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  1. More pics under the spoiler. Comments and criticisms welcome!
  2. I've been meaning to continue Nolana's story, but I've been caught up with a move and now all my bricks are unsorted in giant bins. It'll be a while before I can get going again...
  3. pombe

    What would you like from a Sci-Fi Racing theme?

    I'd imagine a line of speed champion sized racers (150-200 bricks, I think GARC is a good place to start). Each racer set can be designed to be modular (more on this in a second). Use the iPad app to scan your racer (like Hidden Side, where the app will recognize your racer, including the modular parts) and then you can use your racer in the app against computer opponents. To monetize it further, each racer could start with specific stats, such as acceleration, top speed, brakes, cornering, boost power/nitro, etc., which plays a major role because there are different types of tracks (straight, curvy, etc.) when you play the app's "pro season" mode, where you have to eventually race on all the tracks. Throw in mod pack sets to take advantage of the modular nature of each racer (different engines, boosters, fins, etc.) and monetize the line even further which the app takes into account when scanning the racer that alters the stats of the racer before each race (ie. to take advantage of each track). They can also make the app multiplayer so that friends can race each other using their scanned LEGO racers if they sync their devices somehow.
  4. Dramatis Personae: This is an entry for Mardier. Previously, Currently, in an undisclosed location... I was not sure you would come. There are those of us in Eslandola who profit more from peace than war. I received your message and have come to see if we can start working towards a more...political...solution. Just know that before we begin, my masters have orders to escalate the conflict should something untowards happen to me. I have come with no other agenda than to try to find common ground...a way such that both sides can win and save face. I am glad to hear of it. Now, there are some concessions Mardier would like, but in exchange, we are prepared to offer... RUN AWAY!!! What? Oof! Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!!! <splat> Come back here! I love you, Alois! You will be mine! Ah crap. Comments and criticisms are all welcome!
  5. pombe

    [MOC] neo classic space ship

    This is a great classic space spaceship! I especially love the fact that it has a working cargo hold, much like the original sets. I'll just say that your first MOC out of your dark ages is much better than my first MOC post dark ages.
  6. pombe

    AG - Introduction and Discussion

    LOL! Thanks for the extremely flattering words. To be fair, however, a lot of the inspiration behind the humor of my stories came from the internal logic of the first LEGO movie (though I upped the ante with more adult themes). I had actually started out thinking I would use the Inspector Gadget formula for AG, where Pombe would be the idiot explorer whose sidekick Eshey would do all the real work, but I got tired of that after the first few weeks. And when @Dannylonglegs had a story in which he included a cameo of Pombe walking around the Axle in his speedos, I just ran with it and never stopped.
  7. Loved this when I saw it on Flickr! Both the vehicle and the terrain are outstanding! Congrats on Rogue Brick and living the dream! Being in Texas also, I’ve been wanting to swing by to support you, but Austin is pretty far away from DFW. Now that I’m moving to California (bricks are already packed away...I’m dreading resorting them all), it seems I’ll never get the chance. This upcoming Brick Fiesta will be my last one (it’s in Austin), maybe I’ll catch you then.
  8. pombe

    toastergrl's Classic Space Fleet

    This is exactly what the world needs right now, yesterday, tomorrow, and two weeks from now. More Classic Space!
  9. pombe

    [MOC] Space interceptor

    This is a great little one man fighter! It's sleek and compact, which makes it look like it's built with cost and storage considerations in mind. I can imagine a capital ship with several of these: a wing already flying combat space patrol, and the rest in the docking bay ready to scramble when the enemy appears on the scanners. I do have a few comments: 1) I tend to avoid designs that can shoot itself. I would move the weapons from behind the cockpit to the wings or the nose. 2) I also tend to avoid cockpit designs where the minifigure has to lean way back to fit. Adding a plate or two to the height of the interceptor would allow you to build a much more comfortable cockpit for the pilot. 3) This one is more personal taste, but adding a color stripe for a splash of color would help the MOC pop. I know it's not as realistic as all grey, but LEGO presentation is about catching the eye of the viewer. If it helps, you can stick with more "military" colors, like green or blue.
  10. pombe

    [PROLOGUE] Fire Safety

    @rodiziorobs Your words are always too kind. I too miss AG: the MOCs, the stories, and the builders.
  11. The Crew: Currently... Thanks, Uncle Hombre! Volunteering for the Intergalactic Fire Rescue Service as part of our training for Andromeda Gates 2 is such a great idea! I'm sure we'll get lots of experience from this! That's so true! Rosie, scan the surface to see if there's a fire in trouble who needs rescuing. Scanning the planet surface now. Poshey, we've found something in the middle of the desert. I'm bringing it up on the viewscreen. It looks like... OH GOD!!! THE ROOF! THE ROOF! THE ROOF IS ON FIRE!!! HELP! I'M TRAPPED UNDER THIS ROOF!!! Quick! Set a course! Hmm...the roof is made of timber. Shouldn't we just let the motherf***** burn? Uncle Hombre, hurry! Did we make it in time?! Are you unhurt?! Whew! Thanks for rescuing me, Intergalactic Fire Rescue Service! My name is Sarah, by the way. I wasn't sure how long I was going to be trapped under there. We're just doing our jobs, ma'am. I'm glad you're safe and sound. Yay! Go Team Poshey! All comments and critiques are welcome!
  12. pombe

