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Found 10 results

  1. In order to prevent further derailing of the BIONICLE thread, I've created this. You can discuss ways/theories to improve CCBS and/or provide pictures of said ways in here Have fun everyone!
  2. This topic's discussion has now shifted over to Lego Ideas' latest "gift-with-purchase" contest, as named in the topic's current title. Details for this contest are presented in this topic's fourth reply. The former title of this topic was The Brick Fan's Future Gift-With-Purchase Contest from Lego's CET. OK, this pretty cool. The Lego Community Engagement Team is asking readers of Allen Tran's The Brick Fan to offer up ideas for some future "gift-with-purchase" sets. Here is the article and quoted details below: Lego Looking for Ideas for Future Gift-With-Purchase Items
  3. Alright so what may have years ago seemed like an unnecessary idea for a thread has quickly become much needed. The 2016 rumor thread continually spills into discussions of TLG's increasing prices for SW sets and that's unfortunately going nowhere as people will bring said complaints up, legitimate or otherwise, in inappropriate threads. Therefore to divert such comments from other threads, for your pleasure dear EB reader, the Lego SW price discussion thread. My one suggested rule which is already apart of EB's rules, so really it's not a suggestion but a reminder: Please keep comments civil and do not go after each other. Everyone here has a right to voice their opinion about price inflation and as this is the internet we do not know each other's circumstances. The person replying may be living in a van down by the river in his or her tightie whities with only an internet connection and a device as a commodity. Also don't come to this thread to complain about people complaining, this a thread for discussion. Since this seems to be a point of recent contention why don't we kick the thread off with 75158: Rebel Combat Frigate $109.99 USD and equivalent international prices. Reasonable or overpriced?
  4. Fenom

    Urban Comic Shop moc help

    Currently working on a new building, and seem to have hit a brick wall (pun not intended); I have no clue how to finish it :/ This is what I have so far, It's intended to be a comic shop, if the title didn't give it away: Does anyone have suggestions on how to finish it? I usually try to avoid symmetry in my builds but I'm at a loss here :(
  5. I've recently emerged from my dark ages, only to be greeted by my entire collection dismantled inside of a large bin. Because I want to finally be able to utilize all of my resources when building, I've been attempting to organize my collection. However, I don't want to end up completely organizing my collection, only to get lazy and end up undoing all of my work. So, does anyone have a method of organization that would allow me to find what I need fairly easily, but not take me days to accomplish?
  6. Descarus

    Sign In Glitch

    I've noticed when I login, it takes me to the frontpage afterward instead of the page I was just on. Is this a glitch, or intentional? If it is intentional, should it be changed?
  7. Hello peeps, I started to move my office/lego room around in the last few days and wanted to display my ninjago sets more proudly as I have come to love the theme a lot. Specifically the city of Stiix and the airjitzu temple as they both have water. Here are some pictures of my current layout. (note: i am new to Moc creations). Ninjago layout 2 by Vincent ST, auf Flickr[/img]' alt='24326270739_287632d894_k.jpg'>Ninjago layout 3 by Vincent ST, auf Flickr[/img] I am open to suggestions and would love feedback. I am able to buy bricks but I wish to not to as I am trying to reduce spending money on lego for a bit. Thank you guys and I am looking forward to your comments :)
  8. General Magma

