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  1. The day has finally come! Congrats!!!
  2. K_W

    [MOC] Midi Venator - In Progress

    @simplethinker Below are a couple of the references I used to justify my build decision. But I've seen it as you've described as well. Hence the discontinuity. It really bugs the OCD side of me.
  3. K_W

    [MOC] Midi Venator - In Progress

    @simplethinker Regarding the engines, there doesn't seem to be a lot of consistency between different source material. Some have one above and one below while others have two above. Personally, I preferred the latter so that's what I went with. Good point regarding lower "fin". I'll fix that. Thanks!
  4. K_W

    [MOC] Desk-Scale Star Wars fleet

    Your Venator is another good example of this design decision. It's not as narrow as it appears in references, but I assume you deemed it a worthy trade-off in order to add the greebling and detailing along the side. It might be considered more cartoonish by some, but I think the overall aesthetic is improved. OneCase did something similar with his ISD. His original version had greebling along trench, but, in his final design, he recessed it to get the sharper edge. In this case (no pun intended), I think he made a good decision.
  5. K_W

    [MOC] Desk-Scale Star Wars fleet

    The "thin-ness" is exactly why I like it. The official midi Falcon is too bulky. I'm looking at it now debating whether I should cannibalise it for the requisite parts.
  6. K_W

    [MOC] V-19 Torrent Mini

    It looks amazing! You captured the functionality extremely well.
  7. K_W

    [MOC] Midi Venator - In Progress

    Alright gents, I THINK this is the final revision before I get my pieces in and I make it a reality. You never really know because, well, it's LEGO and there's ALWAYS more you can do. Changes include: - Made the tail taller -Changed length of small and large engine - Moved the command tower forward and added tiling on the side - Filled in the trench a little better -Widened the ventral hangar bay Side Rear Front
  8. K_W

    [MOC] Midi Venator - In Progress

    Yeah, I'm gonna ditch that yellow 1x1 round tile. It's just so small and it looks weird. If I want the logo, I'll just have to get the sticker. On a side note, I checked out some of your other work. Excellent stuff man!! I REALLY like your Falcon and Ghost mocs!
  9. K_W

    [MOC] Midi Venator - In Progress

    It's really tight inside. Instead of using technic bricks and pins, I had to use plates and hinges to get it so narrow. As such, the bottom plates are held in place by friction. The current iteration has hinges covering a length of 8 studs... which is a bit excessive. 2 studs is too loose and the plates will drop. 4 studs is sufficient, but I expect they may loosen over time. 6 studs is probably ideal. It's because of this that I haven't added more detailing to the bottom of the hull. I'm trying to keep them as lean as possible! Admittedly, I really wish I could get the nose down to 2 studs wide like yours instead of 4 studs. Currently, the nose is a bit too blunt, but I guess I'll have to live with that. Regarding the open circle fleet logo on your Venator, are those stickers? And I can't claim credit for the corner tiles. I stole that from @krisandkris12. Truthfully, the whole design is essentially a scaled down version of his design, so he really deserves most of the credit for the aesthetic. I just re-imagined the structure. Speaking of aesthetic, I made some more changes to the tail, the engines, and the tower that make it much more accurate. I'll upload those eventually.
  10. Even if it could be supported with a central stand, I'd be concerned with warping over time.
  11. K_W

    [MOC] Midi Venator - In Progress

    LDD feels more intuitive and streamlined due to its simplicity. Stud.io gives more versatility. In this case, the latter had some key pieces that LDD lacked, and it also does nice renders. I'll probably continue using LDD for 90% of stuff and simply import the model into stud.io toward the end.
  12. K_W

    [MOC] Midi Venator - In Progress

    Still some things I'm not 100% happy with, but it's getting closer. Stud.io was definitely a huge improvement over LDD.
  13. K_W

    [MOC] Turbo Lasers

    @krisandkris12 ah, gotcha. Yeah, that'd be a very respectable standalone MOC, albeit larger than I'd be willing to display. I had no idea he had plans for a 16ft version! That's insane!!
  14. K_W

    [MOC] Turbo Lasers

    Absolutely! Seeing that Venator was the first time my jaw literally dropped with regard to a LEGO MOC. Truly incredible!! Considering how long ago that was built, I wonder if the cross sections book even existed? I'll likely build it IRL with a small fighter next to it for scale, possibly a jedi starfighter such as set 6966 below. Although I might need to make a custom fighter build if the scale isn't exactly correct. On that note, I don't see actual dimensions for the DBY anywhere, so I'd probably have to manually estimate using Venator images. Isn't that how it usually works? Start out with something simple, and you keep iterating until you're satisfied! And, yes, I'll get right on that. Considering its size w.r.t Varszegi's turret, that be a 10ft+ MOC!