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  1. Got me the 75177 First Order Heavy Scout Walker - not worth the money. :( But some additional parts for my ISD. :D
  2. Just bought the 75190 FSD, the 75152 Imperial Assault Hovertank and 5 Microfighters with a discount of 35€. 😀 Heading home to build. 😃
  3. Great job!! Are the black stands included in the MOC or your own creation?
  4. Building Mortesv's Nebulon-B Thread

    No problem. I'm quite new in the topic and just got thrilled getting a nice fleet together. Which one is the small grey one next to your top CR90?
  5. Building Mortesv's Nebulon-B Thread

    Hey guys, still working on the engine section of the Neb. But searching for the part lists of the small fightes. Where can I find them? Also would like to add the tankers by bricksmarlin. Do you have a ldd? Would be cool! ty
  6. It's so amazing! Just started collecting and got only 3% of the bricks from my own stuff. Thanks for the pictures of progess!!
  7. New here

    Hello everybody I'm quite new in the topic (again) and interested in all the awesome stuff made out of the bricks. Especially I love Star Wars and other SciFi themes. Hope to find some inspiration and good conversations here. Best Markus