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  1. ToaIruini

    Which is the best CMF Series? Final Four

    Series 12 personally, but both 6 and 15 are amazing series. Surprised to see 5 in there, would have voted for Series 11 without a doubt. Will these be in a complete order by the end?
  2. ToaIruini

    Which is the best CMF Series? Final Four

    Oh come on, the Ninjago movie series was far from bad and contained a couple useful figs for city parts and were great for Ninjago. I particularly adore the Npop girl but the sushi maker, rocker, and jay were good minifigures and the quality is there.
  3. Sports series likely means I can’t get it but I’d be glad to see new and interesting minifigs regardless
  4. This would be the perfect opportunity for my dream minifigure - a sousaphone player. Still bummed that the prices could go up, especially as someone who doesn’t have lego as a primary focus.
  5. ToaIruini

    Which is the best CMF Series? Final Four

    My heart says 11 and it’s what I picked, but 10 is the only series there I don’t particularly care for. I say, it will get harder now.
  6. ToaIruini

    Which is the best CMF Series? Final Four

    It was tough between 9 and 12 and while 9 was a great series all around 12 had more that personally cooler for me.
  7. Costume party Series 2, anyone?
  8. hp series 2 isn’t the worst possible new license cause at least the figures are detailed and I’ll be happy this time if they include more obscure characters rather than variants of the protagonists. Still bummed we can’t get 2 regular series; I wonder why I got my hopes up
  9. ToaIruini

    Ideas for CMFs

    Lady Liberty and Royal Guard were part of regular series so I don’t see why not.
  10. ToaIruini

    LEGO Ideas Discussion

    Holy hell I didn’t know I needed that until now.
  11. ToaIruini

    Ideas for CMFs

    Btw, any word on what the series the banjo player will be in? I love the musical instruments in lego minifigures
  12. ToaIruini

    Ideas for CMFs

    Another amazing series @Robert8! I like the degree of work put into the Expectant Mother, and the clever use of parts, for example the flamingo as topiary, medium legs, and the jouster’s horse as a trophy My favorites are Uncle Sam, alien invader, steampunk adventurer, mother, prince, and ninja girl The mobster is particularly creative, and the alien invader uses already done ideas but makes it something new. Glad to see the chess pieces being continued as well. Im so glad you will continue to make these for a while, as they are very inspiring and reflect what I think many of us want out of Lego. I for one would love to add the landscaper, Sam, and mother to my city and the alien invader and steampunk adventurer I’d get plenty of.
  13. ToaIruini

    Which is the best CMF Series? Final Four

    Series 6, where’s even the question
  14. ToaIruini

    Ideas for CMFs

    These look great so far! Especially the expecting mother And I would really kill for a tile of the Vitruvian Man
  15. My completionist instinct is listening. I could reaaaaaaallly use a remade Mr. Gold as long as it’s official.