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  1. Tron Of Black

    Chinese New Year’s sets -2019

    By the way, sets 80101 and 80102 are now listed on the Korean Lego shop page:
  2. Tron Of Black

    [MOC] Porg

    I was afraid I might have missed a few spots like that when I “cleaned up” the file. Oh well... And that first LDD import does look a little scary it seems and ldd don’t play that well together... As for building the set, I would do it like Rog said: build the central body first, and then attach the wings, the head and then the front and back panels.
  3. Tron Of Black

    Favorite Space Line? I really have to say anything? ;) Blacktron (I) and Futuron were the big space themes when I really got into Lego, so these will always be my favorite ones.
  4. Tron Of Black

    [MOC] Porg

    I don’t know of any, no. There are a few programs to create instructions from ldd files, and you can export a model to ldd. But I never tried any of those... Is there any particular part of the build you’re struggling with? I’m happy to help if you have any problems :)
  5. "Son, I'm sorry - They got us!" Very cool little biplane, and using the kayaks as floats is a great idea.
  6. Ha, very cool! Would look great next to the Saturn V for sure :) I cant't wait to see the roadster in a nice red :)
  7. Tron Of Black

    [MOC] Porg

    Oh yes, a porg brickhead sounds like a fun idea. In a way, my porg is constructed a bit like an oversized brickhead anyway: a blocky central core with snotted sculpted sides.
  8. Tron Of Black

    [MOC] Classic Retro Rocket (LEGO Moments in Space)

    Thanks a lot :) I was hoping you would like it ;) Also, thanks to everyone, I'm glad you like it :)
  9. Tron Of Black

    [MOC] Porg

    As promised, here's the link to the file on bricklink:
  10. Tron Of Black

    Robert Goddard and "Nell"

    Just saw the model over in your Ballabreek 2018 thread :) Very cool idea for a model, you definitively have my vote!
  11. Hello everyone, when I heard about the "Moments in Space" contest on LEGO Ideas, I of course had to start creating a model to enter into the contest, and this here is my entry: Classic Retro Rocket by Marius Herrmann, auf Flickr It's a retro style rocket in the vein of the classic rocket ships of science fiction, especially of the 30s and 40s. As the contest rules limit the size of the model to about 300 pieces, I decided to build a microscale display model with a matching stand, sort of like a desk toy. Classic Retro Rocket by Marius Herrmann, auf Flickr I wanted the model to have three-way-symmetry, which isn't easy to achieve with lego at this scale, but I think it turned out quite nice :) Of course it can also be displayed without the stand, ready for takeoff: Classic Retro Rocket by Marius Herrmann, auf Flickr Classic Retro Rocket by Marius Herrmann, auf Flickr Classic Retro Rocket by Marius Herrmann, auf Flickr So, if you like my little rocket and would like it to become an official LEGO model, please consider voting for it :)
  12. Tron Of Black

    Defective arch pieces in new set?

    Do you mean this piece here?{"color":1,"iconly":0} I haven’t heard of any part variations for this piece, but of course it’s possible that TLG has updated the molds recently.
  13. Tron Of Black

    [MOC] Porg

    I have a file; It’s of an earlier version of the model, so I need to update it a bit. I hope I can do that over the weekend, then I’ll post it here :)
  14. Tron Of Black

    [MOC] Space Shuttle orbiter (mini)

    Hi Zetroc, please check the picture link, it doesn’t work.
  15. Tron Of Black

    1980's ish Ferrari F1 car

    Very cool car Will be interesting to compare it with the „official“ one from Ferrari Ultimate Garage