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    Powered Up motors: L vs. XL

    If I use an XL motor for driving one axle and L motor for another one with the same gearing and wheel size, both connected to the same hub, it shouldn't cause any issues, should it?
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    General Part Discussion

    It can be seen here: And there:
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    Technic 2022 Set Discussion

    I wonder whether they'll arrive and if so, when...
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    [WIP] Apricus V8 Supercar- Final Update!

    Tried to fix it. Is it OK now?
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    [WIP] Apricus V8 Supercar- Final Update!

    I know, that's not the best edit ever but still it's at least a collage of those cars above made to the shape of @IA creations's sketch I looked at the drawing several times and I must say, that the axles seem to be quite too far from each other, but again it's just an imagination how it could be, not the final car. Wish you good luck in capturing those streamlined curves
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    [WIP] Apricus V8 Supercar- Final Update!

    Somehow reminds me these Anyway, nice progress so far!
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    Generic Contest Discussion

    That's the contest I'd like to join!
  8. Hello everybody. A few weeks ago I've started to build a German sugar beet harvester ROPA Panther 2 in 1:17 scale. Here is the fourth version of the chassis and its features (still far away from completion): 2 C+ Smart Hubs (first is for steering and drivetrain and second is for other functions - not finished yet) 2 C+ XL motors for drivetrain (front and rear axle aren't connected together) 1 C+ L motor for front axle's articulated steering 1 C+ XL motor for rear axle's steering Pendular rear axle Front hydraulics operated via 2 short thick pneumatic cylinders Automatic security levers connected to rear steering I'd like to make it fully working (put some bricks on the front belt to go through the whole mechanism and fall into the container), everything works except the cleaning section (no idea how it will work yet) So a lot of work still left to do.... Thank you for visiting! & Comments are welcome.
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    [WIP] ROPA Tiger 6s sugar beet harvester

    @Andman This problem was already solved (I tried loose motors, not connected to anything), but now there's an issue with calibration, because of some gear reductions (please see my previous post).
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    [WIP] ROPA Tiger 6s sugar beet harvester

    @Rebel_Lego Oh, you're right. Even though, there's a problem. The rear axles use worm-gear-operated gear racks, which is, at the end, quite a big reduction (to handle the model's weight) and calibration process still thinks, that it isn't at the end yet, which almost caused planetary gear reduction damage (tries to stop it manually ended up with some minor injuries ;-). I'm definitely impatient enough to calibrate (four different motors) even when switching from "programming mode" to the "controlling mode". Articulated steering uses 2 small LA, which also don't affect the calibration process at all. However, nice to know, how the steering blocks actually work
  11. MP LEGO Technic creations

    [WIP] ROPA Tiger 6s sugar beet harvester

    @Andman I have just tried yout solution and here's my experience with it. I looked to your photo and carefully recreated the same program in my app, but even there's no mistake, it can't work as described. After some tries I realized that evyrything works well, except "the steering blocks" (that's why I don't use them at all). Then I switched the "steering blocks" to the speed control ones and everything is OK, now it can control the speed of both motors (and it works same as my own idea, but seems to be easier). In conclusion, I really don't know what's wrong with the "steering blocks", they ignore slides and joysticks, as well as the stop button. The motors just rotate and can't be stopped ;-) Anyway, thanks to your suggestion, which at least simplifies my own one.
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    [WIP] ROPA Tiger 6s sugar beet harvester

    And let's not forget the Maus
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    [WIP] ROPA Tiger 6s sugar beet harvester

    Hi everyone. It has been a while since the last update of this project has been posted and some things have changed. I decided to not to build the Panther 2 (I'm sorry) but the larger one, the Tiger 6s, which in conclusion means adding an extra axle and reworking some parts of the machine. Current features: Drive by 3 C+ XL motors (1 per axle) Front wheels steering by 1 Spike Prime medium angular motor Articulated steering uses the C+ L motor Each of rear axles steered by C+ large angular motor (no.15), 2nd axle connected to the "pedestrian safety mechanism" (I don't know how to say it better) Pendular rear axles "Harvesting" motor already placed, but connected only to the front belt (between front wheels) Some moving details in the interior In total, there are 8 motors now (next 5 or 6 are about to come ;-) and 3 hubs (2 C+ smart hubs and one train hub, one C+ hub will be added) Some photos (sorry for quality): Here's how the medium angular motor's mounted. The train hub is hidden, but the box is still bigger than the original one. And finally, the biggest problem faced so far - the Powered up app (which isn't even supported on my phone now). The problem is that when the machine is in the "all wheel steering mode", both rear axles turn in different angles (as well as in every vehicle with more than 1 steered axles), but when the vehicle is in the "crab mode" the rear axles turn same. Bacause I'm not very good at programming, the best solution that came to my mind was to limit the speed of one motor when "all wheel steering" is engaged. The downside of this solution is that you have to return the wheels to the middle before changing a steering mode Could someone with more knowledge about the Powered up app help? Thank you all for visiting & comments are welcome.
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    Control+ General Discussion

    Just noticed the small angular motor. It seems to be "temporarily out of stock" although I haven't seen it before.
  15. 17: 10 27: 6 16: 4 37: 3 30: 2 22: 1
  16. Hello everybody! For this contest I've chosen my favourite Technic set of all times - the Backhoe grader 8862. Here's its WIP topic: And yes, the outriggers can already lift the vehicle: Thank you for visiting!
  17. MP LEGO Technic creations

    [TC20] 8862 Backhoe Grader - Finished

    Maybe I'll make instructions but I'm a bit afraid of pneumatic hoses. Anyway it's ok that you'd like to reverse engineer it (this could be the right thing that encourages me to make the instructions). Thank you for your support!
  18. MP LEGO Technic creations

    [TC20] 8862 Backhoe Grader - Finished

    About wheels I wrote some lines above. What about pneumatics? There simply aren't any other cylinders with this or similar range. The blue pneumatic pump wouldn't look well (and no-one sells it in my country). There are some newer buckets, though, but none of them were looking as well as the original ones. You said that's a straight rebuild with liftarms but IMO it isn't. I rebuilt it from zero and some similarity is the goal of the contest, isn't it? Anyway thank you and good luck either...
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    [TC20] 8862 Backhoe Grader - Finished

    Thank you! Thank you, I'm glad you like it. Thx. I agree that it'd be nice to have some modern wheels but all of the tried ones look weird or too wide. Thanks to everyone who has participated in this contest. It brought great memories from the past! Good luck to all of you.
  20. 5. Backhoe grader Original set: 8862 Features: HOG steering Pendular front axle Openable hood Worm gear-operated front loader Worm gear-operated outriggers Pneumatic rear arm Rotating rear arm Discussion topic: Photos: Video:
  21. MP LEGO Technic creations

    [TC20] 8862 Backhoe Grader - Finished

    Hello everybody! I made a video presenting functions (not the best one but still could be much worse :) Thank you for watching.
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    42129 - 4x4 Mercedes-Benz Zetros

    I also noticed that. I think that's better than four screws, though...
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    42128 - Heavy-Duty Tow Truck

    Just found this video including its speed build.
  24. MP LEGO Technic creations

    [TC20] 8862 Backhoe Grader - Finished

    Yes, I'd also like to see this model with tractor tires. Anyway it's impossible for me to get them before the contest ends, because next Wednesday my 3-week holiday is about to start so I need to finish this model until this Sunday.
  25. MP LEGO Technic creations

    [TC20] 8862 Backhoe Grader - Finished

    I think I'll keep these ones. From modern wheels, I'd have to choose some balloon ones and none of them fit the rear axle without some drastic modifications (and they look too wide IMO).