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  1. MOC: Bookstore for my town

  2. MOC: Bookstore for my town

    Haha, the flowers do that much? Cause it all is a MOC ;). But I'll play around with it when I get home late tonight.
  3. MOC: Bookstore for my town

    Thanks! There are actually tiles in between those bricks, so there is something there. But maybe I'll add something else. And yeah, the flowers could be a bit more varied. Thanks for the suggestions!
  4. MOC: Bookstore for my town

  5. MOC: Bookstore for my town

  6. MOC: Bookstore for my town

  7. MOC: Bookstore for my town

    I love to read, so I decided my town should get a bookstore. So I made my own design, with a full interior. The outside is made with a SNOT technique for the facade. I've also used some modified 1 x 2 tiles with balls for the details on the top. I love this piece and always wanted to use it. So I did. On the ground floor there are some bookcases with books you can buy, and of course a cash register. The second floor (see video link below, don't have a picture yet, sorry!) features more of a relaxing room. There's another book case, but also a couch where you can sit and check out the novels you've found. There are also some computers, to look up some stuff (like the book you had in mind, but can't remember the title of). I think it turned out to be a nice addition to my city. Very pleased with the end result, if I say so myself. For more details, I made a YouTube video.
  8. This looks absolutely amazing! Great detail, especially on the inside. It's just perfect!
  9. MOC Gingerbread House

    Looks awesome! And I love that minifig!
  10. Christmas MOC - opinions wanted!

    Thanks for the feedback!
  11. Christmas MOC - opinions wanted!

    @Blk69 Thanks for the feedback! It is indeed a candy store, but I'm not really sure what else to put on the building. A pretzel kind of worked :) And I'll think about the other stuff. Thanks!
  12. Christmas MOC - opinions wanted!

    @LegoFan117 Thanks! :)
  13. Christmas MOC - opinions wanted!

    @Count I actually did just center the brick, so that is solved! And not necessarily, but it does make access to some stuff in there easier.
  14. Christmas MOC - opinions wanted!

    Cool, thanks! And thanks so much for the positive feedback :)