    [PROLOGUE] Fire Safety

    LOL. Here's how Sarah was built:
  13. I would love to include instructions whenever I post a MOC. But unfortunately as someone who builds with physical bricks in a very trial and error manner, stopping at each step to document what I did physically into a software program would sap any desire I have to build. And I don't even want to think about what happens when I've built, say, a cockpit and the thruster engines for a spaceship as separate units and figure out that I don't like how they fit together and tear apart huge chunks (without completely dismantling) of both to fit them in a better way, and then I have to go fix my instructions for both. And chances are, especially for larger MOCs, I'll screw up during the building process and forget to include some steps in the software and confuse myself as to why my digital MOC and my physical MOC don't end up exactly the same. I suppose I could take my MOCs apart brick by brick and generate the instructions in reverse. But, in that case, I'd rather just build another MOC with that time and energy.
  14. pombe


    As a Battletech/Mechwarrior fan, this blends the aesthetics of the Locust and the Raven, both of which are favorites of mine. I have a soft spot for chicken walker type mechs. The heraldry from the Nexo Knight shields suggest that this mech exists in a feudal society (again, much like early Battletech) where mechs belonged to noble families and were handed down from generation to generation. Though, with Emmet as the technician, I would be a little hesitant about piloting it.
  15. Dramatis Personae: Previously, Currently, Rassilon? Why are we looking at Rassilon? It looks so peaceful, doesn't it? And they don't even realize... That didn't sound ominous at all. Wait...that thing we built? Don't tell me!!! There it is, up in the sky! We're destroying the Sea Rat settlement of Rassilon? All those people are going to die!!! They're not ALL going to die. Besides, the upkeep costs were getting outrageous. Rassilon had to go. It got too expensive. So we're just going to kill them?!?! DON'T WANT TO CLOSE MY EYES!!! I DON'T WANT TO FALL ASLEEP, 'CAUSE I'D MISS YOU, BABY, AND I DON'T WANNA MISS A THING!!! We're responsible for this! We built that giant fireball! Ahem. Technically, I did. Leave it to the psychobabble student to try to steal credit from the engineer. You admit it! Of course. It's not my best work, but I'm proud of it nonetheless. PROFESSIONAL PRIDE!!! I don't care who built it! We couldn't have evacuated Rassilon first?! And create a refugee crisis? We can't afford that. Why do you think we are doing this in the first place? All those people are going to die and it will be on us! Nah. The people will just think the gods did this. It's not like they can see the fourth wall, let alone anything past it. I can't watch... Now I am become Death, the destroyer of worlds. HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA!!!
  16. pombe

    [MOC] WWII Tomahawk kaiju interceptor

    I was concerned about that since I do tend to build on a smaller scale. Finding suitable Technic functions will be difficult, like say for missile launchers that can hide and pop out, especially if I want to hide the the mechanism well. I played with the truck and it was certainly educational. I like the steering and the dumping mechanisms. Here it is, driving over a WIP Blacktron project that's waiting for a bricklink order. I got bored and built a bunch of micro sky-fi planes. Now I need to build a flying carrier for them. Now to see if I can incorporate some Technic functions and build one with working elevators for the planes.
  17. pombe

    [MOC] WWII Tomahawk kaiju interceptor

    NICE!!! I love the engines and the wing shape! My only suggestion would be to make the colors "more military". Right now, it has more of an "airshow" paint job to it. I'm definitely curious what functions you've incorporated into it.
  18. An ocean liner rocket ship?!?!?! In art deco style?!?!?! Just creating the shape would be insane. Not to mention being able to access the different levels inside for the play features and minifigure accommodations.
  19. pombe

    [MOC] WWII Tomahawk kaiju interceptor

    Well, you've inspired me to try to add some functions to my MOCs, so I went out during my lunch break and picked this up: It's time I learned a few new things.
  20. pombe

    [MOC] WWII Tomahawk kaiju interceptor

    Thanks! I saw your recent sky-fi MOC and I love the engine and the colors! Thanks! I'm glad you like it! Thanks! I'm not much of an expert of sky-fi. @Digger of Bricks is much more of the expert than I am. I just put it with the Rocket Ranger or Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow or AT-43 or Maschinen Krieger type of alternate World War II technology (some call it Weird War II). Throw in some art deco influences and make sure there is a heavy emphasis on style and form. Imagine a battlefield with blimps and helicarriers launching their diesel powered prop planes with armies of soldiers in hardsuits and tank-mechs stomping around below. I'm flattered that you would want to use my MOC as a template for your future project, but I'm going to say that the examples of John Hall's MOCs provided by @Digger of Bricks are much better. His MOCs were partly the inspiration behind mine. Also, I wanted to congratulate you on winning the Technic contest with your ridiculous P-38 MOC. It's truly awesome, especially with all the functions and power functions.
  21. pombe

