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    Marvel Superheroes 2022 - Rumors & Discussion

    Love the Sanctum build!!! Minifigs aside, I think the build here is much more interest and better looking than the bugle. Will look to either buy two or just order extra pieces to beef this up to a 48x32 and add an extra level for height. Hopefully someone will have done this soon and sell instructions on RB or I will just have to play around with it myself. Can't wait to get this set. I reckon they blew the budget on the pieces and detail and had to cheapen out of the minifigs, hence the subpar quality and smaller selections. Anyway, when is the rumoured UCS Averngers tower meant to come out?
  2. chill9394

    Bricklink Designer Program 2021 Discussion Thread

    I wish they would sell the instructions for the projects that didn't make it. At least the fan designers can then get something for their effort and supporters can still try build those sets by sourcing their own bricks. This was in the initial terms which this program first launched but they took it out when the program changed to the current 3 round structure instead of just one round for all. Anyway, I think this is a great program to give those unapproved ideas a second chance and hope that they will run it again sometime in the future. Especially looking forward to all those gorgeous unapproved modulars over the last few review rounds.
  3. chill9394

    LEGO Ideas Discussion

    This is a nice surprise. Love fan voting especially one that can determine a future set. Let's go Viking Village! Would love one to go with the goat boat and creator 3in1 viking boat that is about to drop. But if it turns out to be mini-golf, that is a very cool functional set too.
  4. chill9394

    LEGO Monkie Kid 2022

    The heavenly realm set looks amazing!!! Must buy. It is a great depiction of the mythology. Wish it had a few more characters as Monkey kid battled a lot of gods in the chaos there. But i guess they have to stick to what is made in the cartoon. Those cloud prints does help to make it look heavenly. The van looks like a lot of fun too. in the same realm as the HQ Boat from first wave. Now to hope they do the third set which is a water dragon justice too!
  5. chill9394

    Lego Ideas 90th Anniversary Fan Vote

    Caslte (which I am super excited to get day 1) aside, what would they make for the 90th anniversary GWP. Would it also be castle related or do they spread the love and base it on the other themes. Personally I don't really want another 60th anniversary diorama. Would be good to just get a medium sized classic space or pirates set (sorry bionicles). And then the rumoured cmf s23 to be based on 90th anniversary is very interesting. Hopefully there will be broader representation there for the other themes that missed out to at least get a minifig.
  6. Absolutely!!! You can bricklink and MOC your own UCS castle at good value but the little castle bits (especially barding) are really really expensive for what they are so a new release including them will be very desirable! And please bring back part 30273 (Headgear Helmet Castle with Chin Guard and Broad Brim). Paid a fortune for a bunch but would love some more.
  7. This is indeed the best news of late for castle fans!!! Hope this will be spectacular like Barracuda Bay was for Pirates. Really hope there will be a few faction of minifigs that can also be purchased through B&P for army builders!
  8. chill9394

    LEGO Videogame Tie-Ins - Rumors & Discussion

    FF7 remake sets would be so awesome. Even if not Seventh Heaven cause it is a bar, they can make Cloud's bike, Aerith's House, the gym. And final fantasy as a whole would have so much potential for sets from a wide range of the series over the years. Resident Evil would also be very interesting if they keep this line 18+. If they can do stranger things and zombies from cmf and Monster Fighter and Hidden Side, then why not zombies from RE.
  9. chill9394

    Bricklink Designer Program 2021 Discussion Thread

    It is definitely disappointing to not have minifigs for brickwest studio, although the saloon from the 2019 BL Program also had no minifigs. I am hoping the lack of western theme sets will drive demand for this as I am still very keen regardless of the lack of minifigs. My guess is there must be a lack of usable torso for this period from the catalog and it would be odd just to have crew but no actors. Will also go for winter chalet for my winter village and the diner for its charm. I am on the fence about train station and exploratorium. They are nice looking sets but not a must have. Will depend on price for these two before deciding. The rest just don't appeal to me. I'd rather a complete building than a half built construction modular. The observatory could do with more roundness.
  10. Jang is still my go to for set reviews but he doesn't review everything anymore. I find he is still the most detailed and meticulous in reviews and have good production value and opinion. Otherwise, I watch youtubers for their knowledge and passion for specific themes; Occasionally I watch just2good but his videos seem less interesting these days. I would still go to him for cmf and minifigure reviews since that is his specialty. For Star Wars, MandRproductions cause I find him more entertaining than Solid Brix Studios and he has great passion for the theme. He also goes on crazy spending spree and his VLOGs can be hilarious. Harry Potter, I follow PotterMinifigPals. She is an Australian with great passion and knowledge for Harry Potter. She does fantastic editing and custom drawings. AshnFlash would be her equivalent for DC/Marvel. For cities and MOC, I like Alex Nunes. He has a great setup for City and trains and a great collection on display. I love looking at his collection and projects from a more mature AFOL perspective. Same for Bricksie and he sometimes also have interesting discussion topics. For Disney, it's Emmasaurus. The couple has great vibe and it's interesting to see their shopping spree, city build and disney stuff. For background chat whilst building, I like The Cool Factor for his Bricks and Coffee or build stream. And brickitect for parent's perspective with young children and he has a podcast called missing pieces. Also love the quarantine cast from Beyond the Brick for that. And they are now back doing conventions. For leaks, I've been following Brick Clicker and BriQ Foundations as that is their main thing. Otherwise, just check Promobricks but have to just google translate to convert German into English.
  11. chill9394