    Star Wars Story Advice Required

    I was not quite sure where to place this, but since it's related to LEGO and Star Wars, I figured that it would be best to have it here rather than in 'General Discussion' or 'Brick-Flicks & Comics'. For a long time now, I've been having thoughts of writing my own story revolving around a certain set of invented Star Wars characters, and throughout the months, I have gathered a good amount of ideas, concerning both content and the way I'm going to tackle this. However, I'm now looking for opinions on what kind of way to present the story would seem best to you. One thing has been decided for certain - to accompany the text, I will have images added. But of course, that as a whole is rather obvious. These will be LEGO scenes, made to be as cinematic-looking as possible. So imagine detailed MOCs combined with photography and some digital editing, the result being images that will look more like movie stills rather than just pictures of MOCs. One of my main dilemmas about how this will all be combined with the text is whether I should go for a novel style, comic book style or perhaps even a different style, such as a mix of the two. What would be nice here? Any tips? For a better way to show what I mean, I hereby present to you, several examples... (The little stories were randomly written just to be used here, and have nothing to do with my upcoming story) Examples: A) Novel Style 1 - Few Images [picture of the beginning of the chapter - there won't be that many pictures for each chapter in this case, at times just one or two] (imagine about 30 to 40 or more lines of text before the end of the chapter) "CHAPTER 9: A Fiery Welcome" [picture of Bob's ship at a landing platform] (text describing Bob's arrival on Nar Shaddaa, his run-in with a few criminals and his further search for a Rodian called Reev) [picture of Bob facing Reev] (text describing Bob's conversation with Reev, after which he ultimately kills him) <chapter ends> B) Novel Style 2 - Many Images [picture of the beginning of the chapter] (15 lines of text) [picture of Bob in the city] (imagine 5 to 10 more lines until the next picture) [picture of Bob walking towards his ship] (imagine 10 to 20 more lines here, describing Bob's departure from the planet) [picture of Bob looking out of the window, to end the chapter] "CHAPTER 9: A Fiery Welcome" [picture of Bob's ship at a landing platform] (text describing Bob's arrival on Nar Shaddaa] [picture of Bob's run-in with a few criminals] (text describing the encounter, imagine 10 to 20 lines or more) [picture of Bob's continued search for the Rodian] (text describing the search, imagine more than 10 lines) [picture of Bob facing Reev] (text describing Bob's conversation with Reev, after which he ultimately kills him) [picture of Bob walking away from Reev's dead body] <chapter ends> D1) Less text and more dialogue & pictures (and a different way of presenting dialogue) [picture of two characters walking around in a corridor] They walked back and forth, not speaking a word until one of them finally stood still. SURIP: We can't do this. APE: Who says we can't? SURIP: I don't really know. [picture of Surip taking out his blaster] SURIP: But I do know that it's time to end this. D2) Comic Book Series Style Probably more time consuming and I'm not sure if it would work very well for something like this, but I'm open to the idea. I've also thought of something I've seen in the Nar Eurbrikka subforum, which seemed like something that may be interesting to try, even though I'm not sure if I want to utilize anything like it for my own story at all, since it may feel somewhat limiting and won't work on sites like Flickr (if I do end up posting the full stories there, which I'm currently still doubting about as well), I'd still like to hear what you would think of it. Below, I've combined it (a bit) with the novel style. E1) Nar Eurbrikka Style: Option A "Novel Style - Few images" combined with small minifig head pics to show who's talking [Picture of Han Solo in Mos Eisley Cantina] Han attempted to get out of the cantina, but he was stopped by a Rodian mercenary. The Rodian was pointing his blaster towards Han, urging him to sit down again. He spoke in Huttese, which he was able to translate into Galactic Basic. [HUTTESE] Going somewhere, Solo? Yes, Greedo. As a matter of fact, I was just going to see your boss. E2) With names (could be useful in some cases to make things more clear) [Picture of Han Solo in Mos Eisley Cantina] Han attempted to get out of the cantina, but he was stopped by a Rodian mercenary. The Rodian was pointing his blaster towards Han, urging him to sit down again. He spoke in Huttese, which he was able to translate into Galactic Basic. Greedo: [HUTTESE] Going somewhere, Solo? Han Solo: Yes, Greedo. As a matter of fact, I was just going to see your boss. And then there are also E1 and E2, the same as D1 and D2 but in combination with "Novel Style: many images" rather than few. I'd like to hear your opinions on these ideas so far, which one you think works best, and any suggestions for my story and the process of creating it would also be most welcome. Alternatively, other suggestions for ways of doing it are also welcome. It's going to be quite the project and I want to know what you guys think before I start working on it at all - hence, the creation of this topic. Many thanks in advance! (Also, for those who wish to know, the story will most likely take place during the times of The Old Republic)
  9. someguy

