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  1. Thoughts on The Last Jedi Sets

    I don't mind any of the vehicles, but I find the Lego incarnations over priced and too "studdy". It looks like a directive came from head office to have more visible studs so where there could be smooth surfaces that would add to the realism (without loosing all studs that identify sets as Lego) they just put regular plates. The gorrilla walker is particularly aflicted. I guess that opens them up to modification, but it's a bit annoying. That plus the prices has put me off so far.
  2. It's insane, people are mad!
  3. 1 VIP point is worth 5p here in the UK, so on a £650 set, the VIP points are worth £32.50. during a double VIP points event that's £65 and when triple points are in effect that's £97.50 ! Just wait people! The clamor to buy it will die down, and if you don't intend to build it immediately, what's there to loose? The only people who NEED this set ASAP are the scalpers who are profiting from the lack of availability right now.
  4. There most definitely should have been a limit of 1. NOBODY but scalpers need more than 1 on day one. They should also have some sort of pre-order system to prevent this mad rush and instant sell out. I realise that Lego has sold out of all its initial production (or release, I suspect they're holding more back for october 1st) but at least it would have prevented the website crash, and the unhappy potential customers.
  5. I'm gonna wait for double or triple VIP points, at that price they start having serious value, and I don't have anywhere to put a built Falcon until I've made some kind of mega-shelf!
  6. LEGO Star Wars 2017 Pictures and Rumors

    Absolutely, any secondary market values are of no concern to Lego, so their goal is shift as many Falcons as possible, it makes no sense to alienate potential buyers by making a limited run. They want to make as many sets as people want.
  7. Lego is undoubtedly a good investment, but when there is a likely shortage of a new and very much anticipated set, with the high probability that many will go without as Lego try to keep up with demand, you can imagine that someone saying they're going to buy 5 might just rub people the wrong way. One persons good investment is anothers over priced discontinued set. Most toys decrease in value for years and decades before rarity and desirability drives their value up. Lego is very much the exception and part of it is down to scalpers. That's why your statement might have annoyed people. There's no law against buying as many sets as you want, but if you ever buy an old discontinued set at greater than retail value, you have to accept that you are part of the reason why.
  8. Same here, mine's solid as a rock over a year later.
  9. [MOC] Hyperdrive ring for UCS 10215

    It's sooo round! Nice work!
  10. Yeah I know, it's gonna take me a few hours to sort out the pics and figure out which ones went where, and I've been too busy with work lately. I will get to it eventually! Sorry for the delay, if you'd like to direct your complaints to the Megablocks at Photobucket......
  11. UCS 10179 Falcon wall mounted

    Did you ever paint the wall to look like a star destroyer?
  12. All those bemoaning the price, just remember the minute this thing goes out of production in (hopefully) a few years, even if you opened the box and built it, it'll most likely be worth more than you paid for it. Look at it as a long term savings account. Money in Lego is more profitable than in gold right now.
  13. Oh no, another T65 x-wing!

    I hadn't seen his X-wing until you mentioned it, it looks great! The shaping and scale is much better. I'm honestly surprised there haven't been more UCS scale X-wing MOCs, it's such an iconic ship, but almost all MOCs seem to be minifig scale. Thanks for the kind words, I've made some more improvements to it, and added some landing gear to it so it can sit on a shelf without the stand. will post pics up when I have time to take some!
  14. LEGO Star Wars 2017 Pictures and Rumors

    From TLG's point of view, they want to sell as many of these as possible, so limiting production long term makes no sense. I would imagine there is an initial production run and depending on how quickly it sells out, they'll do more. I don't think anyone who wants one will go without, it'll be available for years, but not everyone who wants one on day one is going to happy. Just play the long game, use VIP points offers, and we'll all get one!
  15. UCS Imperial Shuttle (2010) Sticker Easter Egg

    They should start slagging off Lepin in the stickers, see if they straight copy those too!