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  1. For the first time in a long time I found a LEGO Star Wars set on the shelfs that I have never heard about . Probably because the legoleaks reddit hasn't been updated in a while. Any tips on new news spots? Did anybody else not know about the destroyed AT-ST piloted by BB-8 already being sold?
  2. Wow this is an amazing build, very accurate. Also one of my favorite ships!
  3. Meatcan


    Here is a link for the LXF file. I would love to see pictures if you make one!
  4. Hi! Beautiful MOC! Love the details! If you are in to or up for criticism, the head is to small in my opinion, if not disregard what I just said. Is the model to scale with the UCS R2-D2 and BB-8?
  5. Meatcan

    LEGO Star Wars 2016 Pictures and Rumors

    SOOOOOOO DISAPOINTED. High hopes never lead to anything good. Am I crazy or are the tie striker wings upside down...
  6. Meatcan

    UCS R2-D2 modification to R5-D4

    Nice! I like your take on a concave head.
  7. Meatcan

    Star Wars Constraction 2016 Discussion

    Awesome !!! Any word on what the other 3 would be? I am hoping rebels.
  8. Meatcan


    I just wanted to thank everyone again for your help and comments on my first MOC, and I wanted to tell you that I have uploaded my idea to the LEGO Ideas website. If you would like to see this project become an official set support me here:
  9. Meatcan


    Well it was either his jet engine or his wheel (he has both in the series). A working wheel is a lot more fun then a not working jet engine, in my opinion. But you are right about wheels being rare in Star Wars.
  10. Meatcan


    Thanks guys for all your nice comments. The wheel retracts and you can roll around chopper backwards and forwards. I don't know how R2 feels about that
  11. Meatcan


    New links with the finished product. Thanks everyone for your help, I hope you enjoy the pictures.
  12. Meatcan


    Torso is finished
  13. Meatcan


    Thanks for all your comments. @TheNerdyOne_ I hope to build the torso tomorrow but knowing the delivery times of Bricks and Pieces it will be Thursday at the earliest. @Anio as you can see on the first page I tried a couple of iterations of the head already but if you have a better way to make a round cylinder please share and I will alter the design. As for the eyes I am actually starting to like the more cartoony style it gives chopper as it is a animated character. Smaller would look like this: I plan on using a somewhat same design on the legs as 10225 except make them shorter as the are compared to r2's.
  14. Meatcan


    Received the parts for the head: Last shipment for the torso parts will be delivered this week.