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  1. *This entry has earned 15 XP* Description - The air was humid and hot - moisture getting in everything. Under our armor. Our equipment. Underneath our skin. It was unbreathable, a layer of heat, fog, and sweat. Jokes aside, the jungle was a rotten place, monkey's shrills stinging our ears, and the ground squelching with every step. Obviously, the squad was here for a reason - to put an end to this nonsense. Pirates, mercenaries, and bandits who were working alongside our men decided they had enough of Imperial regiment and order. Hell broke loose. They claimed that the Imperial way was inflexible and rigid, that it had little room for fun. In other words, those womprats couldn't do anything their way. We couldn't agree more, however, the greater interests of the Empire awaited. The mission was to eliminate the traitors and those who stood in the way. All costs necessary - which of course included trekking through swamps and beaten down paths towards our targets, each miserable step dragging us and our pride down. Closeup Shots -
  2. Bucketheadbricks

    [J7 - Iridonia - TT] Uprising

    *This entry has earned 15 XP* Description - As the empire slowly advances into Iridonia, they are met by hostile rebel forces as they defend their territory. Will the empire prevail? Or will the rebels reclaim and defend what was theirs? Closeup Shots -
  3. Bucketheadbricks

    [0-18 - Virgillia 7 - TT] Unrest Grows

    *This entry has earned 15 XP* Description - Even with the weakening Galactic Empire, the quest for power continues as warlords hire Imperial troopers to their defense. Even with their immense wealth and social power, the galaxy can be unforgiving at times. In a show of power, the warlords unleash their forces into the streets. The atmosphere is tense. Eyes lock on to each other. Neither side makes the first move. The Rebel forces and civilians are at the brink of retaliation. Their freedom will not be threatened. Although no one is killed, their point has been taken. The warlords are an unstoppable force if backed by Imperial troops. However to add to the chaos, Bounty hunters rush into the scene with the hopes of impressing potential hirers. As you know, bounty hunting is a complicated profession... Closeup Shots -
  4. Bucketheadbricks

    [O19 - Svivren - TT] The Long Arm of The Law (kinda brickheadz)

    Love the brick head designs!! Really awesome figures as well.