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  1. CaptainMorgansDad

    Neo Classic Moon base MOC- WIP

    Hi! I have started a long term project of a giant neo-classic space moon base. I would love to hear your thoughts.
  2. CaptainMorgansDad

    MOC- Colonial Cannon Fortress

    Thanks! I have already filmed next week's episode! I appreciate the support and feedback!
  3. CaptainMorgansDad

    MOC- Colonial Cannon Fortress

    Check out my newest MOC- a fortress for my Imperial soldiers!
  4. CaptainMorgansDad

    King Kahuka's Beachside Hideaway

    This is my 3rd MOC posted on the site, but, excitingly, my first Youtube video! Let me know what you gys think, and subscribe to my channel. There will be new Lego Pirate content every week!
  5. CaptainMorgansDad

    Rum Runner Tavern and Inn

    Thanks :-) These are on the same Island... kind of. I am building these "mini" sized MOCS to imagine different features I want to include in my giant MOC island I want to build with my wife after we move this summer. I have a couple more small ones on ethe way!
  6. CaptainMorgansDad

    Hi to the Eurobricks Community

    Hi Everyone! My name is Neil, and I am a 31 year old AFOL in Tel Aviv. I have been lurking on the site for several months, and recently, finally created an account (and have posted my first 2 MOCS in the Pirate Forums- check them out!). I love to read about everyone's Lego journey- so I thought I would share mine! My story is much the same as many of yours. Born in 1986, and spending much of my formative years in the early 90s, I would say that my youth was tied to the Golden age of Lego. My first serious memory of Lego, I was 3 years old and very sick with a rare childhood disease (Kawasaki Disease, if anyone is interested in looking it up), and my parents bought me the Carribien Clipper. I have very vivid memories of lying in my hospital bed and building the majestic ship with my father (he mostly built it for me while I played with the minifigs - I WAS 3...)- although I am certain that I had Lego and Duplo before that. This was 1989, the introduction of the Pirates theme, which would become my favorite. Later that year, I met my best friend (who remains so to this day) at preschool by bonding over the brick. He is an architect today, so building stayed with him for his whole life. For my whole childhood, every birthday or holiday, there was Lego waiting for me. I would build the sets, play with them, then disassemble them and add to my part collection. Soon, my collection was overflowing 3 large bins! While Pirates was always my favorite themes, I also was addicted to the old Space themes. In particular, I loved the Ice Planet 2002 theme (I was ultimately a Physics major in University, so Space seems logical for me as well). Like many childhood Lego builders, my dark ages started while I was in High School. While I still had a large collection of bricks, and would even build something from time to time, I stopped acquiring new Lego, and my priorities changed, making Lego something I did once every several months rather than every day. Then school ended and I worked for a while then joined the army. As I'm sure you can imagine, being in the army doesn't leave much time to build. Plus, my collection was still in Atlanta at my father's house, and I was in Israel. Not conductive to MOCing. I didn't touch a Lego brick for 10 years after joining the army. Fast forward to last August. I had just gotten married in July to my amazing wife. On our way home from our honeymoon, we stopped in New York City for a day. While there, I decided we should stop at a Lego store - the new Saturn V was getting great reviews, and the space nerd in me (my other main hobby is Kerbal Space Program) needed to have it. Unfortunately, the Saturn V was all sold out, but my wife and I had gotten our hearts set on Lego, so we purchased the UCS TIE Fighter as a wedding present for ourselves. After arriving home, we spent the next afternoon building it together, and I was hooked - just like I had been in my childhood. I started purchasing more bricks. I now had my main collection in the USA, probably with around 30,000 bricks, and another small collection here in Israel. I alao finally purchased the Saturn V from Amazon, but it is also in Atlanta with most of my collection. My wife and I will be moving back there in August, and I will be able to have my entire collection at my disposal. I am looking forward to sorting through to see what all I have! ANyways, I have been rambling a bit, but that is my story :-) If anyone is looking to chat, let me know, I am definitely looking to become more active in the Lego community and make friends within the hobby!
  7. CaptainMorgansDad

    Rum Runner Tavern and Inn

    Hmm... I thought this was a linl to the Flokr album... I have a shortage of bricks here, so there have been some pieces (such as the yellow) used out of lack of other options. In August, when I will have my entire collection available, there shpildnt be the same issues :-)
  8. CaptainMorgansDad

    Rum Runner Tavern and Inn

    I wanted to share my newest creation (and second MOC since leaving my dark ages), the Rum Runner Tavern and Inn. Allows pirate and soldier alike some rest and recreation after many monts at sea. I'd love to hear what you guys have to say!
  9. CaptainMorgansDad

    How did you come out of your Dark Ages?

    I would say that my "Dark Ages" officially ended this past August. After not having gotten a new Lego set since around 1999, and probably not having built anything since then either, my wife and I got the UCS TIE FIghter as a wedding present. We really enjoyed the build together, and it reminded me of how great Lego is. After the TIE fighter, I purchased the Saturn V (still in box - I am currently living overseas, and the majority of my Lego collection is still at my Father's house in the USA), which I am extremely excited to build and display once we move back this summer. I have also purchased several Classic and City sets since then, mostly for the parts - the plan is to get going with some serious MOCing! I alos purchased the Old ZFIshing Store for its great parts, but I may need to purchase another copy for the actual build - we will see. I am bummed out that I missed the Pirates re-releases in 2009 and 2015 - Pirates was my favorite theme growing up (although I also loved the old school Space themes, particularly Ice Planet 2002). Hopefully next year we will see more Pirates for the 30th anniversary!
  10. CaptainMorgansDad

    Tropical Lookout

    Thanks, iammac! My collection is mostly from 1989 to 1999 or so. Around then, I entered my "Dark Ages", and didn't really touch my collection at all (although I had the presence of mind to not let my father throw them away!). I got the UCS TIE Fighter as a wedding present this past August, and since then, I have been back in full force, and acquiring more pricks and parts, hence the masonry bricks. Those are great, I need to get more of them! There are also so many colors we didn't have back in the day! I am working on drawings of what I would like the ultimate large island to look like, and will try to share some here soon!
  11. CaptainMorgansDad

    Tropical Lookout

    Thanks for letting me know - I'm new to Flickr. It shoild be public now. It's just a little island with a lookout tower to get my juices flowing woth a relatively limited collection currently at my disposal (3-4k pieces). This summer, my wife and I will be moving back to the USA, where I have a a far larger collection (20k+ pieces). We plan to create a large pirate Island, so, in the meantime, working on "practice" MOCs!
  12. CaptainMorgansDad

    Tropical Lookout

    Hi everyone This is my first post here after lurking for a while. I wanted to share my first MOC after emerging from my 18 year dark ages! I would love any feedback :-) I can't seem to post the photos here, so here is a link on Flickr (Edited to reflect the fact that my Dark Ages were 18 years, not 16 - I am getting too old!)