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    [MOC] Home of the Baba Yaga

    I suspected it but I wasn't sure thanks for the confirmation!
  2. The APhOL

    [MOC] Home of the Baba Yaga

    This is cool. I like how the forest surround the home. The skeleton body is interesting because is not in scale. This means she is taller than a normal human or is the body of some smaller creature?
  3. The APhOL

    Realistic.... unrealistic....

    That's an interesting post! Thank you for sharing, these are very fascinating facts, thank you! I didn't know anything about pirate history but you make me wanting to know more. I will still be interested by the "hollywood" vision about it, but knowing a bit of history surely will make me understand better the line between reality and fantasy. The blackbeard story cracked me up, is awesome! Question for you, knowing everything you know about pirates, how do you approach all the movies/stories and even LEGO sets? Do you still love them?
  4. Hello everyone! If you need that "extra push" in your decision to buy the LEGO Friends boat set, take a look at the photo review i've made, just for fun! A photo-review is a kind of review that focus only on the toy photography aspect of a set, unleashing some creativity even for future MOCs! Let me know your thoughts!
  5. The APhOL

    [MOC] Rotting Leviathan

    This is great, so original!! The details in the crab are amazing
  6. The APhOL

    Saber Island using modern parts.

    Great look for this revisited set, i've played so much with the old one (and still have it!). The only thing that does not convince me are the minifigs with flesh color. They look "out of place" to me. Why did you choose that color?
  7. The APhOL

    HMS Horshwaddle

    Wow, this is a great improvement! And i really love that dog
  8. The APhOL

    Hello community!

    Thank you guys for the warm welcome!
  9. The APhOL

    Hello community!

    Hi everybody, my name is Marco and i'm from Italy. My passion for LEGO is expressed through photography and after years of lurking i want to contribute to this community! Or die trying...
  10. The APhOL

    [Moc] The castle with the flowered path

    I really like che colour choice for the foliage, i think it pose a very nice contrast with the build
  11. Honestly i can see myself buying the set just for this alternate build, which is very good!
  12. The APhOL

    White backrounds for photos.

    Try to point a light at the background and a light on the subject. The one on the BG should be stronger than the one on the subject. Not too strong, otherwise you will have some kind of "glowing" effect around the subject. Then expose for the subject and watch out for darker shades on the corners, meaning that you have to position the BG light in a different way.
  13. The APhOL

    Hello community!

    Thank you! A question for you all: if i want to publish one of mi pics, sometimes, where i can do it? In a specific themed subforum related to the pic?
  14. The APhOL

    [MOC] Snow-Rigged Merchant Brig "Boreas's Haul"

    Headlight bricks! Thank you so much, i was trying to figure out how to build a semi-realistic hatch for a picture that i have in mind and i didn't thought about that!! Another question...most common color for a merchant ship, for a ship in general or for a MOC?
  15. The APhOL

    Hello community!

    Thank you! I will
  16. The APhOL

    Hello community!

    Thanks for the welcome guys! Well, honestly i'm trying to understand how to create a signature, but probably is a feature i can use after my 10th post. Anyway, to satisfy your curiosity i can provide you different social platform! How cool is that?! Any feedback is welcome because it can helps me grow!
  17. The APhOL

    [MOC] Snow-Rigged Merchant Brig "Boreas's Haul"

    That's awesome, i love the interior so much! Just a question, why did you built the hatch in black?
  18. The APhOL

    [MOC] Bavarian Town

    I've been lucky enough to see it live in Lecco, this past weekend: the details level is incredible, you can stare at it for quite some time.