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    Lego (Modular buildings, Star Wars, Lego Batman Movie, Ninjago, Creator), Doctor Who, Star Wars, Harry Potter.


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  1. MOC: Coca Cola Christmas Truck

    And the lights work too! (you couldn't really see before, because it was too light out)
  2. MOC: Coca Cola Christmas Truck

    Thanks! And you can imagine what I heard during building ;) And yeah, it's a fun group!
  3. MOC: Coca Cola Christmas Truck

    So I decided to create a Coca Cola Christmas Truck for my Winter Village, and this is the result. Took the Lego Truck as a basis and modified that design to fit my own goal. I think it turned out well :).
  4. Hello from The Netherlands!

    Haha thanks! I'll do my best to show more soon. Going to build a MOC today, so expect pictures soon! No, not yet. But great suggestion, I'm probably going to pick that up soon. I know a store that still sells it.
  5. Harry Potter 2018 - Rumors and Discussion

    If this is true that would be awesome. Please let it be true.
  6. Hello from The Netherlands!

    Hi guys! I'm Eveline from The Netherlands and a new member here. I came out of the dark ages last May and my house is already too small for all the Lego I own. I'm building my own city, got a nice Star Wars collection, own all the Brickheadz and am working on a Christmas Town (called Christmas, Doctor Who fans will get that ). I also make video's of my work (mostly the city and some speed builds) and take pictures which I post on Instagram. During the day I'm a freelance journalist. At night I build Lego or enjoy some of my other hobbies: watching series/movies (Star Wars, Doctor Who, Harry Potter), writing and photography. Nice to meet you all! If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask :).