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  1. tismabrick

    The thing about Happy Thoughts

    Too bad the images of this “thing” disappeared.
  2. Some sort of difficult rating would be helpful.
  3. You could also try Bricklink or directly order from Lego.
  4. tismabrick

    [MOC] Galaxy Explorer SDR-926

    What an incredible cool spaceship!
  5. tismabrick

    AFOL Passion Survey

    Too bad it‘s already closed. Just stumbled over this.
  6. That‘s a really nice GBC module. I guess I‘m gonna buy the instructions. Edit: Just bought it.
  7. Now I remember, it was the version of @dunes I built.
  8. I built this module. At first with the instruction provided here. But on an exhibition it stoped working due to too much friction. @dunes then posted a solution with two L motors. I modified mine in that way and it works flawlessly since then.
  9. @roeltheworldI‘m unable to download the file with the link you provided. It just shows the start page of the hoster.
  10. Cool. Are there instructions of it?
  11. tismabrick

    75192 - UCS Millennium Falcon 2017 MOD/MOC

    The fact that “This means that bricks will be bent and put under strong forces. Just be aware of that. Bricks might break” worries me the most.
  12. No Bluetooth, just an ordinary battery box with two switches.
  13. Too bad @Berthil, it really looked amazing.
  14. tismabrick

    MOC ninjago the movie LLOYD mecha

    Looks pretty cool. But you should definitely change the color of the image so it’s clear that it’s sand green and not azure. Do you have some more images?