    Bricklink Designer Program 2021 Discussion Thread

    Very excited!!! Late 2021, probably a good thing to spread the spending as there are too many good D2C sets as it is from Lego. Surprised the observatory tower is not in this round. Also, Anatomini is also withdrawn due to complexity. They must be strict on stability. I will go for 4 sets this round 1. Brickwest Studio 2. Mountain Windmill 3. Retro Bowling Alley 4. Seasons in Time Calender
  12. chill9394

    Bricklink Designer Program 2021 Discussion Thread

    Can't wait for round 2. Is that meant to start on 1/9? They have taken down the original FAQ and revised structure of the crowd funding page so not sure if round 2 will still be Sept since they have expanded round 1 to 10,000 sets. Really looking forward to Brickwest Studio, Winter Chalet and Mountain Windmill. Hopefully there will be a limit of 1 per account so more people can get their desired set.
  13. If anyone still need convincing, check out this video by the designer of the castle in the forest! Show cases the latest build and great to see the play features in action! Btw, the Bricklink designer program crowd funding is now delayed until 1st July. The structure of the crowd funding is also changing. In summary, they will split the remaining 26 projects into 3 rounds. Each round will see 8-10 projects being put up for funding and the first 5 to reach target gets funded. The rounds will be 2 months apart so they are spacing out our spending and also the workload for the Lego supply and bricklink team. This also means a total of 15 projects should get funded instead of 13 in the previous structure. First round selection is already chosen with 8 projects and includes the castle in the forest so get your wallet ready by 1 July!
  14. chill9394

    LEGO Ideas Discussion

    The castle designer said there will be at least a black falcon torso and blacksmith torso included as those have been approved. Castle and Bionicle will definitely be the first two to get funded. Will be interesting to see what else can make it. If the price is not too excessive, would snatch the pursuit of flight too.
  15. chill9394

    LEGO Ideas Discussion

    Bricklink designer program crowd funding now delayed until 1st July. The structure of the crowd funding is also changing. In summary, they will split the remaining 26 projects into 3 rounds. Each round will see 8-10 projects being put up for funding and the first 5 to reach target gets funded. The rounds will be 2 months apart so they are spacing out our spending and also the workload for the Lego supply and bricklink team. This also means a total of 15 projects should get funded instead of 13 in the previous structure. First round selection is already chosen with 8 projects. I am definitely going for castle in the forest and the great fishing boat! There are also two additional project that got archived. Temple of Hermit (due to complexity in revising the model) and Japanese Old Style Architecture (due to other obligations).
  16. Better quality of the Harry Potter chess set also out now on instagram! Lots of helmet pieces for castle there. Are they a new colour? Don't recall seeing white before and not sure if the dark is new colour or meant to be DBG as it looks a bit shiny? Most excited for the soldier headgear! It looks like a new mould but I wish they brought back the old headgear below for foot soldiers.
  17. chill9394

    LEGO Ideas Discussion

    The most relevant price guide is probably round 1 of the AFOL designer program that Bricklink did back in 2018. The lowenstien castle was about 2000 pieces and priced at US$200. Just noticed all of Robenanne's projects have now been archived, comments turned off and listed as no longer participating in the program. That is a real shame. Was really looking forward to getting at least one or two of his designs. I wonder if it is anything to do with him previously licensing those projects to bluebrixx.
  18. A great Wild West set is amongst those in the bricklink desginer program! Brickwest Studios Show your support in the crowd funding phase on 1/6 if you want this set made.
  19. chill9394

    Future Castle Sets?

    You can never say never. Harry Potter got a second life from their revival in 2018 after 7 years of nothing. Castle theme could either make a comeback as we approach 100 years of Lego and be back in IP form if they revive LOTR or Hobbit. Anyhow, the 2021 bricklink designer program just listed the unapproved 10k Lego ideas that will be up for crowd funding. Castle in the Forest looks amazing and will be a great addition for caslte and forestmen fans!
  20. chill9394

    LEGO Ideas Discussion

    Main shipping point is out of Europe this time and they are working on a US shipping point too. So many amazing sets to choose from! Shame only the top 13 will make it instead of whatever passes the crowd funding requirement of 3000 sets. Only wish Robenanne's lighthouse was also included. That was my favourite one out of his designs.
  21. chill9394

    VIDIYO - Universal Music 2021

    Anyone tried the app yet? I can't share any clips cause you need to sign in to via the app but keep getting errors about disabled cookies in my browser even though all cookies are enabled. So frustrating. Otherwise, the video making have been fun and the bit beat effects from the tiles are pretty cool. Will be a lot of variety to play with as you collect more tiles and there are some great song titles already.
  22. chill9394

    Disney Properties 2021 - Rumors & Discussion

    still minidoll for beauty and the beast unfortunately. only the four 4+ "Micky and Friends" sets are minifigures
  23. chill9394

    Lego Licensed Parts available from Bricks & Pieces

    B&P shipping is $15 to Australia. If it was $3, there would be a lot more orders. Otherwise order enough to meet free shipping threshold of $149 as long as there is a set order like a Xtra polybag included in the order alongside B&P.
  24. chill9394

    Lego Licensed Parts available from Bricks & Pieces

    Horses, black falcon torso, legs and shield back in stock
  25. chill9394

    LEGO IDEAS - The Medieval Blacksmith

    Black falcon torso, legs and shield as well as tan horse back in stock on bricks and pieces!