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  1. Yes. The axle used to switch the speed on the transmission gearbox also changes the position of the distribution gearbox.
  2. More pictures in
  3. Hi Everybody, This is my first post on EB. It's a modified 42110 to make a Defender Pickup. It is not a B-model, it includes several extra parts. The chassis and mechanics are the original from 42110, thus making a small pickup. Main changes: All the rear body (obviously ) Doors were reduced by 2L. HoG moved forward by 2L. Rear axle rebuild using the Steering Wheel Hub Holder with 2 Pin Holes, which allowed lowering the shock absorbers by 3L. Bonnet reshaped to hold the spare wheel. It became heavier and with no friction hinges, so it includes a support to stay open and a magnet to stay closed. These resulted in a weight redistribution, which required replacing the front soft shock absorbers by hard ones. Probably the soft shock absorbers would now be fit the back but I didn't do it. Rear lights lowered 1L. Seats horizontally adjustable. Extra center foldable seat. To do this I had to remove the gear selector, but it really is not necessary since the mechanism is accessible in the back. Some pictures: It includes some extras. A back cover: A soft cover structure: ... a spoiler ... More pictures in Thats all, I hope you like it. Wish you all a happy new year! VascoLP
  4. Sorry for the delay... Have you checked ? There you have some more pictures of the rear suspension. If not enough, tell me, I might take some others... Thank you!
  5. 21. TTT - The Tracked Trike Mr Obi's mighty machine gun tracked trike, or... TTT - The Tracked Trike! A big machine gun is always useful in the Wastelands. And a mobile one even more! This is a tracked trike with a big machine gun on top of it. The machine gun has 4 barrels that are moved forward and backward by an orange rotary selector.As a bonus, the barrels also rotate themselfs doing a lot of noise :-) RC Features (two PF IR Receivers): Driven by two L motors 4 speed @Didumos69 simple 4 speed based gearbox, modified to use a torsion bar for the 90 degree delimiter and an embbebed 4th to 1st blocking mechanism. Servo for speed change using a @charbel 90 degree stepper Servo for steering Secondary distribution gearbox, with 4 exits, commanded by the same shaft used to command the speed gearbox, driven by an M motor. 1st speed: Tracks enlarge for stability 2nd speed: tilting machine gun 3rd speed: rotating machine gun 4th speed: firing machine gun Other functions: Tracks with a suspension Tracks always under tension, front sprockets shares shock absorbers with first boogy Foldable chair on the machine gun And a video... (one day I'll learn how to edit them...). And the discussion topic...
  6. Thank you! Yes the spoiler is a bit provocative :-) Thank you!
  7. Yes the same... got them second hand from three 42050 good deals...
  8. Hi EB, To practice my skills in posting something in EB, I decided to share some 42110 wheel options. First the tumblers, already seen, with some nice caps. Tumblers with green rims... And the 8448 wheels... unfortunately, even without the required Pulley, (as in these pictures), they stand out of the fenders more than the original 42110 wheels... they they look nice though... Best Regards!
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    Hi All!

    I everybody! I have been aroud here for almost two years... and finally I did this! I started with lego in the sixties! (well in the end... :-)) and it lasted until the eighties... Then, in 2017, I bought a 42030... and that was the re-start of it! I´m mostly technic and I only follow the technic forum... but I have been reading and learning a lot around here! Best regards to you all! Vasco
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    Hi All!

    No, everytime I introduced a password it said "there was a server error". But know, cliking on Create a New Account just returns "Not Found The requested URL /cgi-bin/newuser.cgi was not found on this server." It seems I have to find an alternative... Thanks and regards
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    Hi All!

    Mostly, I build them, unbuild them and store them in drawers... I don´t have space to have them all exposed... Any way, currently I have been playing with 42110... I was considering storing pictures in brickshelf but it seems a bit difficult to create a new account... first it does not like the password then "There was a server error. Please go back and try again.".... any clues? Thanks!
  12. I everybody, What about rubber bands (as @pagicence said) and using magnets to stick the device to the ground when it reachs the ground, avoiding bouncing? @tkel86 Força nisso, torço por ti! My very first post... vascolp