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  1. It could be a manufacturing error. Although it may be coincidence that this leaker obtained a defect fig, it might be worrying about the potential of more mishaps. Well wait to see once we get them ourselves, if all figures are like this and if errors are more frequent this set.
  2. ToaIruini

    Ideas for a CMFs

    And we certainly want all of them!!
  3. All of these figures look more detailed than I initially thought It’s odd for the birdwatcher to have an unprinted torso yet also have detail on the legs and arms. I like the figure overall. Moon warrior looks much better in person.
  4. That idea has potential for great toros print as well, maybe even dual molded legs.
  5. I’m having trouble understanding the alien’s face print. I get it’s supposed to be a beak, but it’s not working for me I just don’t see it. The classic space torso is nice for those who like those but for me it takes away from a potentially great torso print that could help define the figure. The weapon is lazy too, after how many series we have to get this gun and a stud? Not impressed with this figure. I like this series overall and might share more thoughts later. I’m oddly let down by this alien.
  6. Even given the lack of City figures, the Bird Watcher was a must-needed cmf and the Paralympic athlete is a fun and welcome addition. The main problem with the city figs in the past is that they have been redundant and not needed, such as the firefighter and rocket scientist. I have sincerely missed when this kind of stimulating discussion happened every 4 months in the early days of cmf.
  7. This series is looking very promising so far! I’m glad there don’t seem to be too many redundant city figures apart from the costumes - it’s looking to have a decent selection of historical, fantasy, and sci fi
  8. My number one hope for this series is the return to 16 figures.
  9. I’m hoping these don’t sell well so they discontinue these boxes before Series 22 and beyond. It’s fine as long as they keep the individual bling bags. But these boxes shouldn’t be the primary way they are sold.
  10. ToaIruini

    Ideas for a CMFs

    Got it, thanks!
  11. ToaIruini

    Ideas for a CMFs

    I need that figure right now! Take my money!
  12. ToaIruini

    Ideas for a CMFs

    Thank you! And learning I have done. I don’t follow visual art, just music :)
  13. ToaIruini

    Ideas for a CMFs

    @Robert8, thank you for once again bringing such amazing and well done ideas based off of the CMFs, I always enjoy so much looking at your drawings and character I never would have thought of. Supreme Commander: very detailed and interesting. Does the robot hand count as a piece? Gnome Girl: fun and colorful, fits in perfectly Carnival Man: extremely well done, looks magnificent! Black Bishop: with only three series left but four chess figures to reveal, which series will include a double? Streamer: another fun and interesting idea, the colors are a bit much for me personally Windmill Fighter: that beard piece and face expression... I love it!! Dentist: The CMFs need to have one, and the toothbrush accessory is a must. Sphinx: sad that there will only be one, but at least this one here looks great, certainly a unique minifigure Alien Commander: perfect addition to the sci-fi lineup Painter: not sure what this is based off but I love the attention to detail and the unique look. At least, I love learning about things from the ideas in your series and this figure looks fun in every way Pumpkin Head: this is funny, I was imagining a horror theme but this is delightful anyway! Great part usage Sleuth: Awesome design as always. Have you ever made a black & white figure before? Zeus: perfect in every way, I love it! Thanks for including it in your series. Cymbal Monkey: a fun minifigure with cool new parts. Are the cymbals one piece or two? Volleyball Player: another ‘missing’ athlete from the cmfs wonderfully created for Series W. Overall, my favorites are the Thunder God, Windmill Fighter, Painter, Sphinx, and Dentist but I would collect all of them in a heartbeat
  14. ToaIruini

    Ideas for a CMFs

    These look great so far! I’ve been looking forward to a Zeus inspired fig, and the gamer’s headpiece looks well done. Cant wait to see the whole series!
  15. I think for Part 3, each treasure could be something unique. I.e, a goblet, gem, ring, sword, etc. rather than a whole bunch of moonstones in different colors.