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  1. Dranac

    [MOC] Nebulon-b Escort Frigate

    I love it !
  2. Red pieces and lime pieces can be replaced by any colors.
  3. For those who want the part list, you'll can find it here : https://rebrickable.com/build/set/MOC-39979/
  4. I'm wainting for a validation of the moc on rebrickable (don't seems to come ?). And I don't know where to upload permanently the part list. Meanwhile, I can email you the part list.
  5. Nebulon-B Medical Frigate by Dranac feat. Onecase (photo by Onecase) Hello every one. A few years ago, I revealed my UCS Nebulon-B frigate. It is now time to update this post, with new photos... new version and new instructions. It is now the the sixth version (v6) and I think it will be the very last. Because, Onecase (one of the best star wars mocer), added some welcome details, I decided to add some of these improvements to my Nebulon-B (with his kind authorization), I also rebuilt some parts of the frigate, for better resistance, optimization and better rendering. Because I'm not a very good photographer, I asked him if I could add to my photos some of his. He accepted and I thank him. I also decided to fully remake the instructions (PDF). It is a very nice and clear version, accessible to everyone. The instructions + part list are still on sale. This new version is made of 4585 parts (the v5 was made of 4200 pieces), but keep the same proportions : 85 cm long This moc is still as strong as before (you can move it with one hand without any risk), as stable as before and still 100 % modular (you can disassemble it easily to show it in any convention ! ^_^) Enjoy ! Nebulon-B Medical Frigate by Dranac feat. Onecase (photo by Onecase) Nebulon-B Medical Frigate by Dranac feat. Onecase (photo by Onecase)
  6. I'm finishing new version of the frigate and new instructions.
  7. Yes I read I come back to you soon
  8. I'll reupoad in few weeks.
  9. Hello, message sent. And yes, there is a part list in the istructions and an inventory (.docx) directly downloadable into bricklink) regards
  10. GAC

    Hi I have sent you a private message regarding your instructions for the Neb_B. Do you offer these for purchase?


  11. hello, just send me private message.
  12. Thank you very much !
  13. I sent you mp days ago. :)
  14. private message sent.