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  1. MisteryMan

    (WIP Thread) Mistery's Misterious MOCs

    Generic Muscle Car ...And it's finished, now on to starting work on my TC18 entry. I'm not completely satisfied with the front grill area, or the sides of the roof. Features: V8 engine Steering via in-cabin steering wheel, or back HOG Opening doors, and storage compartment Fold-away chair to access the fire extinguisher Antenna for all your FM Radio needs! Some background on why the storage compartment is where the seat should be. I only have one of the panels I used for seating. Anyways, here are the pictures. Folding Chair Storage Compartment Bricksafe Folder:
  2. Glad to see the 49.5s allowed as well, I think they'll fit my entry idea a bit better. And yes, it is a car (I believe, not really any sort of a car guy, so I could be wrong)...
  3. MisteryMan

    (WIP Thread) Mistery's Misterious MOCs

    Built up some bodywork, almost done, not completely happy with how it's turned out, but I'm going for a much different bodywork style for my actual TC18 entry, so there isn't much to learn from trying to get this type to look better. Pictures:
  4. Thought I'd create a thread to just post WIPs of my MOCs, or neat mechanisms. Finished: Generic Muscle Car
  5. MisteryMan

    Generic Contest Discussion

    That was apparently done quite a few years ago, but I'd personally find it very interesting. But I think M_Longer, or BrickByBrickTechnic would win by miles.
  6. MisteryMan

    Generic Contest Discussion

    I think Erik had some good points, and since these contests would be different, and smaller/shorter, it would be interesting to try some contests that we wouldn't normally.
  7. MisteryMan

    Generic Contest Discussion

    What about something a bit broader? My thought was having to make something non-motorized, might not even need a size restriction, as the lack of a motor would limit that to an extent. I'm totally not biased because I don't have many small panels, flex axles, and wheels...
  8. Hi, I'm interested in BuWizz, and this statement even more so. By newsletter, do you mean the blog on the BuWizz website, or do you have an actual newsletter (and how can I subscribe)?
  9. MisteryMan

    [MOC] Road Grader

    Yeah, it was mostly an experiment in making a nice body, I'm not yet enough of mechanical genius to fit anything else into it, but I'm working on it. I'm basically trying to make MOCs to improve my weak spots in building, my TC17 entry was rather lacklustre, and frustrating to create, so I want to get better for the next TC, and for myself.
  10. MisteryMan

    [MOC] Road Grader

    After I finished my TC17 entry, I decided to try to better my building skills, and made this road grader. There isn't much to it, but I wanted the result to look nice, and for the functions to work. Functions: Straight Six engine powered by the 2 back axles Blade rotation, powered by the 36-tooth bevel gear in the wheel arch Steering, powered by the steering wheel in the cabin And here are the pictures. Bricksafe Gallery
  11. I got this set for Christmas, and decided to try to make an alternate model for it, and ended up with this cut-away looking model. Each section can be separated quite easily, and blocks can be placed almost anywhere easily, due to using jumper plats for most of the floor. There is also one little function; the bat can attach to a little sliding rail, demonstrated in the GIF. Bricksafe Gallery
  12. Congratulations to the winners, lots of amazing entries! I'll admit that my entry was rather weak, which was due to a combination of inexperience, causing several rebuilds, and just not actually making it fit the theme as well as it could. I've bought some new parts, and have been working on getting better at building, so hopefully I'll make a better looking entry for the next TC.
  13. MisteryMan

    [MOC] Extreme OffRoader

    Not OP, but yes, orange for the cabin and most of the hood, then white/grey/black for other areas.
  14. MisteryMan

    [HELP] Which PF elements should I buy?

    That's actually why I'm wanting to buy the motor now, before they get rare. When it comes to compactness, and power, Control+ just doesn't look that appealing compared to PF motors + BuWizz/SBrick, not to mention the fact that I have quite a few PF elements already. Only thing that I see Control+ has going for it is being "programmable" (which I have an NXT for), and motor shape for building.