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  1. I would suggest 42029 or 42006, I made lots of MOCs with them and 4 M motors, one receiver, one remote and one big battery box. Edit: if you find the sets at a good price.
  2. That looks and works great! Can you post a close up of the gearbox?
  3. Matty04

    [MOC] Snow trial truck

    thanks! i finished it. here are some pictures -Images removed- i also got some pictures of the suspension working on a 2 stud and 6 stud tall. You can find them here:
  4. Matty04

    [MOC] Snow trial truck

    Heh, you thought this was a cancelled project huh? i worked on it for some time now and it's almost done. I just need to do the last designing. Final specs: 2xl's one big BB, 4 small hard springs per side, christie suspension, ground clearance about 7 studs with 6 studs in some places, weight about 1250 grams. well, i do have one little problem : when steering on grippy surfaces the distance between the bases of the tracks simply gets bigger, any ideas on how to solve that?
  5. Matty04

    [MOC] Snow trial truck

    I decided to use 2 xl motors- one for each track added 2 more springs, probably going to remove one. this is somewhat close to the final lenght of the vehicle
  6. Matty04

    [MOC] Snow trial truck

    oh, ok, sorry guys!
  7. Matty04

    [MOC] Snow trial truck sorry for the bad quality. i don't know how to get bricksafe photos in EB posts
  8. Hi! A few weeks ago I started doing some prototypes on a tracked trial vehicle. It will probably have 2 long tracks with pins in them, skid steering using 2 L or XL motors and one BB. Goals: find a soft and smooth suspension, have a bodywork wich looks kinda like a ripsaw(not EV2), be able to climb some not really steep hills and descend them as well, float on/over the snow. Acheived goals: find a soft and smooth suspension, I will come back with some photos of a smaller prototype to get the idea.
  9. 3:10 7:6 12:4 18:3 23:2 15:1 voted them after seeing the functions and the chance of winning a battle
  10. i might have a suggestion for the lights... have the wheel arch, the light and a 3L beam, right? move the 3L beam 1 stud closer to the wheel arch and only connect it to the blue piece (6538) via a 3L connector so it is mobile. move the Light closer to the interior of the car with one stud.and make sure you can turn a little the blue 5x2 panels in the front so they can hide the lights under them. hope you understood, right?
  11. it's awesome! will u build a version with opening doors, pop-up lights and suspension?
  12. great start! will you build a bodywork from a specific car?