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  1. Mr Lyo

    Eurobricks Flower Show: The Showground

    Scarfield garden
  2. When he landed at his usual hunting spot ,unfamiliar sounds caught it's attention. What is going on down there, better be careful,danger is everywhere in the desert. Don't go inside this house Scarfield, I've already spent all afternoon looking for you ! Oh! look at these beautiful flowers, some water must be leaking from inside these ruins and keeping them healthy. Scarfield, what are you sniffing in the better not run away again.. chasing some rat ... The little Rodent, hidden under the foliage: Oh no ! She found my garden, my food!... she looks nice ..maybe i could explain her...but ...this cat looks really scary, and birds are always looking for preys around here... Danger is everywhere, but flowers are so nice...and taste so good. I hope you enjoyed this little story made for the Eurobricks Flowers contest. IMG_0464 by Mr Lyo, on Flickr
  3. Mr Lyo

    Help me get into (neo)classic space

    as a beginner myself , i use from bricklink alot. it's easy to find models and look how they are made. the Rebrickable website is a good place to find alternate builds for sets. ex: Benny's spaceship alt build i also buy creative boxes when they are on sale, lots of color/pieces for not too much $. another thing i like is rebuilding older space sets i find at and ''upgrading'' them with modern parts .
  4. Mr Lyo

    What would you like from a Sci-Fi Racing theme?

    maybe, sets about racing drones in space (like micro SW/microscale polybags sets ) each with it's support vehicule/command center and crew. each one with a different style . since the racing drones could be anything (no minifig pilot to fit inside), they could have some different equipments or configuration to go against different terrain (space, lava, asteroids, surface, etc). and the different ''factions'' could have different strength depending on their building styles. clarification: ** the drones would be microscale style spaceships.....the crews and support vehicules would be minifig sized **
  5. Mr Lyo

    [CONTEST] BSBA - Results

    Thank you for making this contest it was really fun . Congratulations to the Winners , and to all who participated .
  6. Emmet 's ..AND Benny.. SPACESHIP Thricycle! Emmet's Thricycle! (70823) is the original set this set was chosen because it use both technic and regular parts and is also a very special design. we wanted to keep the triple wheel design, so we made a triple engine ship. Each engine is can be oriented independently, each wheel still can turn. the frame is also equipped with red and green position lights. Planty protective bubble , with a healthy supply of soil and air. the other side of the ship is equipped with an articulated arm for the radar dish. The bubble can also be detached and be used as Planty's own mini spaceship The base/gas station had to be enlarged to compensate for the extra width and length of the vehicle. the catapult is replaced by a giant communication dish and the gas pump is now equipped for rocket fuel. The entire set
  7. My entry the original MOC. small delivery truck And now with the Benny treatment the scanner unit detached from the vehicle Let's go for a ride ! this was so fun to build. thank you for making this event.
  8. i really like the working suspension, nice and compact.
  9. i like how you made the seats/dash and windshield , really well done. the Red cloth piece for the awning in the back is great, as is the removable hood. superb build.
  10. Built for the adventurous terrain of Tropical jungle or the hot sands of the endless deserts, the Brickton-Button is the vehicule of choice for the Adventurous gentlemen. With enough room to sit two passengers, ample of ground clearance and a large cargo area , it can carry all the equipment required for long trips into the wilderness. it comes equipped with 4wheel drive, side-steps and a heavy duty bumper with tow-hook. The Brickton-Button truck features all the required safety equipment for public road use in most of the Bricklands, areas. (check with local authorities for restrictions).
  11. Mr Lyo

    Kidstown (march 2018 update)

    Kidstown!! nice day to ride the horse, rr to let your parrot out of his cage. Getting some help painting the garage it ok Robin it is legal here. Crocodiles are excellent pets and are surprisingly fast. i hope you enjoyed. see you next time
  12. Mr Lyo

    Instruction pages to parts list?

    my solution is a little complicated but here it is: i try to find the model LDD file here open it with my favorite 3D program (like Lego Digital Designer or STUD.IO) delete what i don't want and save. convert the file into a part list (many ways to do it) upload list to bricklink.. hope it helps
  13. Mr Lyo

    [MOD] Space tug (5982)

    Space tug From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia A space tug is a type of spacecraft used to transfer spaceborne cargo from one orbit to another orbit with different energy characteristics. An example would be moving a spacecraft from a low earth orbit to a higher-energy orbit. -- i really liked Junk-Tron Towing and Salvage by Murdoch17 : here my version is a space tugboat meant to help move stuff in orbit, so it needs an upgraded propulsion system and a stiff frame. critics and comments welcome
  14. Mr Lyo

    My lego town layout with real surfaces

    wow, such a gorgeous display. really worth watching the video. these older sets alongside the newer ones, perfect.
  15. Mr Lyo

    EB Xmas Raffle 2017 - Winners per day calendar

    Woo, won the manatee A on day1 (what are the odds lol) thank very much to everyone who make this giveaway possible. And, really nice creations everybody!