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  1. BrickSash

    MOC Robotech/ Macross VF-1a/s Battroid mode

    Thank you! I would consider selling instructions if there is enough interest. It would help to fill that giant hole that the SDF-1 burned into my wallet.
  2. BrickSash

    MOC Robotech/ Macross VF-1a/s Battroid mode

    Thank you! Yes, I already ordered the bricks needed for both battroids.
  3. I wanted something to display with my SDF-1 MOC, what would the Macross be without her squadron of variable fighters. Well in my case they are not very "variable", I didn't build them to be transformable. I just wanted them to be in battroid mode. As always the MOCs have been built in LDD, unfortunately I don't have the necessary amount of bricks to just go ahead and prototype. Brick count is 1051 including the gun pod. Note: I had to link to the images from the FB page, for some reason the upload feature didn't work for me.
  4. BrickSash

    Lego Macross SDF-1

    Thank you ! Thanks ! It's definitely heavier than the 10179 Millennium Falcon. My estimate is around 15kg. As for the cost, I bought the bricks over a span of 1 year, I didn't really keep track. I most likely went beyond the 2000$ mark. That includes everything, the stands and the 2 carriers that are not in the pictures. I have to say though that I only went for brand new bricks. The technic parts for the inner frame drove the cost up.
  5. BrickSash

    Lego Macross SDF-1

    Back in December 2015 I posted a Lego Digital Designer WIP of my Macross SDF-1. It's been 12 months since then and the build is no longer just digital. Along the way I made a number of changes, including some improvements to the structural integrity. Around 9000 bricks have been used for the SDF-1 itself. Additional 2000 bricks for both carriers, which are not in the pictures. I opted to make the build not transformable. I wanted something sturdy that can be picked up and moved if necessary, not something flimsy that would collapse under it's own weight. Total length of the build is 1.1 meters or around 43 inches.
  6. BrickSash

    [MOC] WIP LDD Macross SDF-1

    It's been a while since I've updated my post here on Eurobricks. I'm still here and working on the SDF-1. I'm hoping to finish this MOC by the end of the year, I'm still around 3000 bricks short. I made some changes along the way, the most significant changes were made where the main hull connects to the legs / thruster segment to support the weight. I'm happy that it turned out to be quite sturdy. I had to replace 1-2 elements, who would have thought that dbg macaroni bricks cost 5$ a piece ?! I wasn't going to spend 200$ for 40 pcs, so I went for dbg modified facet pieces as replacement. Unfortunately there is a 100kb limit for attachments, and image linking doesn't seem to be working for me. You can find more pictures on the FB page at
  7. BrickSash

    [MOC] WIP LDD Macross SDF-1

    Thanks, can't wait either. You're right, it is going to be huge. The lbg flat round tile is just a place holder, I'll replace it with tan or yellow eventually.
  8. BrickSash

    [MOC] WIP LDD Macross SDF-1

    Here is the latest update
  9. BrickSash

    [MOC] WIP LDD Macross SDF-1

    Hi guys, here is the latest progress of the SDF-1. I have created a Facebook page which I keep up to date.
  10. While sorting I found a number of cheese slopes and 2x4 bricks that had cracks in them. The 2x4 bricks (lbg) have been stacked together since November of last year (2014), they were leftovers from a PAB order. 4 out of the 10 bricks that were stacked together had cracks in them.
  11. BrickSash

    [MOC] Millennium Falcon - Still the coolest spaceship!

    Congratulations ! This is the best LEGO Millennium Falcon I've seen so far. I love the details, and the fact that even the bottom of the set looks incredible. I hope we get to see more pictures, front view etc. Impressive !
  12. In regards to a new UCS Falcon in 2016, I guess I'll believe it when I see it. Either way, this time around I'll make sure that I'll buy at least two, after missing the release of the 10179. I have to agree with Daphatty, bricklinking the UCS Falcon was quite an experience. After month of waiting and brick hunting, it felt very rewarding once I had the Millennium Falcon completed. It felt like an accomplishment, a feeling that I don't get when I walk into a store and buy a set and walk out. But that said, bricklinking the 10179 can be a quite an expensive endeavor and it's up to everyone's own opinion to decide if it's worth it or not. The 10179 has its flaws, just like any other set. But the beauty about Lego is that you're not stuck with these flaws, you have the ability to improve the set. In my case, not a single day have I regretted bricklinking the 10179, in my eyes it's an impressive set. You'll have people giving you pros and cons, but at the end you'll be the one spending the money on it. You have to make up your own mind.
  13. I'm really looking forward to that day. I've been wanting to make the front hull panels rounder.
  14. Thanks. I always thought that the original ramp looked unfinished. Adding inverted tiles is a quick mod.
  15. Thank you ! Yours though is the best modified Falcon I've seen so far. I hope we'll get to see how you pulled off the front hull modifications and mandibles one day. I was drooling over your lxf files and I'm looking forward to integrate those engine flaps and the hull modification. Anyway, I'm sorry to hear that the mandibles on your Falcon are drooping as well. Nothing I came up with was providing enough support to make a difference. Thank you ! Congratulations on your MF as well.. I know it's quite an achievement. It was really tough having to wait that long, but at the end it all paid off. The SSD was the second set I bought, it retired shortly after. I regret that I missed the ISD, and of course I wish I could have bought a retail 10179, but I was 6 years too late Should they ever reissue the 10179 or release a redesigned UCS Falcon I'll make sure that I'll buy two ! Update: I just put my Falcon back together. I was one power function light short which was supposed to be for the cockpit and ramp. I'll get back to it after new year.