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  1. My lego town layout with real surfaces

    wow, such a gorgeous display. really worth watching the video. these older sets alongside the newer ones, perfect.
  2. EB Xmas Raffle 2017 - Winners per day calendar

    Woo, won the manatee A on day1 (what are the odds lol) thank very much to everyone who make this giveaway possible. And, really nice creations everybody!
  3. My Winter Village Diorama 2017

    beautiful small village, so many details. i like how you managed to make it all blend together like it is one big set. the Church is really nice and the whips to make the sleigh, genius! the cosmic cruiser it is one of the first lego set i got as a kid, also the first one i recreated when i got out of my Darkage. it always amaze me how my kids like these old sets as much (if not more) then the newer ones.
  4. Kidstown bricks and assorted creations

    thanks for the kind words . i am really happy you liked one last truck picture i forgot and now some pictures of where it all started. My kids got my old lego box their grandma found in the attic. some time after, my wife gave me the Corner Deli . it started a chain reaction that ended up with us building the entire main stree....UNIKITTY ...get out of the shot!! so like i was saying........... here is Unikitty with some of her cool and awesome ideas Bat Wall-e and the babymobile well.... that's it for today.
  5. Kidstown bricks and assorted creations

    looks like i made it, more to come. *Flicker changed alot since i last used it :) one more just to make sure i got this hurrah , the kids are going to be so happy! more to come in the next hours or days Keep on Building!
  6. i have been reading here for a long time. i wanted to say this place is so awesome. thank to everyone who make this possible now that my Kids are old enough to understand the basics of the internet , they want me to show some of the things we build. we are mostly into Town and City theme yet, mixed together with a hint of Unikitty Kingdom :) more pictures to come. *Hmmm seems like i did something wrong while uploading pics, investigating*
  7. A Christmas tree with kids, gifts and all the family.