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    Opinion on Status of SBrick

    I still feel my creations are purist, because the SBrick allows better controls, and more from one unit. But the pieces you use to make the creations are exactly the same, just easier to bring to life. But I still like the challenge of doing so with the standard Lego IR controller.
  2. Billant

    Mounting AAA battery box

    @therize I do because of the huge difference in weight. @Chade that's perfect didn't even consider it! Thanks!
  3. What's a good way of mounting a AAA battery box to a vehicle for example? I'm modifying a 42037 and this is my first ever attempt at an RC vehicle.
  4. Billant

    [MT] Baja-Boot desert racer

    Wow nice job that's true to real life!
  5. Billant

    Zero's workshop

    Looks awesome ZBLJ
  6. Just put your diff together it's so smooth, very impressive.
  7. Billant

    Your Best Technic Bargains

    Lego 9398 for $140 au (€93)
  8. Billant

    Basic MOC techniques

    I'm in the same boat I feel way out of my league seeing all the great MOCs on here, I really wanted to make an off-road Rc buggy, bought 42028 and 42037 and built them to understand how they worked and tried from there, getting there now :)
  9. Billant

    4x4 Super Crawler

    Awesome job, looks the part too!
  10. Billant

    [MOC] RC Grass Hopper Buggy

    Wow that's quick. Shame those Rc motors have such a price tag.
  11. Billant

    What set's to buy for parts?

    I just got 42029 for under $50au was a fantastic donor set
  12. Billant

    Storage and Sorting LEGO

    My technic is sorted by Beams and bricks Small pieces such as connectors Bushes and pins Axels Rc and battery boxes, And old motors/wind up motors Way to much space needed to do by size and colour