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    AoM: Tower Phase 1: Outpost Watchtower

    Thank you all for your nice comments. Now it's time to start thinking of the next build from the many ideas I still want to execute that are set in this world . Maybe we'll follow the dwarf brothers' side-quest for awhile and flesh out their backstory before moving to the main story.
  2. Lady Eleanor has chosen a site to build a new fortified village to act as the center of her activity in Bluevale. It lies on a fairly flat island, in the North-East of the vale. The island is bordered on the south by the South Lake, on the west by the Ridge River and on the north and east by a flood channel. A small river runs through the channel which overflows extensively during the Spring thaws. A series of small Watchtowers have been build on the bluff between the flood channel and the Island to overview the approaches to the new building site. Sir Loth Strongarm and his son Stenon the High Ranger are inspecting one of the completed towers and discussing general concerns of the Vale, the new constructions as well as possible threats to the Lady's attempt to establish her rule. Meanwhile Stenon's oldest son Robb is leading the dwarf brothers Surwid and Norwid on an expedition to an abandoned mine to assess its potential for iron extraction and creating an iron, steel and related products manufacture hub.
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    Age of Mitgardia (free-build-challenge)

    Tower Phase 1
  4. Bracari

    Prenmôr Forge

    A very good build. The interior details are great and the shot of the smithy hammering the red-hot metal rod is excellent! I understand size constraints but that little water bucket should really be a big barrel .
  5. Winter has passed and the snow-covered land thaws, the early Spring floods have subsided. After spending most of the Winter huddled in their homes the clans from different areas of Bluevale gather for the Mid-Spring festival. On the center of the Festival grounds stands a large pole decorated with wild flowers and green vines. At the market food and other goods are traded. A patch was cleared for games and tournaments. Axe-throwing being the most popular among them. Lady Eleanor and Davos listen as the dwarf blacksmith expounds on the acceptable craftsmanship of the vales' axes while boasting that he and his brother will bring new and improved methods and products as soon as their workshop is set-up. This year's festival has added attractions as the Lady has hired a troupe of entertainers, a jester, a minstrel and a puppeteer. Davos' caravan of goods supplement the Lady's own efforts in supplying the people with abundant and varied food and drink. The people are happy in disposition and spirit. Such a grand festival is a distant memory shared only by the oldest.
  6. The festival ended. Around a campfire are Lady Eleanor, her advisor Master Vilarius, Loth Strongarm and Davos of Avalonia. Davos – "I must say, Milady, I enjoyed the festival and meeting the people of Bluevale." Lady Eleanor – "Yes, it was a joyous occasion. In no small part thanks to you and your father's generosity." Davos – "I am pleased to have been of help. The Queen's envoy has taken assessment of the needs of the Vale and its people. We will depart tomorrow and Milady can expect a convoy with many more supplies as soon as it can be arranged." Lady Eleanor – "I will speak with the envoy before he departs and give him my thanks. These supplies will greatly increase the speed at which Bluevale can recover and prosper again." Davos – " The Demon's Ridge has long stood as a buffer between Avalonia and Mitgardia's heartland. The Queen's envoy hopes a prosperous Bluevale might become a bridge between our peoples. That is something I also desire." Master Vilarius – "Wise words, young Davos. Just be advised that requests and gifts can turn to demands and tribute in a very short time." Davos – "Thank you, Master Vilarius for your advice. My father also spoke something similar. I must leave and rest for the journey will be hard." Loth Strongarm – "My... The Lady's Rangers will escort your company through the south passes." Davos – "Thank you Sit Loth. A pleasant evening Milday Eleanor and Master Vilarius." Lady Eleanor – "Well, what do you think of this turn of events." Loth Strongarm – "Avalonian aid. That might not sit well with some of the clans. We have endured and survived alone for so long." Master Vilarius – "Yet to simply survive is not enough." Lady Eleanor – "No it is not. It is my wish to see Bluevale a secure and flourishing community. To build a legacy that will persist and make our children and their children proud." Loth Strongarm – "Young Davos certainly has plans of his own." Master Vilarius -"Naturally. He too wants to find his lot in life. Hopefully his plans will converge with ours." Lady Eleanor – "And what of the Queen's envoy?" Loth Strongarm – "Unf. It seemed to me that he was more interested in whatever possible riches the Vale might contain or produce than in the people's needs." Master Vilarius – "Is that so? Then we must tread carefully.." The discussion continues for some time before the three turn in for the night.
  7. Word of Lady Eleanor's arrival in Bluevale, Mitgardia, and her efforts to restore the land to prosperity has reached her southern neighbors in Avalonia. As an envoy of the Queen arrives to oversee the efforts of the noblemen from northern Avalonia in complying with her edicts, Dovas convinces his father that it would be in their interest to aid Bluevale. He argues a strong and prosper Bluevale will not only open possibilities for new markets and increased business but also to contain the more aggressive Clans and bands of outlaws that dwell in the Demon's Ridges. The Queen's envoy and Dovas' father reach an agreement in which, whatever supplies Bluevale needs , the Kingdom's Treasury will pay for half and the nobleman donates the other half. The nobleman dispatches, immediately, a token gift of supplies to Bluevale in hopes it arrives in time for Bluevale's mid-spring festival. Davos leads the small caravan, the Queen's envoy makes the journey with him to assess the needs of Bluevale. As they begin the ascent to Bluevale one of the Lady's rangers meets the caravan to lead them through the treacherous mountain passes safely.
  8. Thanks for all the comments. Yeah, the grass area could be improved. But I was too concentrated on all the other elements I missed that. I believe that is my main shortcoming at the moment. I used a compact 10 year old camera (without optical zoom) for the full build shots and a wide-angle webcam (meant for skyping and creating web-videos) for the close-up shots. There's this debate in my head: save money for a 'real camera' or buy a lot of bricks. In the preview it seemed OK to me but now I see it is not so. Need to pay more attention to that in the future. Thanks. I have seen your maypole and think it looks better. I didn't even think of using leaf pieces! The pig is not completely secure and might actually swivel a little when moving the build but if you don't it stays in place. It is a bit crammed, the original plan was for a 64x64 build with, essentially, the same elements present in the 48x48. It would allow for the individual scenes to breath and also for more detailed groundwork, diagonal paths, etc... Unfortunately I couldn't get there. The grille is attached only on the bottom half, behind the top half there is an empty space so I could angle the axe and force it slightly so it stayed solidly in place.
  9. Thanks for the comments. I used my phone's light function. The build was on the top of a black 5-brick high 3-sided wall and I slid the phone there. The center campfire element is made of trans-light plates, trans-orange plates, trans-orange round plate with hole and the fire pieces so the light simply showed through all that. I was an happy and fortuitous occurrence. The light is dispersed by the campfire and what you see is mostly the shadows from the build's elements (minifigs, tree..).
  10. Bracari

