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  1. I’ve always wanted figure just like this! The sousaphone would be a great accessory, and the figure could be reused for a whole marching band! Although, the sousaphone instrument prevents the musicians from wearing a standard shako hat, so they usually wear a beret instead. Ideally, the figure would include both pieces.
  2. Not a fan of this trend of including boring minifigures with exciting accessories. The last five or so series have a figure in this category: awesome new element, but a distinct lack of detail. The boy with piñata and girl with foal come to mind immediately.
  3. Newsboy and Orc look great, I’m very pleased with them. I love the Gundam Robot. The colors look nice and the helmet works. Otherwise, everything looks good. Looking to forward to seeing the reviews for the alternate face prints and other details.
  4. I always thought the costume is series 5 was supposed to be a t-Rex, not a lizard. Nevertheless, I supposed it’s okay to get one now.
  5. I am interested in seeing the Newsboy, Orc, Space Warrior, and French Lady. I hope the Newsboy is good. I think I am unreasonably excited for purple bags. This seems like it could be a great series. The pictures will sell it though.
  6. Hi @Robert8 I was not expecting to see a new cmf series ! Not soon, not even at all! I’m ashamed it took me so long, I’m not on the forum much nowadays… Thank you for designing so many great figures. 30 is quite a few and each one is full of details. I don’t follow Batman history or the animated series, so I don’t have the background to know who most of these characters are. But what can say is, your design manage to give each of these characters so much life and personality, it makes want to research each and every one of them. It’s remarkable that can make me want to collect these figures in spite of my unfamiliarity. Additionally, it’s neat to see some assets reused from your ideas for cmfs, as well as many new accessories. Thank you for returning and blessing us with these drawings! Stay well! Now, I have some research to do.
  7. ToaIruini

    Ideas for CMFs

    Hello @Dorayaki, I apologize for not commenting on your custom series sooner. I adore Robert8’s Ideas for CMFs, but I also enjoy everyone else’s ideas too! Thank you for taking the time to illustrate some figures. I would like to share my thoughts on them now. Tyrant: Looks great! I would love a counterpart to the Series 13 king, and I think the execution and detail is great on this one! Bubble Tea Costume: This is a fun costume fig! It’s very creative how the glass goes over the head, and with the start in the back. The beanie is a great touch too! Kabob Chef: I love this! I think the cloth skirt is a good addition, and I like the facial expression. Bowler: This is a great sports figure for the series. I like how colorful it is, and the accessories are very genereous; I can appreciate that. Mannequin: I always felt like a mannequin could be a great City figure. The usage of a scarf and handbag means that it could be reused for other clothing items, plus the stand as replacement for legs is fun too (I always imagined a minifig being more humanoid, but I think your interpretation is better). Florist: The faceprint is adorable, and the sunflower is a must have! The detail on the plaid shirt is great too. Green Man: I wasn’t familiar with this idea, but that’s what I love about these custom series, is that I can learn about new things. Great work! Galaxy Diva: LOVE IT. This is the kind of out-there and extravagant figure I wish could be in the official sets again. It reminds of the Rocker Monster from Series 14. Wonderful execution, and the mic stand is a nice touch. Naturalist: This is based off of Carl Sagan, I believe. It looks perfect, but I think I’d like to see a more neutral faceprint, maybe as an alternate? Sassy Dwarf: This is an idea I would have never thought of. But I quite like it - it’s cool to see your take on a female dwarf fig. War Nurse: This has been requested so many times, it feels like one of the few ‘missing’ figures from the cmf line. Overall, I think your take is well done. Mergirl: This is a great idea for a figure! A couple thoughts though: Would she be able to stand on studs? And what’s the tutu inspired from? Lastly, would the new jellyfish be one piece, or the old one with a new lower half? Merlion: The headpiece would look amazing in real life. The water spout is also cool, and I think there’s some fun uses for it. Capricorn: I have no connection to Capricorn, but I think this is a very detailed minifigure. Tengu: Another great idea here: The new headpiece and faceprint looks great, as well as the torso print. Lucky Cat: This makes me think how cool it would be to have a set based around the lucky matsuri festival. This figure is perfect. Wudan: This idea is a great opportunity to showcase many aspects of a well done figure. It’s one I think needs to be seen in person, with the amount of detail required. Great work capturing it. General Frost: Definitely a standout figure for me! The icy beard is wonderful, and the trans-blue rifle is creative and effective. I love the ushanka hat, and the torso print from what is visible. Thunderbird: It seems so obvious seeing it already made like this. I would be skeptical otherwise, but I think you captured the spirit of this one perfectly. Robotic Housekeeper: THIS!!!! I’ve put an idea like this on all of my wishlists, but I had yet to see someone else who also likes it. A futuristic cleaning robot in a maid’s outfit. Absolutely marvelous. Thanks for including it! I love all the details - the broom, headpiece (and print!), the adorable robot cat, the torso print. Bravo. Aries: This one is a bit intense on my eyes. But nevertheless, I still think it’s a great design. The hairpiece looks amazing. Overall, a great series! I love to see these great ideas for CMFs come to life, and you have managed to keep the same energy I love from Robert8’s series. My favorites are the especially Robotic Maid, but also the Tyrant, Mannequin, Alien Diva, Wudan, and General Frost. Thank you for sharing
  8. Microscale EPCOT World Showcase would be neat too. I don't think it's what they would go with, but I'd love it.
  9. Advent Calendar Collector from Advent Calendar Series 2 !
  10. I feel the ship captain is wasted potential being so similar to the Series 10 captain. Still, I’m interested to see the complete torso printing. Im surprised how much I like the robot, probably one of better ones in this series.
  11. ToaIruini

    Ideas for CMFs

    Well... let’s see how they stack up compared to yours
  12. ToaIruini

    Ideas for CMFs

    Hello @Robert8, What a nice concluding series! I have left you a direct message where I go over my thoughts about your entire project, but in this post I’ll share just what I think about Series Z. All in all, I thin the last series is great and it makes me happy that some ideas have made it in. Dollmaker: Wonderfully creepy! The attention to detail is great, and I love the parts usage! Very recognizable and collectable figure. Thor: I was looking forward to seeing this figure, and it doesn’t disappoint! The gold is a great touch and the lightning bolts are an interesting idea. Phantom Thief: I never thought you’d design a minifigure like this! How marvelous! You executed it perfectly, and I love the accessories such as the new hat, the calling card, and rare egg. Me and my roommate recently played through Persona 4 and Persona 5, so this was a nice surprise. Fireman: This idea showcases exactly why city figures can be very valuable in your hands, because a figure that’s usually bland in City, can be made very interesting and detailed when drawn by you. Well done! Scientist Man: I like that this one remains simple. It just does everything it needs to do. Lunch Lady: A creative city figure I didn’t know I needed. You have really captured the spirit of a lunch lady here, great job! Cyberpunk Guy: Probably my favorite of this series! The colors just pop out, and I could look at it for ages and there’s still more I didn’t notice. This makes me really want an official Cyberpunk line! Thanks for keeping an exceptional level off quality all the way through!
  13. ToaIruini

    Ideas for CMFs

    Ha, you and me both! My first post on this site was a comment to Series O.
  14. It’s a very good looking piece ! I do hope it gets used in a detailed cmf.
  15. ToaIruini

    Ideas for CMFs

    That Cecelia