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  1. That's a new year's present, the updated parts list and instructions! Thanks very much buddy!!
  2. Fantastic job, instantly recognizable!! Well done Artemy! And the last color swaps are eye candies, already have 10 mocs in orange so it would be great if we can built it in another color combo (even if we have to buy a few knockoff parts for their color).
  3. That's today best news!! Happy shopping. :)
  4. I prefer original ones (even though aren't transparent) because they do these two little corners in each ligt instead of yours that are completely round.
  5. Bump, any luck to find the instructions and parts list for us that willing to build it in Lego form?
  6. Count me in for Skyline's instructions. Yesterday ordered another 1000 pieces from Bricklink for the NSX and now I'm only 200 pieces away from building it.
  7. @Gray Gear it's no problem if we have to buy some parts outside Lego. I'm on 59% parts for your Honda NSX. Already have bought the ~20 pieces needed from Aliexpress in the correct colours. In 4000+ pieces model if we buy 20 of them non-Lego is no problem for me. My next project would like be the RX7. It's so nice but there is a big problem for this. And it's not other than very expensive parts. It's only 800€ for the parts plus shipping fees would easily top 900+€.
  8. Very nice proportions and creation in general. Are you going to release the instructions on Rebrickable?
  9. vded

    42115 - Lamborghini Sian FKP 37

    Hello guys, do we have any update if the lime pieces have been corrected by Lego itself for the set sold directly from Lego.com? If yes, which date these issues have been overcomed so we know if we buy the set from Amazon or eBay?
  10. Wish we could build this masterpiece in Lego form! Great job one more time Bruno, the P1 needs Pista's company. ;) Lorenzo (or anyone else who had built it in Lego), is it possilbe to make it without motors as a static model only?
  11. vded

    Remake Edition of Laferrari

    Oh I see, thanks for the heads-up Bruno.
  12. vded

    Remake Edition of Laferrari

    Any info where we can find these wheels that are like the OEM's? I've built T-Lego's LaFerrari and these wheels match 100%.
  13. vded

    [MOC] Pagani Zonda R

    I'm drooling!! Have you consider selling the instructions on Rebrickable?
  14. vded

    Ferrari F40

    Hah, and I'm already at 99% of the parts, maybe I should wait a little bit before proceed with the build? :)