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  1. K_W

    Custom Microfighters

    Wow... that's impressive!
  2. K_W

    LDD MOC, military spacecraft

    Looks like a Halo version of a Consular class frigate from Star Wars! Either way, I like the look.
  3. K_W

    [MOC]: Second Battle of Geonosis

    Nice scene! Although, if that AT-TE had spent more time on the treadmill, it might still have its legs!!
  4. K_W

    [MOC] Midi SF-17 Star Fortress

    @Kristof Admittedly, I still didn't like the shape of the cockpit. Ideally, this would be the piece from the Millenium Falcon micro fighter set (shown below). Not sure if this is any better... it's a really hard shape to get right at that size. Updated Cockpit Printed 2x2 Truncated Cone
  5. K_W

    [MOC] Midi SF-17 Star Fortress

    @Kristof @JarJarBonks yeah, it would have to be a custom sticker. There are a few out there, but it would've been really convenient if the Falcon was a 3x3.
  6. Really sad that I can't import stickers into LDD or Stud.io. That cockpit looks so naked. Side Top Front Rear
  7. @Bartybum because it's the most attractive capital ship in Star Wars! Also, it's a fun ship to tackle in midi scale because it presents some unique challenges.
  8. The day has finally come! Congrats!!!
  9. K_W

    [MOC] Midi Venator - In Progress

    @simplethinker Below are a couple of the references I used to justify my build decision. But I've seen it as you've described as well. Hence the discontinuity. It really bugs the OCD side of me.
  10. K_W

    [MOC] Midi Venator - In Progress

    @simplethinker Regarding the engines, there doesn't seem to be a lot of consistency between different source material. Some have one above and one below while others have two above. Personally, I preferred the latter so that's what I went with. Good point regarding lower "fin". I'll fix that. Thanks!
  11. K_W

    [MOC] Desk-Scale Star Wars fleet

    Your Venator is another good example of this design decision. It's not as narrow as it appears in references, but I assume you deemed it a worthy trade-off in order to add the greebling and detailing along the side. It might be considered more cartoonish by some, but I think the overall aesthetic is improved. OneCase did something similar with his ISD. His original version had greebling along trench, but, in his final design, he recessed it to get the sharper edge. In this case (no pun intended), I think he made a good decision.
  12. K_W

    [MOC] Desk-Scale Star Wars fleet

    The "thin-ness" is exactly why I like it. The official midi Falcon is too bulky. I'm looking at it now debating whether I should cannibalise it for the requisite parts.
  13. K_W

    [MOC] V-19 Torrent Mini

    It looks amazing! You captured the functionality extremely well.
  14. K_W

    [MOC] Midi Venator - In Progress

    Alright gents, I THINK this is the final revision before I get my pieces in and I make it a reality. You never really know because, well, it's LEGO and there's ALWAYS more you can do. Changes include: - Made the tail taller -Changed length of small and large engine - Moved the command tower forward and added tiling on the side - Filled in the trench a little better -Widened the ventral hangar bay Side Rear Front