    AoM: Stables Phase 1: Clifftop Riders

    It wouldn't be the Demon's Ridge or Mitgardia without the snow covered mountains, right?
  11. As Lady Eleanor and her retinue begin the descent from the North-Eastern Pass into Bluevale, Robb Strongarm (Sir Loth's grandson) leads her and Daenn (Master of the Lady's Guard) to a cliff from where they can have a good look at the valley below. The Lady observes the domain she means to effectively reclaim as her birthright. She knows it will not be easy to convince the few families and clans who remained after all the troubles that having a noble to oversee the land again will be beneficial. However she is determined to restore Bluevale as a productive and prosperous farming community... And perhaps more, there are other possibilities and some plans are starting to take shape...
  12. Great build. A 'Rock' concert is something I wouldn't think of but it works well. The lighting is great. I can spot my sigfig sharing some kind of cherry drink with Lady Gwenllian. Nice.
  13. Great festival scene. I do especially like the Pole, it is really well build and gives a lot of atmosphere to the scene. Minifigs variety and posing are good. I also like the angled elements in the build. Very nice.
  14. Wow, a great presentation of an Orc family. The setting and story are great.
  15. Bracari

    Book III - Challenge II: Bread and Circuses

    A final entry for category C:
  16. Bracari

    Ch II: Cat B: Involuntary Dives

    Excellent entry! Quite a lot of little amazing details that helps the overall build. The color palette is very nice.
  17. Made the entry for Category B: I have a cute little idea for Category C, I might still be able to build it tomorrow... ...and done, it was a rush build and quality suffers a bit for it, still it is a nice end to the chapter I think.
  18. Bracari

    Book III - Challenge II: Bread and Circuses

    My entry for Category B:
  19. Just entered my entry for Category A: I have a few bits and pieces already done for the festival build (which will be for Category B). Still need a lot of time create it. Hopefully this weekend i can have the time for a build marathon.
  20. Bracari

    Book III - Challenge II: Bread and Circuses

    My entry for Category A - Bread.
  21. Bracari

    AoM: Stables Phase 1: Clifftop Riders

    Thanks for the input guys. @en_zoo In my previous builds the characters where introduced as the story progressed from build to build. This one didn't allow for that. You are right, as soon as I complete the Challenge Builds, I will have to create a topic to introduce the characters. I agree the the first picture doesn't really show the fact they are on a high mountain passage. The rockwork is also something I need to improve.
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    Book III - Avalonia: Guild sign-up and Discussion

    Hi, I'm not joining Avalonia . I am however "hijacking" an Avalonian citizen . I am going to use the character for the 2nd Challenge (Aid from Avalonia to Bluevale in Mitgardia) and in further adventures in probably. Just wanted to know if you think this is an appropriate character from Avalonia and if the story does not clash with anything going on in Avalonia. His name is Davos, the youngest of 5 sons and from a 2nd marriage of an Avalonian Nobleman with extensive holds on the border with Mitgardia's southern Demon's Ridge where Bluevale is nestled. He knows his standing in the family will not allow for anything more than a secondary role in its affairs. Quick of mind and fit of body he has, however, neither the patience for a scholarly profession or the discipline for military duties. He decides he has to find his own way in life. Recent developments in Bluevale might present him with an opportunity to do just that. So what do you think?
  23. Bracari

    The Ilesole Saga

    Nice builds and a great presentation. It is certainly very different from the usual full build photos.
  24. I am a very slow builder, plus the fact that my collection is still small (but growing) every time I build something I need to also make one or more orders. Just finished and posted a build: I am excited for Challenge II, as with just a little tweak all 3 categories fit well into the story I am developing for Lady Eleanor. Just don't know if I'll have the time .
  25. Bracari

    Age of Mitgardia (free-build-challenge)

    An entry for consideration, Stables Phase 1: