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  1. Hamsha

    Custom Stickers

    Can you post a link to the file with the pauldrons Please? Your stickers are amazing looking! I cant wait to get some printed up and see what they look like IRL! Do you know if there are any available for the Rebel factions?
  2. It probably did save me quite a lot of money. Its also nice to see the ship and go through the instructions before going to bricks to make sure I know what's there and see if there are any changes/improvements I can make. I haven't dared add up my BL spend since COVID but its gonna be a shock... I did, the A-Wing, Razorcrest, custom Millennium Falcon, Zeta Shuttle and currently doing a Stinger Mantis moc... my poor wallet haha!
  3. I used this paint https://smile.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B001W03PMC/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o03_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 I bought the cheapest pieces that I could find in the correct shape as they were going to be painted anyway, laid them all out and sprayed from all angles and covered all sides as best I could. I spent about a day doing it in total but I painted all the parts that were visible. I built the ship in studio to work out what was visible then coloured them blue and the ones that are hidden red so when I uploaded to Bricklink to get the parts lists I knew what was painted, visible and needed in the correct colours. @Hold0511 yours is amazing, you beat me to it! :D I did RichboyJhaes version summer last year painted but it was just too delicate for me! I move around a lot and like to take these ships for a swoosh every so often so had to do Jeracs! @Jerac its such an amazing ship, I am going to be doing a light my bricks lit engines and cockpit for it I think too :D
  4. You my friend are a legend! I have just finished spraying all the parts for my silver version of it so will have a look around for some more parts for the upgrade here! If you get a chance I'm sure I won't be the only person to thank you for the photos! No rush on them, just if and when you get time.
  5. oh man I am going to have to work on those engine vents! Would you be mind me asking for more photos? :D I love Jerac's version of the ship but those engine intakes are just brilliant! I built RichboyJhaes version but it was so delicate to move about. Best part were the intakes on it for me!
  6. Major update on the Lambda Shuttle. I have had time (like most people) the last month to work on other projects so have almost gotten the shuttle complete!! Since my last post: - Internal structure has been sured up, still not motorised wings but they do hold in place with the gearing that is in there. Maybe one day I will make them motorised but not just now. - Cockpit is now complete and comes off like the escape pod with technic pins like its supposed to in the lore - Main hull is now complete - Lights for engines, battery pack and landing lights are built in with switches at the back - Landing gear is on, not that accurate but it is over 4.7kg of lego with the wings at the moment, so would rather they were strong than movie accurate. It does balance on the 2 landing gear alone so thats more inportant to me just now. - The side wings are done but are the last parts to be attached to the main hull as they are a pain in the *** to get off. Still to do: - Engines need to be done, currently waiting on parts from bricklink to arrive for them - The part connecting the top sail to the hull needs to be worked out - The interior needs seats and details added to it but that can come at a later point. - The removable side panels of the hull need a bit of tweaking to sit nicely and need some parts added to them to make them finished. Lambda shuttle update by Hamish Dobbie, on Flickr Lambda shuttle update by Hamish Dobbie, on Flickr Lambda shuttle update by Hamish Dobbie, on Flickr Aaaaaand the lights are intergrated now :D isolation has provided the time to really make progress on this beast! by Hamish Dobbie, on Flickr Update to the Lambda shuttle. The wings, main sail and sides of the main hull are done and can attach. This has been the biggest hurdle. Progress on the cockpit has been attached but it’s a test fit at the moment by Hamish Dobbie, on Flickr
  7. Big update on the MOC. I have given up making the wings motorised. I am sure it is possible but I'm not sure how. I would rather get the design finished and then can try tinker with the internal mechanism once its built. Lambda by Hamish Dobbie, on Flickr Lambda shuttle by Hamish Dobbie, on Flickr Lambda shuttle by Hamish Dobbie, on Flickr Lambda in flight by Hamish Dobbie, on Flickr
  8. Finaly an update on this side project of mine! The current mechanism works (technicaly on V6 as I have updated it since taking this video!) The gears dont slip and the motor seems to be holding strong so far. Currently rebuilding the wings to get them at full weight and then see how it copes. Once the motor mechanism works i will see how I can get it inside the shape of the hull. This may end up more 'inspired by' MB's version than anything else! Lambda mechanism V5 by Hamish Dobbie, on Flickr
  9. Yes @Reaper Unfortunatly I think I am going to have to redo a bit of the wings to add in more connection points to the mechanism. I am giving ti another couple runs in Stud.io and then in bricks but I think that the MB design for wings is just too heavy for the mototz/gearing I am using. No idea how he managed it with his version AND had room for an interior. I would also love to see the mechanism used for the Cavegod & Brickvault Zeta Class shuttle as that's motorised and pulls the weight of those wings with no issue it appears. I bought the ones that Regegade Clone made and its just a version of the 10212 mechanism. Unfortunately that isn't holding the weight of these!
