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  1. Most Americans don’t even know what rugby is But what’ll do this fig for me is some good prints, hopefully good arm and leg prints and back or something. A rugby player isn’t super interesting on its own but I have confidence they can pull it off
  2. ToaIruini

    Ideas for CMFs

    I would certainly welcome that as well
  3. ToaIruini

    Ideas for CMFs

    So almost like a minifigure based off Lara Croft? I would love to see something like that. But I'm still holding out for a Sousaphone Player, whether in this ideas thread or an actual figure (one can dream, right?)
  4. ToaIruini

    [REVIEW] 75945 - Expecto Patronum

    Great Review! This is one of the summer sets I'm looking forward to most. The new stag is what sold me but then I saw the Sirius fig... instant buy. The real downside for me is tree backs but it's not that bad. For such a compelling part of the movies I'm surprised they didn't make a set like this sooner, I suppose it'll sell very well
  5. Could that really work? If they do actually make a pizza suit guy I would predict they’d make a new piece entirely. The watermelon suit doesn’t make sense as a pizza other than shape And besides even though some of these figures have been made before or recently I am not upset with getting new prints especially in the cmf quality. But like others I’m hesitant to believe it mainly as they seem like generic guesses. The silver packaging detail might simply be because next year is 10th year of cmf and silver comes before gold.
  6. Yes and I am still finding new threads and even for themes I don't have plans of building soon.
  7. Ok, that makes sense that they'll save it for Series 20 (hopefully not Mrs. Gold ). I'm glad that so far this series seems to be perfectly normal the way I like it. And if what's mentioned above is true then I certainly won't be disappointed as I tend to like City figs. Thank You! I will probably hang around these Minifigure threads as that's my main interest right now until I save up to do more.
  8. ToaIruini

    Ideas for CMFs

    Hello Robert8, I occasionally checked this thread but recently made an account. This thread is probably the only thing reviving my interest in non-licensed cmfs as they are very few nowadays. I just want to say that all of your ideas are amazing and well-done and have an extra layer of creativity and lighthearted that make them stand out. I collect minifigures and have spent a great deal of time thinking of possibilities and so it's cool to see some ideas I've thought of before come to life in this thread with your spin and also see figures I never would even considered. These ideas for cmfs are a highlight for me and I would certainly buy all of them My favorite designs for all series include the Castaway, Ghost Boy, Homebound Man, Piñata Boy, Clocktower Guy, Alchemist, Samba Dancer, Ghost Bride, Ocean Warrior, Little Witch, Pirate Empress, Undertaker, Bartender, Unikitty Cosplayer, Circus Acrobat, Adventurer, Snowman, Showertime Guy, Venusian, and Giant... But of course the list goes on and on and I can appreciate the time you spend on each of the designs. I wish I could list more but these are the ones that really standout to me. One minifigure I would like to see made is a tuba player, with a big sousaphone. Hopefully this isn't too flattering but good designs need recognition and I hope this thread will remain relevant for a long time.
  9. I am sorry if I missed anything but has it been ruled out that TLG is doing something special for this series? Think like a highwayman sort of thing or maybe something else entirely. I'm just wondering if there's a reason nothing has been heard about this series.
  10. Hello and I am Nathan, a collector of CMFs but mainly non-licensed ones. I always wanted to have an account but unfortunately Lego hasn't been able to be my priority recently. Hopefully that can change because one day I'd love to build a small picturesque town, with no shortage of figs whatsoever! In my childhood lego was go to, and eventually I found an affinity for Bionicle. When I first started my post-secondary school I couldn't really afford or make anything new anymore but the goal is that in the future I'll start MOCing again. My biggest interests are collecting CMF, City, and adventure themes. I'm happy to learn more about the community for now even if I don't have much to show. Lego has remained one of my interests over many years.