, where did you find them on PaB? I'm only seeing baseplates under the addons section...
  3. I doubt they would do a remake of town sets, given the current city theme, but my votes would be for something like Big Rig Truck Stop 6393, Sail 'n Fly Marina 6543, or Launch and load Seaport 6542. While they do make similar themed sets in modern city, they generally lack things like the docks, piers, or road baseplates to bring the sets together and complete the scene. It could be fun to see how sets like these could be reimagined.
  4. For me, 10305 is definitely a nicer set than 10320, in size and design, but is also significantly higher price. I'm only 2/3s done building LKC so far, but it's been enjoyable the whole time, packed with details, and looks great. The grainy leaked images of 10332 appear to complement the castle well, and I'm definitely looking forward to seeing the high def photos when revealed. I haven't started building 10320 yet, but plan to modify a few things to make it more to my liking.
  5. For me, the set feels shallow compared to the original, and the crane is comically large as a result. I do like the detials, but it's clear a number of the pieces went into the rocky shore and the entry ramp, instead of making the walls a bit higher.
  6. capathmo

    Why lego still do this?

    If The colors are completely hidden in the final model, then I don't mind them.. it's nice to get different colors for mocs. If they show in the final model, that's a different story for me. I would prefer if they labeled the colors used in the instuctions, as part of the corner picture indicating which pieces to look for, as part of the step. At least they moved away from the black pages that were used for a while in the instructions.
  7. capathmo

    Storage and Sorting LEGO

    I also generally store my unopened sets in the basement. My basement is dry, and temperature controlled. I haven't had any issues with the bricks upon opening.