    HIDDEN SIDE - 2019

    I'm glad that TLG is pushing how their bricks and technology can mesh better to expand the LEGO experience for children. However, I do hope they keep MOCers in mind and in the future allow MOCs to be integrated into their AR apps. How? I don't know. But I do hope they keep working at it.
  22. ^ is the realistic answer. But since the question is about what I'D want to see: Something either with City, Castle, or Space. 1) A huge 8,000-10,000 brick downtown. A real downtown...or at least as real as 8,000-10,000 bricks allow...something more than just one city block... 2) A huge 8,000-10,000 brick castle. Give it a ton of play features and offer a variety of printed faction flags and shields so the owner can make it Black Falcon, or Lion Knights, or Wolfpack Renegades, or whatever. 3) A huge 8,000-10,000 brick Classic Space base. With full facilities and a multiple landing pads for more spaceships, Spaceships, SPACESHIPS! I know...pie in the sky. But this is just another wishlist.
  23. pombe

    [MOC] NCS Security Sentry

    Spoiler to see more and the 4 wheel independent suspension and steering. Comments and criticisms are always welcome!
  24. Chapter 1: Sewer Rat Cleff Jiwa was out of breath, his breathing ragged as he ran for his life. His right foot splashed into the sewer sludge and almost slipped on some sort of mush, the contents of which he'd rather not think about. After a short slide on the mush, he regained his footing and kept running. The smell was awful, but that was the least of his worries. Who sent Lash after me? No one was supposed to know! It wasn't even that much! Cleff was just a low level Black Sun enforcer, sent to collect protection money from various establishments from Nar Shaddaa's Red Light Sector. Sure, he took a little more than he was supposed to, which he skimmed for himself, but it was just a few credits, nothing more than a rounding error. Pew! A flash of red from a blaster bolt just missed his head and glanced off the sewer wall ahead of him. A ladder! [ Cleff saw a ladder leading up to the streets of Nar Shaddaa to his left and ran for it. Sure, it would take him some time to climb it, but he was definitely dead if he continued to run in his current path. Almost ther... Pew! Pew! Instead of jumping up and grabbing a rung of the ladder and climbing to safety, Cleff felt his body give out as it fell, out of his control, and splashed into the contents of the sewer. His final thoughts were of just how awful everything smelled and tasted. The bounty hunter, Lash, hovered over the body, holstering a pair of silver LPA NN-14 blaster pistols. ++++++ Sindeen was never more glad that her suit could switch to its own air supply, though the outside of the armor would need a thorough cleaning when this was over. Her suit was a customized version of the imperial jumptrooper armor, something she created for herself before she left the imperial army. The combination of her rank as a stormtrooper captain and the fact that she was the daughter of a famous retired general offered her many perks in the imperial army that she took full advantage of. The suit wasn't as advanced as what the Mandalorians used, but it was more robust and easier to use, and replacement parts were much more available. She spoke into the comm in her helmet to address her crew, "Target secured." "You have a funny way of saying 'dead', captain," the droid, FISS, replied. "Just arrange for a pick up," she replied. "I'd love nothing more than to traipse through the sewers of Nar Shaddaa and drag a corpse soaked in sewage back to the ship. Consider it done." Sindeen frowned inside her helmet. Not for the first time, she realized that she has never met a droid who wasn't snarky. She reminded herself, again, that she would look into how these things were programmed when she had some time. "Uh...Captain?" Karek, the pilot of her crew, uttered. She hated that 'Uh'. Karek only used it when something wasn't right. She let him continue, "Go on." "I've been monitoring imperial channels and there's a lot of chatter right now. From what I can tell, there's been a huge battle at Jakku. The Seeker...isn't that your sister's ship?" Sindeen's sister, Pom, had followed her footsteps and became an imperial stormtrooper. The last time Sindeen saw her sister was when Pom had gone home to Muunilinst to visit their father. She had tracked her sister just to check up on her. A chill went down her spine, "What about the Seeker?" "It's been lost. It seems the navy lost a lot of ships," Karek replied. "Prepare the ship. NOW!" She yelled as she flew towards where the Dark Ruby was docked. Comments and criticisms are all welcome!!!
  25. pombe

    [S12 - Nar Shaddaa - BS] Sewer Rat

    Thanks! And it's great to see you back! For me, AG was a great crash course of intense LEGO building. However, that resulted in me building a lot of crap MOCs, which really were against the spirit of the game. When AG ended, I decided that I wanted to take my time and use the lessons I'd learn to improve my MOCs. Also, thanks to my exposure to all the great AG storytellers, such as yourself, I also decided to change the way I presented a story and up my writing game, as well.