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  1. let me guess....kong?
  2. LEGO Star Wars the complete saga has a TON of pieces that LEGO has never made. Here are some example below. I know there may be some reason why LEGO mas not made these but what exactly? I think they should really make these parts in LEGO. they would be so useful for MOCs
  3. GermanLad

    NEW LEGO Pieces for LEGO Star wars

    Ok yes I am very sorry about that I forgot to move it thanks so much for helping me out! :D
  4. GermanLad

    Ford Mustangs (Fox Body thru SN-95)

    WOW great build! what program did you use to make these builds?
  5. Lol could not agree more I was just about to say that lol i wonder if he is even a LEGO fan? OMG HE IS CREATING MORE ACCOUNTS!!! @3k0ng
  6. ummmm @kong3harald is creating more accounts as i speak there are over 5 of them already he must be stopped at once and how is he still doing this???
  7. GermanLad

    NEW LEGO Pieces for LEGO Star wars

    Really? Oh Oops!!! that was my bad batch one Lol ok i will get to it thanks for letting me know @AmperZand and @k0ngharald
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    NEW LEGO Pieces for LEGO Star wars

    Thanks so much for letting me know @AmperZand! the moderators already moved it to the star wars forum
  9. Wallace and Gromit is a British Claymation film series created by Nick Park. This build represents the first film in the series called, A Grand Day Out where Wallace and Gromit ran out of cheese to put on their crackers, so they flew up to the moon with their rocket that they made to get some cheese which doubled as their vacation which they wanted to do
  10. Yeah it would be like a UCS set lol but i think the scale should be a set similar to the darth vader transformation set back in 2017 He should get timed out or something right mods? and I think he has two accounts one which is @kong 3 harald and @kong3
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    [MOD] Sesame Street

    WOW your version looks a lot more accurate to the show in my opinion, Great work!
  12. WHATTTTT! there is no way lol LoL @kong3 said that the UCS AT-AT piece count is 7199525! 🤣🤣🤣 his comment got deleted Oh and he said the set number is going to be 75368 But its most likely not true
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    [Lego IDEAS] Native American Settlements

    Amazing building technics for the huts! supported! (on LEGO IDEAS)
  14. Ok Cheers to you as well! :D Does anyone think that they are going to bring back captain rex since he will be in the bad batch?
  15. GermanLad

    [MOC] Medieval Tavern

    HEY! you are on eurobricks? cool! I know you from LEGO IDEAS anyway GREAT BUILD!!! you should put this up on LEGO IDEAS
  16. Ok so are you saying that they are making molds that early for the shows that you listed?
  17. But what exactly? the other Disney+ shows are far from happening anytime soon maybe 2 years from now, does LEGO even do stuff that early?
  18. Well they had it last year so I think they should have it this year I don't know why they would not. I agree that seems very likable
  19. WOW! where did yo get this info?
  20. GermanLad

    LEGO Star Wars the bad batch set rumors

    Ok thanks so much for helping me out! :D
  21. With Star wars The Bad Batch on the way certainly LEGO is going to make sets out of it. most likely the shuttle set will probly not have the Bad batch with their helmets and the reason why i think this is because in the sizzle reel and the trailer they where not wearing the helmets. In the sizzle reel they show a new type of clone trooper which looked like a death trooper version of a phase II clone. I think that that would be a really good battlepack thing like the 501st battle pack (thanks @MandRproductions). ether way LEGO has to put those death trooper clones in some how. do you think my guesses are good? leave you guessed down below! :D
  22. Ok thank you so much! I really really really appreciate it! :D Thanks for helping me out!
  23. GermanLad

    LEGO Star Wars the bad batch set rumors

    Ok how do i delete it? sorry I am very new to euro bricks
  24. :D thanks! i wont delete this then