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  1. 31. 8660 Arctic Rescue Redux Original set - 8660 "Arctic Rescue" Discussion Topic 8660 Arctic Rescue Redux Functions Original: 4 Wheel Steering with HOG and in-cabin steering Raising/Lowering Ramp operated by knob on side Snow Dozer that can be stored in the Artctic Rescue vehicle. Added: V4 Fake Engine under the hood driven by middle axle Pictures Comparison (As I don't own the original set, I used a photo from 8660's Technicopedia Entry) Various Photos
  2. When I heard about this contest, I decided to look through the older technic sets, and stumbled upon the arctic line. 8660 "Arctic Rescue" stood out to me, and so I've worked on this on-and-off for the past month or so. Functions 4 Wheel Steering, with steering wheel in cabin and HOG Raising and lowering of ramp via side knob Snow dozer that may be stored in the Arctic Rescue Vehicle. (Added) Fake V4 engine driven via the center set of wheels Since I don't exactly have snow on hand, with it being around 30 Degrees Celsius, I opted to find a shady muddy area, and I think it worked rather well. Pictures (Bricksafe Gallery) Comparison (I don't own the original, so the photo used is from the Technicopedia entry for 8660. Pictures of the model. All in all, it's the best I could do with my collection of parts while trying to stick to the original colour scheme. I had to do grey for the ramp so that I had enough white panels for the hood and roof. While it may not be the most perfect recreation, it was a fun challenge, and was nice to work on something simpler. I wish LEGO would revisit more unique vehicles like this. The B Model is also quite interesting, and I was tempted to recreate that, but decided on the A model to try to fit in the HOG and in-cabin steering.
  3. So long as it's available in your region, you can order parts of LEGO's Bricks and Pieces service (available in the same area as getting replacement parts). I think the beam with perpendicular pinholes was around $1 CAD on there when I bought some, definitely less than $2 USD.
  4. Hi, a friend and I have been thinking about getting BuWizz 3.0 after buying 2x BuWizz 2.0s last year, and we were wondering when/if a 2x pack will be available for order like BuWizz 2.0.
  5. Due to the scope of A, I'd go either B, or A, but limited to vehicles (including spacecraft, and the like).
  6. Thanks, I'll have to keep that in mind with my next model. And I've been having problems even in normal - forget fast, or ludicrous - they just aren't speeds I would try using seriously on this type of model. Speaking of 2.0, I'm eyeing up 3.0. The PU support looks rather tempting for MOCs as PF usage grows lower - I already have a friend waiting on one, because he couldn't get a servo motor before they sold out, and then it wasn't worth spending about $50 CAD on one on BL, when he could just wait to get a BW 3.0, and have a motor that wouldn't only function as a servo - but as a drive motor as well.
  7. Crawler tractors, container haulers, backhoes, the possibilities are endless!
  8. Wow, this looks amazing! I finally got an order of parts I made a week ago, and have been having fun working on a truck in this scale; not as complicated as something in the arocs scale, and easier to prototype, or change while building. I also noticed you just have the L motor hooked straight up to the axles, without any reductions. How do you keep it from going to fast, and skipping gears? I have a BuWizz myself, and feel like I have to gear my MOCs down by 2, or 3 stages to get it to a point where it will drive without skipping horribly.
  9. You can have your LEGO any colour you like - so long as it's black.
  10. As long as the price is right, it looks like an interesting parts pack potentially to me. If it really does have CLAAS tires sized for the medium rim, then it opens up proper-looking tractors, backhoes, and a nice scale for offroad vehicles, skidders, and other such things.
  11. Man. That's a nice looking Quadtrac! I do love interesting looking tracked vehicles, and this sure is interesting!
  12. Would someone mind "not" letting me know where to find the leaked pics in a DM (not the thread)?
  13. I ended up getting a replacement. As my fix did stop working. Found that out while building my Arocs, and was almost finished ...
  14. Just saw this, and it speaks to me. I love machines designed for snow, especially plows (currently trying to get up the motivation to finish the cab on my plow truck). And snow is nice for outdoor models; once you're done, take it inside, put it by the wood stove, or heater, and let it drip-dry. :) It's definitely giving me some inspiration for future MOCs...