    My 'first' MOC development

    THE M1 SHARKNOSE Design procedure and notes Last year I competed a Lego big boy steam locomotive from instructions I found online plus a few modifications I wanted. Now I want to build another engine, but not flat out copy someone elses design or even recreate a real train in Lego. I prefer steam engines mostly so that is what I decided to build. There are different things I like about different engines so I decided to list them and try to incorporate them into a single design. Design details to include: - articulated engine design - large cylinders - 2 axle leading and trailing trucks - shark nose from the shark nose diesel locomotive - sloped boiler from the PRR K4 - streamlined look - large 4 seat cab supported by trailing truck - the PRR T1 4-4 driving wheels arangement - that box on a tender someone can sit in when the engine is moving in reverse - large tender - special/rare/unique tender axle/wheel arrangement - possible sloped end of tender - larger than most engines, but smaller than the big boy engine - Big Bens Bricks extra large driving wheels - custom drive rods - Powerful, yet fast - all BBB driving wheels connected to motors - 4 large motors in boiler - V2 IR reciever in tender - 2 battery boxes in tender - not black because I want a brighter colorfull engine like the Mallard and other British engines (blue, green, orange, etc) but not a rainbow of colors either Now I know I said not copy other peoples designs, but there is an axle design that Nebraska uses and I think it is the best axle design ever created, so I am going to try and re-create that axle design. - Nebraskas awesome axle design Additionally I decided not to paint any real railroads name on the tender or name the engine after a real engine. The name also includes some of my favorite ways railroads named there locomotives. PRR (my favorite Railroad) typically used a letter and number to name a type of engine eg K4, T1 etc. This is simple and easy to say imo. My nick name is 'Moe' thus the "M," "1" for my first MOC design, and sharknose after the sharknose diesel. The M1 Sharknose! I also plan on (hopefully eventually) putting "Moe's Railroad" on the tender. My lucky number is 80, so this will be engine number 80. United States flags will be on either side towards the front 'waving' similar to Nickel Plate Roads flags. Still not yet sure what symbol with 80 will be on the front. (PRR's was the keystone symbol with engine number in the center.) So after this insane list of things I want to include I started working on a design in LDD. The first thing I wanted to do was get a good wheel arrangement down with the correct heights for the boiler to clear flanges. I designed an entire wheel set and realised it was too small. The engine would have been DWARFED by the big boy. I began work on a MK2 version, except I remembered to use BBB XL drivers (represented by backwards lego flanged drivers). The sets of driving wheels both rotate in the center to provide better turning and less overhang. I imported my big boy engine into my new train file so I could reference it for height, length, and width while building. I want my engine to be shorter, the same height, and 1 stud wider than the big boys boiler. Medium motors are place holders for the large motors I will install. The two drive wheel boggies are identical except for where the front and trailing boggies attach. The tender will be about the same size as the big boys tender. The tenders wheel arrangement features 2 seperate boggies with 2 sets of trucks. The wheels under the BBs tender work well except 5 axles are connected and 2 axles are connected making one set of axles cause a large amount of overhang on turns. I simply added a 8th axle and seperated the trucks in the center for better turning. This also meets my goal of having a unique wheel arrangement under the tender! I may change those black and grey turn tables to bogie plates so the boggies dont easily fall off when I pick it up. The 1x6 flat tiles will help the tender slide over the axles. Bumpers are placed on the engine and tender due to the coupler. The coupler is designed to rotate in 3 different places for tight turns when the trailing bogie needs more freedom to follow the driving wheels. Battery boxes will be wired for longer supply, not over supply of electricity. Last, the tender will feature a 'real' coal load (bunch of spare/random black and grey 1x1x1 parts); will hide a handle to lift out the coal to show the battery boxes and IR sensor. I would like to use the axle design (Nebraskas) from the trailing truck on the tender axles, but am not sure how to make it look good. Chains will be connected from the trailing bogie to the tender. Possible coal auger (universal joint?) I am currently trying to figure out how to get a good look for the front. The boiler would stick out and be so far above the leading truck I just don't know what to put there right now. I might just design from the cab forward and see what I have once I get to the front. Suggestions welcome. If you see anything blatantly wrong, please let me know, thanks!
  10. I'm looking for organizer cabinets to help store my collection, but so far all the cabinets I've found have drawers that are impractically small. My current storage solution consists of a number of plastic cabinets, but these are proving to be too small. The smaller size (with drawers 16,5 cm (6.5 inches) long* by 11,5 cm (4.5 inches) wide by 4 cm (1.6 inches) tall) is only practical for storing small translucent elements and minifigure parts, and my collection is, as I'm sorting it, proving to be too large even for that. The larger size (with drawers 23,5 cm (9.3 inches) long by 16,5 cm (6.5 inches) wide by 6 cm (2.4 inches) tall) is useful for most purposes, although some particularly common pieces, such as black plates (or minifigure torsos and legs) are threatening to overwhelm these too. At any rate, these drawers are apparently not being produced anymore, which leaves me in my current situation. I am trying to find cabinets with drawers larger than these, although if they are close to the size of the larger ones that would be useful too. If they have a few smaller drawers, that wouldn't really matter either. My current spaces for new cabinets have the following dimensions: 25 cm (9.8 inches) long by 60 cm (23.6 inches) wide and no height restriction 45 cm (17.7 inches) long by 140 cm (55.1 inches) wide by 160 cm (63 inches) tall. I am also looking into acquiring a display cabinet, which preferably would be hung from a wall and translucent on all sides. The space I have for that is 45 cm (17.7 inches) long by 90 cm (35.4 inches) wide by 100 cm (39.4 inches) tall. In trying to optimize the drawer space that I already have, I am trying to acquire small boxes to fit inside drawers that are 39 cm (15.4 inches) long, 35,5 cm (14 inches) wide and 21,5 cm (8.5 inches) tall. I've thought of using four smaller containers per drawer instead. Any suggestions are much appreciated. If you would like the dimensions in inches, I'll add them if you ask. *Here I'm using length as the dimension into which the drawers expand.