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  1. Monkeyulize


    It sits on a stand although it could sit on the panels for a short while if you wanted -- they're pretty sturdy. There's instructions on the rebrickable page for the stand.
  2. Monkeyulize


    I've tested the design and with a couple tweaks it works in bricks with no issues! It is a tight fit but nothing is being strained and with the right angles for the legs/arms the figs will fit. I have updated the instructions and parts list on Rebrickable. Also, I guess my MOC has finally "made it" -- a copy has shown up on AliExpress (NEW Star Plan Tie Phantom Fighter Interceptor Space Wars MOC Building Blocks DIY Toys Kids Gifts| | - AliExpress) Sucks for those who will buy it that it won't be the much more refined version that is currently available for free but eh.
  3. Monkeyulize

    Custom UCS-style graphics

    I found the right type of sticker to order from StickerYou - a kiss-cut white vinyl glossy removable sticker. The edges weren't curled and the printing is 'pretty' good (still slightly blotchy but maybe a bigger font could help with that).
  4. Monkeyulize


    I'm pretty excited, I think I finally found a way to fit two minifigs in a mostly correct way while also retaining some details. I'm pretty sure this will work with bricks but won't know until I order a few pieces I don't have to build it and test but I don't see any collisions in studio.
  5. Monkeyulize


    A few more improvements I felt were worth mentioning/posting. I finally removed the pentagonal tiles at the tips of each wing in favor of a full rail. This came with some more internal reconfiguring to have the same amount of clamping force but fully hidden. Also messed with the rear section some more, adding some shaping and even more details. I love how smooth that rear angle looks now:
  6. Monkeyulize

    [MOC - WIP] Star Destroyer Bridge - Input Wanted

    I'd be glad to take a stab at a UCS sticker for you. I'll need the .io file to get a suitable rendering, the angle you want to show, and any details you want included. I'm not entirely happy with either sticker company I've tried so far so I can't really advise there yet unfortunately.
  7. Monkeyulize

    [MOC] The Return of The X-Wing

    @kciR @Moppo Since you both mentioned the bracket issue on the rear of the engine, could either of you look and see if this assembly solves the problem and is still relatively secure? I figure since it's 'locked' in from the top and bottom then it should hold together reasonably well, especially since this isn't really a load-bearing component. I have a pet peeve for stuff like this that stresses the bricks so wanted to see if I could solve the issue before I order parts for this build.
  8. I present a (very) WIP rendition of one of my favorite mechs from the Mechwarrior series (specifically going after Mechwarrior 4: Vengeance). I've been staring at this off and on for a few months trying to get the shape right and I think I finally figured out a way. I'll undoubtedly refine this section later on but this was a road-block for me mentally that I just had to get SOMETHING that looked pretty good before I could continue. For reference I'm trying to replicate the nose section as seen here:
  9. Monkeyulize


    I guess it's true what they say about a MOC never being done... I wanted to try and extend the rear portion of each wing into the body more smoothly. As you can see above that is probably the most glaring difference in overall shaping. I'm pretty happy with the result: It required some internal changes which I'm hoping will be as strong as before.
  10. Monkeyulize

    [MOC] UCS Acclamator

    I absolutely love the nano builds in relation to the massive ship, especially the AT-TE walking off the ramp.
  11. Monkeyulize

    Custom UCS-style graphics

    Good points, I placed an order with a new vendor today that actually showed me the dimensions of the die cut vs the safe area so I was able to get the text closer to the edge. I also ordered glossy this time so hopefully it will be more vibrant.
  12. Monkeyulize


    I finally got my last bricklink order for the greebling as well as the UCS sticker I made. Here are some real life pics at long last.
  13. Monkeyulize

    Custom UCS-style graphics

    I'm glad people liked the first once since that's the one I ordered. I'm fairly happy with how they turned out but the sticker fits on the 8x16 with almost no tolerance so it's quite hard to get perfect. The next batch will be more forgivable.
  14. Monkeyulize

    [MOC] Midi-scale Republic Gunship

    I love it. With the single cockpit you can almost think of it as a different ship entirely and you've translated the shape perfectly to this scale.
  15. Monkeyulize

    Custom UCS-style graphics

    I've been working off and on for a few days to try and make a custom UCS-style sticker for my TIE Phantom. I took the general approach of: render in studio image trace in Inkscape (also tried it inverted) use the render as base layer and put a blue transparent filter on top layer the image trace on top of that This looks okay but I was wondering if anyone had a better approach or techniques. It just looks kind of sloppy when looking at the finer details. With inverted image trace: I also realize some people do sell these so I understand if they don't want to give away their trade secrets lol