  10. I have been slowly working on this. I have used the internal structure (with the bricks I have) from 10212. It is strong and holds the structure and weight of the wings. The 2 XL motors are more than enough to move the wings and in fact I think one would probably do the job. The gears keep slipping unfortunately though and I am not sure what to do to stop that. I am going to hopefully be able to build it in Stud.io and then order the parts I'm missing soon but no ETA on that yet. Anyone built the BrickVault version of the Zeta by Cavegod? Slipping gears on the Lambda by Hamish Dobbie, on Flickr
  11. @Lbcwanabe Thank you very much! I am using the digital model to sketch out ideas but not the final design, its all being done in bricks because the weight of the wings has to be taken into consideration and that's all got to be done in bricks! @stormtroopercaptain @La Chupacabra Thank you both for the support, I am hoping to make some more progress now I have the motor functions set and try out the motor! I will update once I have more progress!
  12. Hi folks, Update on the build is that over Christmas I have managed to build the main sail and wings. I am redesigning the whole internal structure of the hull. It's proving to be quite complicated. I started with the design used for 10212 but stretched so that it fits the measurements of the hull but it is somewhat complicated to get right. The flipping the studs on the underside of the hull means that the clear blocks that are used in the body wont fit I don't think. I am working around the idea of it being done with power functions but the wings are so heavy that the internal structure needs to be SOLID and the gearing has to be just right. Any tips from anyone would be much appreciated! Wings by Hamish Dobbie, on Flickr Main sail by Hamish Dobbie, on Flickr Hull interior structure V2 - WIP by Hamish Dobbie, on Flickr Hull interior structure V3 - WIP by Hamish Dobbie, on Flickr
  13. - Update - Unfortunately for the past few weeks I have had to shelf the project as work has gotten in the way. Not to mention the mounting Bricklink orders taking their toll! I think that the internal structure of the model needs totally reworked. I am going to attempt to adapt the internal structure of 10212 to suit this project however I am not 100% sure how im going to do that. The wings are built and have had to be restructured a little bit with regards to technic pins and things to keep the strength in them. It could be stronger but I think that it is okay while keeping within MB's original design, will probably iterate on this at some point too. The build for the wings is much heavier than I had anticipated so I am going to spend a lot longer working in bricks to make sure it holds the weight well. I need to get a good solid base for the main hull to work from first, my current build is a bit weak and wouldn't hold up to the weight of the wings at all! I am not 100% sure when I will be able to get back to this especially with BrickVault having released that perfect B-wing from Inthert! I would like to get the design finished this year however this is coming into a busy period for me but will try to update this again soon. Images of the wings to follow in a couple days.
  14. @stormtroopercaptain Thanks for the support! Yea its an amazing ship design. I really enjoyed working backwards from MBs' photos but I don't think I am going to try doing my own design for a while yet! I think MBs' version is the best I have seen. I love the SNOT design for the majority of it but with some studs on show to remind you that it is lego still. It ties in nicely with the Inthert ships I have built so far! Just waiting for Brickvault to release those B-wing instructions to have all the rebel ships! :D
  15. So the latest update is that i now have 95% of by brick link orders and I am getting going with the build to test bits out with it. I have come across some things that I didn't really consider like rarely of a couple pieces in white but its not a big deal to change the colour to tan/LBG/dark tan or similar with this build. I have done the majority of the cockpit now with the build to hold the angles in place much more steady and feel more secure. Still need to work out the two wedge sections that come up underneath the cockpit though. Interior cockpit (WIP) - Ramp closed Lambda Shuttle - Build by Hamish Dobbie, on Flickr Interior cockpit (WIP) - Ramp open Lambda Shuttle - Build by Hamish Dobbie, on Flickr Front cockpit attached - Inside view Lambda Shuttle - Build by Hamish Dobbie, on Flickr Front cockpit attached - Outside view Lambda Shuttle - Build by Hamish Dobbie, on Flickr Underside greebling Lambda Shuttle - Build by Hamish Dobbie, on Flickr Main body with part of the internal structure - WIP this will need changed im sure once the main sail is on and I see how heavy the wings are. Will need to test this out a bit I think Lambda Build by Hamish Dobbie, on Flickr Main body (WIP) with cockpit attached. I will need to also work on the attachment of the cockpit to the main hull as its a bit weak just now. Lambda Shuttle Build by Hamish Dobbie, on Flickr