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    Space police 3
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    The guardians of the galaxy ship

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    lego dnd comic books basically all things nerdy


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  1. iluvspacepolice

    [MOC] M-Tron Hexadic Hauler

    Great moc very creative
  2. iluvspacepolice

    Unitron lore

    I am doing research for a project and I need lore and information about the Unitron theme of space. I looked for some online but couldn't find much so if anyone has information about this theme that would be super helpful.
  3. iluvspacepolice

    Spyrius Lore

    Thanks so much this was so helpful
  4. iluvspacepolice

    Spyrius Lore

    I am doing a project and for it I need Info on 1994s Spyrius theme. I couldn't find much online so some information on the story or role of the theme in classic space would be helpful.792 × 1,117
  5. iluvspacepolice


    This is a AMAZING moc, great job
  6. iluvspacepolice

    Exo force comic

  7. iluvspacepolice

    Exo force comic

    Does anyone know if the exo force comic is available online or if there is a collected addition or anything, I remember hearing about the comic being good and I want to read it.
  8. iluvspacepolice

    Shield Collection by Year

    This might be one of the coolest lego displays i have seen
  9. iluvspacepolice

    Agents Lore

    I was looking at it and the similarities and parallel's between the characters are uncanny. As my own take on this theory I think Inferno cloned himself and then when it failed brainwashed the clone too be his scientist, but Dr D.Zaster has no idea he is a clone, the only member of the Inferno Gang that knows is Dollar Bill because he financed the project, but thats just how I see it.
  10. Thanks, My bad
  11. I would love to see a series based off classic lego themes. The Minifigs that I most want to see remade would be. King Kahuka from Islanders Basil The Bat Lord from Fright Nights. An a bandit based of the Western theme.
  12. iluvspacepolice

    Favorite themes

    WOW, thats impressive, That must look amazing in person Thats definitely in my top 5
  13. iluvspacepolice

    Agents Lore

    Can I use this, cuz I love it
  14. iluvspacepolice

    Agents Lore

    Im working on a project using lego agents and i cant find much info, does anyone know much about agents lore or details about the villans?
  15. iluvspacepolice

    Ogel orbs

    Thanks so much