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  1. ToaIruini

    Ideas for a CMFs

    Thank you! And learning I have done. I don’t follow visual art, just music :)
  2. ToaIruini

    Ideas for a CMFs

    @Robert8, thank you for once again bringing such amazing and well done ideas based off of the CMFs, I always enjoy so much looking at your drawings and character I never would have thought of. Supreme Commander: very detailed and interesting. Does the robot hand count as a piece? Gnome Girl: fun and colorful, fits in perfectly Carnival Man: extremely well done, looks magnificent! Black Bishop: with only three series left but four chess figures to reveal, which series will include a double? Streamer: another fun and interesting idea, the colors are a bit much for me personally Windmill Fighter: that beard piece and face expression... I love it!! Dentist: The CMFs need to have one, and the toothbrush accessory is a must. Sphinx: sad that there will only be one, but at least this one here looks great, certainly a unique minifigure Alien Commander: perfect addition to the sci-fi lineup Painter: not sure what this is based off but I love the attention to detail and the unique look. At least, I love learning about things from the ideas in your series and this figure looks fun in every way Pumpkin Head: this is funny, I was imagining a horror theme but this is delightful anyway! Great part usage Sleuth: Awesome design as always. Have you ever made a black & white figure before? Zeus: perfect in every way, I love it! Thanks for including it in your series. Cymbal Monkey: a fun minifigure with cool new parts. Are the cymbals one piece or two? Volleyball Player: another ‘missing’ athlete from the cmfs wonderfully created for Series W. Overall, my favorites are the Thunder God, Windmill Fighter, Painter, Sphinx, and Dentist but I would collect all of them in a heartbeat
  3. ToaIruini

    Ideas for a CMFs

    These look great so far! I’ve been looking forward to a Zeus inspired fig, and the gamer’s headpiece looks well done. Cant wait to see the whole series!
  4. I think for Part 3, each treasure could be something unique. I.e, a goblet, gem, ring, sword, etc. rather than a whole bunch of moonstones in different colors.
  5. I thought the idea of a monster working for the fighters was fascinating for consideration, and what you wrote the witch fits perfectly. I also thought maybe a ghost, resurrected from a fallen fighter. Honestly, there’s so many ideas that could go around for a potential reboot.
  6. Maybe this is me yearning for a Power Miners revival, but: Trans-light purple: Rock with crystals the monster would be a rock golem, something similar to the bigfigs from power miners. It’s not very Halloween inspired, but I think it’s cool. The fighters would drive some sort of abandoned excavation equipment.
  7. ToaIruini

    Ideas for a CMFs

    I LOVE IT!! You could bring so much to an original LEGO action theme!
  8. ToaIruini

    Ideas for a CMFs

    I don’t think I can match the excitement of @Karalora, but let me share some thoughts I have here Another great series! Every one of your ideas is wonderfully done. The Super-Heroine, Dark Elf, Easter Bunny, and Alraune are great additions to the cmf lineup executed perfectly. The alien boy is creative and just what I like to see from these series, as it gives us a glimpse into your imagination. The New Year Guy is a nice surprise, and I love the littler details. Outback Guy is one I was happy you made, and this is exactly how I envisioned him, but you went and added a kangaroo! And that Monster Fighter... I’m feeling blissfully nostalgic. I love how you made your own power stone that fits into the others perfectly. The fig itself also captures the balance of dark, yet fun. Every other figure is well made and joyful to see here. My favorites overall are the Prom Queen, Outback Guy, Monster Fighter, and Dark Elf. Keep up the great work, you make so many people happy.
  9. ToaIruini

    Ideas for a CMFs

    Monster Fighters was such a great theme; I still have some on display. Glad you’re paying tribute @Robert8! btw, may we see a Power Miners archetype figure anytime soon? I would love to see your take on one.
  10. I’ll have to think about quitting CMFs if they make another whole series of costumes... Here’s hoping they think of something more creative for a new anniversary series.
  11. ToaIruini

    40516 Everyone Is Awesome

    My first thought is something like Series 14/Series 18. I’m not getting my hopes up for something extraordinary
  12. ToaIruini

    Ideas for a CMFs

    Hey @Robert8, have you ever considered making an evil counterpart to Series 15’s Faun?
  13. ToaIruini

    Ideas for a CMFs

    @Robert8 I certainly look forward to your rendition of Zeus and a new Egyptian figure! I should have noticed the Ace Attorney reference earlier
  14. ToaIruini

    Ideas for a CMFs

    Wow, another great series! It always surprises me your vast knowledge of stories and pop culture from all times and places. My favorites are Treasure Girl, Magician, Monk, UFOolgist, Matador, and Holi Boy. The Treasure Girl is great counterpart to the earlier treasure hunter and reminds me of Lara Croft from Tomb Raider. The Magician Girl is a great take on an existing archetype and the symbols on the cape is a great detail along with the new hat. The Evil Centuar, UFOlogist, Hermes, Monk, and Teutonic Knight are all well made and creative figures that are a lot of fun. Holi Boy is a fun inclusion and it looks like a lot of work to make. The Stewardess and Matador also perfectly capture the cmf charm (I especially like the matador as I know they will never make one). The figures I missed I also like - I can’t imagine disliking any of your work. If all the costumed figures came with torso printing, alternate hair, and accessories, I wouldn’t mind them so much! Thank you for continuing to spoil us with your magnificent drawings and imagination
  15. ToaIruini

    Ideas for a CMFs

    Looks cool so far! The inkblots are a great tile print and the Holy Grail looks perfect!