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  1. Kdapt-Preacher

    LEGO Star Wars 2023 Set Discussion - READ FIRST POST!!!

    You can choose whether signatures are visible to you on the signatures page in your Eurobricks account settings. That probably got toggled off somehow.
  2. Kdapt-Preacher

    LEGO Star Wars 2023 Set Discussion - READ FIRST POST!!!

    It's really hard to predict these things, but I'd put it higher than $30. Kuiil is probably the most desirable minifig that's appeared in one of these UCS sets so far, not because he's a particularly exciting character on his own but because he's the only one of the main cast of Mando that hasn't been available elsewhere. Lots of people are going to want to complete that lineup. The closest equivalent situation might be Zeb Orellios, the only member of the Rebels crew to be exclusive to the Ghost set, who goes for about $75 now. But it's impossible to say with any certainty until it happens.
  3. Hmm. That is a compelling argument. I'd been focused on the fact that the Secutor is 2200 meters long, but I'll guess I'll have to think about it.
  4. It's funny you should ask that, since I actually do have some progress to report on Executor. But no, it's not going to be the next ship I post. It has months and months (and months and months) of work left. I think I've largely got the math worked out now, and the hull panels are all aligned to nice Pythagorean triples so they're easy to tie into the support skeleton, so I feel like I have a pretty good handle on what it's going to look like, but obviously there's a very long way between this and a completed model. This was the hard part from a conceptual standpoint, but now I have to do the hard part from a placing-a-million-pieces standpoint. I do want to do something big for the 200th model, though. It might end up being a Secutor, since I have a model of that in progress that's also pretty well figured out, but I'm not 100% committing to it. I might also get a burst of inspiration to finish the Hammerhead or something. The Scarif shield gate has been on my radar for a while. I pulled the 3D model of it out of SW:BF2 a while ago, so I have a good reference for it. It's just really big and hasn't floated to the top of the list yet. I believe Profundity is the only ship from the Battle of Scarif that I haven't made yet, so whenever I eventually knock that out I'll obviously have to do the shield gate to finish the set. I think it'll be very difficult to get the shield itself to look decent, though; my only real idea at this point is for it to be a wall of trans-blue panels, but they're very fragile when stacked horizontally like that, so it would take a lot of screwing with.
  5. And here's the update to the Class Four Container Transport with the cargo containers in the new, accurate colors. I also redid the instruction manual to make things more clear, since that was a pretty early one and I wasn't as familiar with making instructions at that point. Should be up to better standards now, in terms of both accuracy and ease of building. That model's still a couple studs longer than it ought to be, just due to architectural constraints with the available wedge plates, but at least now the colors are all correct. And yes, I did duplicate the exact arrangement of cargo containers depicted in Rebels... The next thing I do is going to be finalizing the major update to the Quasar Fire that I discussed a little ways back in this thread, and then I think that'll have cleared out the backlog of stuff that's designed but not yet published. I have a handful of small freighters done, so I need to come up with probably one more to add to that group before I post them, but I'm not going to do that immediately. The next model I post will be #200 and I want it to be a particularly nice one. I didn't do anything special for model #100, but I like the idea of marking milestones a bit. Haven't decided yet which one it should be.
  6. Kdapt-Preacher

    LEGO Star Wars 2022 Set Discussion - READ FIRST POST!!!

    I think it's most accurate to say that it isn't really possible to assign a single numerical 'minifig scale' since they're not proportioned like humans, but it's in the right ballpark.
  7. None of this is actually new content, but I had cause to make some higher-resolution renders of various things this weekend, so I thought I'd post them here as well in case anybody got a kick out of them. Full-res versions are available here: https://imgur.com/a/5MCbByE
  8. Kdapt-Preacher

    LEGO Star Wars 2022 Set Discussion - READ FIRST POST!!!

    I've suggested this before, but I still think the discourse on this forum might be improved by a rule against criticizing sets on the basis of what you imagine they're going to look like.
  9. Kdapt-Preacher

    LEGO Star Wars 2023 Set Discussion - READ FIRST POST!!!

    There's an argument to be made that strictly speaking "Expanded Universe" refers specifically to the collection of media that's now called "Star Wars Legends" and that everything released since 2014 is a single homogeneous canon, and my understanding is that officially that's how Lucasfilm understands the term 'EU', but in practice when people say 'EU' they usually mean "everything other than the movies (and maybe TV shows)" without distinction for whether it's Legends or current canon.
  10. Kdapt-Preacher

    LEGO Star Wars 2023 Set Discussion - READ FIRST POST!!!

    Squadrons isn't really a game so much as a tech demo to show that they could deliver the experience of flying an X-wing in VR. And they could, and it's great! It's absolutely worth playing if you have a VR headset. If you're just on a PC, probably not so much.
  11. New render for the OP. I hope this lets you guys see the full resolution of that image--it took long enough to render that you'd better be getting the complete experience!
  12. Kdapt-Preacher

    LEGO Star Wars 2023 Set Discussion - READ FIRST POST!!!

    I guess I can't say that panel didn't inspire them to include Secura, since we have no way of knowing that either way, but the Fighter Tank in the set definitely isn't based on that image, since that one's almost completely white and the set uses the traditional white-and-red color scheme. But Secura and the Fighter Tank have both appeared in enough places that I'm not sure we have evidence to tie that set to any single source.
  13. Kdapt-Preacher

    LEGO Star Wars 2023 Set Discussion - READ FIRST POST!!!

    No, there's never been another set based on a book or comic. The shadow stormtrooper figure was reused in 7667 and 'remastered' in 75262, in sets based on non-canon vehicles, but that's the closest they've come. Since 2007 there have been numerous sets based on recent video games (the TIE Defender, Republic Fighter Tanks, Rogue Shadow, TOR sets, BD-1, multiple Battlefront sets, etc) and a very very few sets based on other media (the Sandspeeder, Azure Angel, and IT-S, maybe one or two others), but nothing else pulling from print sources at all.
  14. Kdapt-Preacher

    LEGO Star Wars 2023 Set Discussion - READ FIRST POST!!!

    I'll be delighted to see Rae Sloane, but be careful of reading too much into that. This isn't actually the first time LEGO has released figures based on book/comic material. The first ones were the shadow stormtroopers released in 2007, which were even in an entire set based on a comic (7664 TIE Crawler), but obviously nothing else ever came of that; it did not herald a new era of LEGO acknowledging EU content. So be happy about Sloane, but it's probably not worth making any larger predictions based on this.
  15. #198 and 199, Hondo Ohnaka's Acushnet and bonus Flarestar-class attack shuttles! Acushnet was the flagship of Hondo Ohnaka's pirate fleet during the Clone Wars and participated in many of his famous exploits, including the capture of Count Dooku and the attack on the Jedi training cruiser Crucible. Fun fact: this ship was on the Dragon Con Star Wars trivia contest this year and fewer than 5% of respondents were able to correctly pick its name out of four options. I figure that's probably an indication that public interest in this ship may not be as high as I'd thought, but I'm plowing ahead anyway, LMAO. True to its design in Star Wars: The Clone Wars, this model includes the ship's eight landing legs, and they will indeed support the weight of the model, so it can be displayed in landing mode without a stand. It also includes a compartment built into the center of the ship to store the legs when it's displayed in flight mode. More images: This was also good practice for the saucer-hulls of the Battle Dragon, which I intend to build along similar lines.