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    42082 - Rough Terrain Crane

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  1. MisteryMan

    [WIP] CASE IH Steiger/Quadtrac Tractor

    Have you checked Bricks and Pieces? I got 4 rather cheap on there a month-or-so-ago.
  2. MisteryMan

    Sbrick vs Buwizz

    I don't believe you can set each port to a specific voltage/setting (i.e. slow, normal, fast, ludicrous), as it seems to be either they all get the power boost, or none at all. But you can hook them up to the BuWizz, and have them use it as a battery pack if you turn it on. And if you want to go faster, you can use the speed switch in your app to make all the ports go faster. And you can also run motors off the ports the SBricks are connected to, and control them independently from the SBrick, something to do with how BuWizz powers the motors through 2 of the 4 pins, and the SBrick uses the 2 pins that the BuWizz just passively lets power through - though that may mean server motors could go screwy. But I'm not sure on that last bit about the servo, as this is just what I've read from a lucky soul who had both a BuWizz, and an SBrick.
  3. MisteryMan

    What happened to Brickshelf?

    Seems to be back down again, can't even reach the main site (here in Canada at least).
  4. MisteryMan

    Sbrick vs Buwizz

    Just for the record, you can use a BuWizz as a battery box for SBricks, and still be able to also power power function components independently off the ports. I bought a BuWizz, and I will at some point buy an SBrick, or two, to raise the amounts of motors I can control to 8, or 12.
  5. MisteryMan

    How to get Lego Technic Pieces in Bulk?

    I'll second that, I actually started my collection with an NXT set, then got the Arocs, CLAAS, 9398 4x4 Crawler, and tracked loader over the years (next one is 42082, just waiting for it to be back in stock cheaply in Canada). I've just used Bricks and Pieces, and Bricklink to round out my collection, especially for larger quantities of rare parts, such as panels, and new gears, etc.
  6. MisteryMan

    How to get Lego Technic Pieces in Bulk?

    I think you have what I mentioned confused with LEGO's Pick-A-Brick, which has a very, very small selectin of technic parts. Bricks and Pieces has a pretty good selection, and prices are sometimes better, or worse than Bricklink. You also need to keep in mind that Bricks and Pieces has a flat shipping rate, and no minimum buy, whereas it seems sometimes that every bricklink store that has what I need has a minimum buy and/or shipping fee higher than what I want to buy, or more than what it comes to from Bricks and Pieces.
  7. MisteryMan

    How to get Lego Technic Pieces in Bulk?

    In addition to the suggestions here, be sure to also check out LEGO's Bricks and Pieces. It sometimes has better prices than Bricklink, has a low flat shipping rate (or free shipping, if your order enough $-worth of items on Lego.com to hit the free shipping threshold, Bricks and Pieces orders don't count). It's also a good spot to get pieces that are still in production, but have a larger price on Bricklink, due to no sets being made with them anymore, but LEGO still making the part. The only problem really is the "prep time" for them to put the order together, and the shipping time, depending on where you are (generally takes 3 weeks to get to me, in Canada once it ships out).
  8. MisteryMan

    42080 pneumatic pump

    The 42080 is actually the set that introduced the redesign of the pump base, so you should be good.
  9. MisteryMan

    BuWizz or SBrick?

    I personally got a buwizz, and I'll probably get an SBrick at some point to add more ports, for less cost, you actually get 8 ports in total with an SBrick + BuWizz; you can control a motor individually, and the SBrick gets power regardless of whether the BuWizz is sending power to it.
  10. MisteryMan

    Future Set Wishes and Speculation

    He did specify 5 axle, so that would be a crane like 42108, or 42009, not 42082.
  11. MisteryMan

    Future Set Wishes and Speculation

    I'd love to see some sort of backhoe, or tractor flagship, but non-RC. For the past 4 years, 3 had an RC flagship, and in one year the sub-flagship was also RC. I'd really like another fun to play with model like the arocs, and a backhoe, or tractor could lend itself very well to that.
  12. MisteryMan

    Future Set Wishes and Speculation

    Just FYI, you can use the Brickcontroller app to control many different LEGO RC solutions with android and a Gamepad, including IR (if your phone has an IR blaster), BuWizz, SBrick, and the Powered Up hubs. I bought a BuWizz 2.0, and I much prefer using Brickcontroller to play with my models, as I can get that tactile feel from being able to use a controller.
  13. Well, the 2x BuWizz I ordered arrived today, they were the ones on sale with "cosmetic blemishes", but they seem to look brand new. I'm currently charging them, and then I hope to test them in my 9398 Crawler, and a small MOC I made.
  14. Dissapointed about this myself, as they said something around April-ish about publishing the API soon. My thoughts on if/when they do, is one could even do some sort of robot by controlling it with an EV3 brick.
  15. They are going to be coming out with a Buggy-like motor apparently sometime this October, if all goes well.