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  1. Lego_Nerd98

    [M - B09] Energy manipulation experiment

    allegedly.....but who knows?
  2. Lego_Nerd98

    [O-H07] Not on Vacation

    Awesome mini-scape!
  3. Lego_Nerd98

    [A - F09] Reindeer Games

    So....there is a secret fleet of giant reindeer being built at the north pole.....WE'RE ALL GOING TO DIE!
  4. Lego_Nerd98

    [M - B09] Energy manipulation experiment

    Nice mini-builds! Since it was sent behind enemy lines, it kinda needs its defense installed pretty soon!
  5. Lego_Nerd98

    [O - H07][WEEK30] All I want for Christmas

    lol you have way too much free time xD
  6. Lego_Nerd98

    [O - G03] And I'll form the head!

    When all the nuts fire at the same time, the power is channelled through the Shaft and Head, and is fired out the Head's main cannon!
  7. Lego_Nerd98

    [Freebuild] Arriving in Andromeda with style!

    Those commercial pics are awesome! I must have one! If only I could spend more time on leisure and less on Octan Engineering :/
  8. Lego_Nerd98

    [M-C06] Captain Pangolinus and the Pods

    Nice! I like the wood work!
  9. Lego_Nerd98

    [K-E11] Out of office

    Lol nice job! I like the rough floor pattern.
  10. Lego_Nerd98

    [M - C06] A Jolly Good Batty-Fang in the Bamboo

    Nice job! Love the tank :)
  11. Lego_Nerd98

    [MOC] Experimental Subjet n°O7

    Nice lighting, awesome details, great story! Keep it up :)
  12. Lego_Nerd98

    [MOC] Micro Starcrusier

    Really cool! I love how bionicle/hero factory weapons make great ship detailing :)
  13. Lego_Nerd98

    [O - I06] If Only In My Dreams

    lol pombe Nice lighting work, Goat. Sad day for Hannibal :/
  14. Lego_Nerd98

    [O-F04] Planetary Base

    Thanks :)