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  1. Please send PM. I have one for white / dark blue if you want... BR
  2. Here my gallery of hopefully high resolution Pics and the original one which I used for my design... seems it does not work at the moment work with flickr
  3. Dark Blue is a very nice choice, but not possible with original lego parts. Panels could be OK, but connectors and Soft axle not available.
  4. Ok thx. Give me some time and I will be able to provide some high quaility Pics if the community does not mind of too much picture Spam ;) Yeah, the color combo are the ones I like the most for the real cars. And as fact, not so much people have these cars in this colors :) Cheers Question: is it allowed to Upload the rebrickable partlist here in the Forum?
  5. Here comes my White Italian Supercar in White/Dark Blue made from Lego.... still not finished (right Seat missing) and open for additional mods. Together with some of my further Line up... The Ford is still in operation... Dark Azure is sometimes a Killer in part availability. I must confess it is so much more better espacially against the lambo.. however, the quantity of all warm words for Bruno's work, what should i add :) Grüße aus Osnabrück seems I am only allowed of 0.1 MB - so here a look of all cars...
  6. ... you are all right in almost all Points. However, I enjoy to MoD the best MoCs to my own like and I think it is not possible to get bricks and pieces from other Brands.
  7. Hello, I am building a white Lego Manual one with dark blue stripes. I have a rebrickable partlist which i can offer but i fear it is not completly right. I had so far no time to update the List during build. There are also some extra parts for breaks in different color and the interior is somehow Medium blue. If you want, you can use it as a starter :) Some parts are not neccasary even if they are in the list. Cada alternating beam is not mandatory. Also the additional mods from the posts here are not included. If you Plan to buy the lego parts from the scratch, be aware it is a quite expensive journey to start. However, Brunos builds are outstanding... I modified his mclaren into Gulf Oil Livery Design and love it. The italian supercar is in fact even one step ahead.