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  1. Cyborgsaurus

    [MOD] MINI AT-Hauler (Solo)

    Looks great! The grey looks much more accurate to what’s in the movie. The gantry adds a lot of accuracy, and the cockpit looks so much better. I was trying to think of a way to cover the top of that transparent cheese slope, maybe one of the new 1x1 brackets, or a 1x3 tile down the entire cockpit, but both of those would stick up too high. Your model looks great as is, though, and really improves the original polybag set, which I thought was good to begin with (other than that plain slope for the cockpit)!
  2. Cyborgsaurus

    [MOC] MINI Profundity MC75 Cruiser (Rogue One)

    This is really good! I’ve seen a few others in mini scale, but they were still so much bigger than this. Do you have any general guidelines on size for your models? So that they fit in with the official planet sets and stuff. Again, great job, and I can’t wait to see what’s next!
  3. These (and all of your mini models) are great! I had been looking for a Ski Speeder about this size, but most seemed way too small or too big compared to other planets-style models. I like the hinge on the gun side, it add some different texture. I had to look up the Xi Shuttle, I didn’t remember it from the movie, but after I did, I could see the accuracy of your model. Spot on! Can’t wait to see more!