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  1. OphidianLord

    Ancient Rome Decals

    Thanks for the assist MAB.
  2. OphidianLord

    Ancient Rome Decals

    Thanks for the share. The cape version is awesome... Now I just need to figure out how to print it...
  3. OphidianLord

    LEGO Sci-Fi 2017 Pictures and Rumors

  4. OphidianLord

    [MOC] Bla.K:Tron Exterminator

    Wow!!! Amazing mate, please continue the good work
  5. OphidianLord

    PM2X Explorer

    WOW... Very cool build. Congrats
  6. OphidianLord

    Blacktron Boval Speeder

    Thanks for the share.
  7. OphidianLord

    What is the story behind your profile picture?

    Mine is a character I have made for Nexo Knights Academy.
  8. OphidianLord

    Compatible Minifigures Discussion.

    I am not a purist, but due to my actual finantial sitiation I've been more and more fan of this others Chinese brands... And I really love this Enlighten Minifigures Series the only downside for me is that I just cannot find individual figures. And I wont aquire a set just for one or two figures.
  9. OphidianLord

    Napoleonic Military Minifigs & More

    Thanks for this, I really enjoyed your creations, but your Bluecoat rulled. Loved their detail, and the Blue hats. Keep up the good work, i am looking forward for more.