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  1. If this was in my wall I’d never leave the house. Absolutely mesmerising. Even down to the circular constructions.
  2. The side view of this is bang on! Nice job man.
  3. I think the Mitsubishi gto also had 4wd/4ws. either way I’m well up for seeing another quality jap car from you.
  4. Wicked! Are you making as many group b cars as possible? Easily the best era in rallying!
  5. Another option is to drive a rotary gear catch from the crown wheel of a diff and run the drive from the motor through the output shafts. The resistance level of the rotary catch can be adjusted using friction pins etc to allow the catch to turn when the output shaft from the diff encounters sufficient resistance. This means your lift will disengage drive if it jams at any point in its travel.
  6. This looks great. You’ve really nailed the looks I think. I liked seeing the diff locks engage too.
  7. I believe it’s the use of a fly bar or stabiliser, ie the little stick at an angle to the rotors.
  8. I’d like to learn more about mindstorms so I reckon it’s a solid move.
  9. I’d go 5+r for sure. And centre diff. This is looking really good and far far cooler than another lamboferrariinsertpointysupercarhere. Following.
  10. A quick update on this. I’ve ended up entirely rebuilding the gearbox and switches, after exploring several mechanisms that used intricate timing of levers to disconnect the landing gear and flap mechanisms I have finally used differentials as a way to turn off the power input to the functions when the limits of movement are reached. I’ve also incorporated a large main spar which runs right through the model in order to keep the wings nice and stiff. I’m trying to keep my part count down as I have a tendency to overbuild using tiny elements rather than using frames and long lift arms instead. in this final picture you can see the drive from the gearbox to the landing gear going through the output shafts of a differential. When resistance is met by the output the rotation is diverted through the crown wheel to the rotary selector catch. I shall update this again soon when I’ve built the other wing and added the nose wheel.
  11. I’ve started building one of these in fairly big scale. The plan is to have all functions run from a combination of two motors, one acting as a constant speed power unit and the other one spinning the turbines. functions will be: ailerons. elevator. rudders. The functions below are powered by a control+hub and two motors from 42099 through a three way, 2 direction distribution box which is currently just in front of the wing. turbines spinning. retractable undercarriage extending leading and trailing edges. BRRRRRP!!. It’s 99 studs long, with a span of 111 studs. The fuselage is generally 9 wide. Ill be putting work in progress pics on Flickr if anyone is interested. I imagine I’ll also be grovelling for help on here a fair bit too I imagine. Thanks for looking. Andy
  12. I think it’s a mk5 tranny.
  13. Fantastic project of a fantastic car! I’d go with the rally version but with a whale tale. Someone on here built an rs500 a while back. It might be worth a look at some of that for ideas. You could put a centre diff in place of the grey gear that connects to the diff if you used an old style diff in its place, though you would end up with a high shaft running through where your selector forks are so you’d have to look into that.
  14. I just don’t like the fact that I’m basically loading up the gearbox against the clutch. It will also affect the other functions running from the same power source as the motor slows against the clutch. I have a system now where the worm that drives the undercarriage is spring loaded and crawls along the drive shaft when the undercarriage reaches its limit. This crawling motion in turn pulls the gearbox into neutral. The challenge has been making it compact and reliable. It’s 80% there now.
  15. I think those white clutch gears are a terrible solution for that. Particularly in the moc I’m building as the landing gear is pretty big so the clutch tends to slip when I don’t want it to.
  16. What he said^^^ A five blade rotor head will hopefully mean a studless way of splitting a circumpherence into five equal segments. This excites me greatly and will likely mean new parts. I’m also curious to see how they might implement motorised landing gear using a gearbox as the motion will come to a hard stop at the open and retracted positions so it needs a way of disconnecting the drive when this happens. I’ve been struggling with getting this to work reliably in a compact way for over a year now.
  17. Imagine driving this beast on the road! When you went round a tight corner the front of the container would be about 30 feet away to one side of you until the trailer caught up.
  18. Outstanding! So useful and perfect for taking clunky lines out of bodywork.
  19. That corner panel is great. I’ve been waiting for Lego to get their act together and bring those out. Are you doing them in the other panel orientation as well?
  20. I also considered having a ground support vehicle with it in but I decided ages ago that I want this hung from my ceiling when it’s done. I now have this gearbox built and powered by two l-motors. The grey output is constant and will run the engines and the gun. The yellow and black outputs are switchable for direction and run the landing gear and flaps and slats.
  21. I did look into a central drop tank but it would have to be far too big to fit the battery box in. There’s a couple of other parts that I felt could be upgraded too so this rebuild was inevitable really. My desk already looks like a crash site so it’s time to get back into it.
  22. Having got this to the point where this all works I still have no space for a battery box. I have decided to power it with two l-motors in the wing roots and that will free up a load of room behind the cockpit for a battery box so it’s time for a strip down of the wings and gearbox again.
  23. Ironically I think this fiendishly complex set of mechanisms is also some of your best looking bodywork! I think it looks and works great and it’s really ambitious.
  24. Having spent a few days staring at a pile of bits I’ve managed to shrink the auto switching mechanism and run the axles for the rear control surfaces through the gearbox which should eliminate around 8 universal joints from them. I’m excited about this build again!