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  1. Thats easily the nicest looking hilux Toyota have ever made and you’ve nailed it bang on.
  2. MinusAndy

    [WIP] Datsun 240Z .... oh so slow

    that might be of some help
  3. MinusAndy

    [WIP] Datsun 240Z .... oh so slow

    I’ve had a similar issue of late but have a solution that might work well for you in that the angle of the wheel is completely adjustable and it fits within the parameters of what you’re building. I’ll upload a pic tonight after work.
  4. I think I’d mod the price.
  5. MinusAndy

    1:7 Bugatti Chiron Grand Sport 300 Aero

    What an incredible amount of features. Maybe this would work better as a generic 8880 style supercar than a specific model? Then you could just make bodywork that looked cool and fitted everything in without the constraints of having to follow the lines of the Bugatti?
  6. MinusAndy

    [MOC] Wheel Loader

    I really like the shape of the back of this.
  7. MinusAndy

    Sets (For a Relative Newbie)

    Pick up a used bucket wheel excavator set. That seems to be pretty good value for money in terms of stockpiles of parts.
  8. MinusAndy

    42115 - Lamborghini Sian FKP 37

    Brilliant! Grown-ups arguing about a toy and the box it comes in. Keep it up, it’s hilarious.
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    [TC18] Lancia Fulvia Rally Car

    For me, the technic or system thing refers more to what it does than what it’s made from. A non functioning sculpture made of cigs and lift arms is far less technic than a car with working functions and clad in system. For me this Lancia is about as close to perfect in small car form as you can get. I tip my hat to you sir.
  10. MinusAndy

    Fiat 125p

    I really like how you’ve taken a very mundane vehicle and with really good technic functions and an eye for lines and detail, made this. I think it’s brilliant.
  11. MinusAndy

    Fiat 125p

    Fantastic! Is this the same as the polski fiat?
  12. MinusAndy

    Honda Civic Type R (FK8)

    I’ve been following this on Flickr. Really nice build. The type R looks like it was designed using Lego anyway so yours looks bang on!
  13. That’s a really nice looking chassis. Lots of freedom to put a variety of shells on it.
  14. Update: I've been fairly busy with this. I'm still working full time so building as much as I can. I have a dilemma: Originally I wasn't going to make the bonnet open but then i made it as a module so it seemed worth a try. I can't make the wheel arch split like the real car though and I'm trying to keep it fairly faithful. Do I A: Not have the bonnet opening so I can improve the arches. B. Build a flip front with the grille, bonnet and 3/4 of the arch? C, Leave it as it is? It's still very much WIP and I'm considering putting an H manual box in it instead of the sequential shifter. There are more pics on my flickr if anyone is interested. Hi everyone, I thought I’d post some pics of my RS200 work in progress I’m not really into pointy Italian cars and stuff like that. I’m a fan of ugly, purposeful stuff and there’s not many cars more ugly and purposeful than this ‘80’s group B rally monster. For 12 years it was the worlds fastest accelerating production car and I love that amid the cutting edge technology it also has a load of stuff raided from Fords Sierra parts bins. I’ve been thrashing away at this for a while. It’s my first Lego build since about 1998 so it’s taken a while to get to grips with studless building techniques. The front is now at a stage where I’m reasonably happy with it. Function wise it has working suspension with two shocks per wheel, as the original. It’s got a moving BDT engine with working cam chain. sequential 4 speed gearbox in the front, as the original. (Though the original wasn’t sequential I really wanted to build a rally style shifter) It also has 4wd with three diffs, (the centre diff is semi open using a modified clutch wheel.)Steering, opening doors, will have opening rear clamshell and probably a few decals. Hopefully I’ll get the rear clamshell built in the next couple of months and then I can turn my attentions to a huge A10 thunderbolt that I’ve been casually flirting with building for a while now.
  15. MinusAndy

    Ford RS200 MOC WIP

    Thanks! It’s getting there.
  16. Could you do drive whilst swivelling by using turntables to mount the wheels then running the drive directly through the centre line of the turntables? Then you could steer as well whilst moving
  17. MinusAndy

    Control+ General Discussion

    Great! Thanks for that.
  18. MinusAndy

    Control+ General Discussion

    Forgive my ignorance on this but is there an app available for the iPhone to use control+ on MOC builds. I got 42099 for Christmas and the hub and motors are sat gathering dust.
  19. MinusAndy

    [TC18] Deora

    Wow, I had no idea about this vehicle until now. Love it.
  20. MinusAndy

    MOCs vs Official Sets

  21. MinusAndy

    MOCs vs Official Sets

    It’s not a moc if you’re using instructions to build someone else’s ideas so yeah it would be!