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Well how to start this...

I'm an AFOL from Guatemala and my story with LEGO started if I recall well, when I was on a trip with my father to "La Antigua", a colonial city in my country,  we passed a great time, and on the return we stopped at a gas station, a Shell one, there they had some promotion sets, I remember there were 10, but my father offered me which one I like the most, I answered that none. Because earlier that day he bought other toys and I felt taking advantage from the fact that my birthday was on hand so I missed that chance.

However in secret he got them for me that day without I noticing them, and on the night he presented them to me.

Boy¡ couldn't believe such great toys, and how accurate they were, for a 7 years old they were fantastic. :cry_happy:

Well that was the beginning and then I moved my interests more toward Castle and Western, many of them still are with me from my childhood, others sadly are gone(donated, gifted).

So that's it, I returned from my Dark Ages last year and more enthusiastic than ever with this great hobby. :classic: