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Found 14 results

  1. Inspired by the legendary so-called "Kaneda Bike" i designed one for the red Ninja, Kai. This fire red bike has a sweet flame job that makes it look even hotter and faster. So badguys of Ninjago, watch out if you see a red blur coming up in the rear view mirror....because it´s getting hot! Hope you guys like this little build and the reference. 1 2 7 You can see a few more and bigger images here follow me, i´m a link
  2. Welcome to the Prime Empire arcade game. Here is my 28th Eurobricks RA Review, 71714 Kai Avatar - Arcade Pod. Estimated reading time: 4 minutes, 20 seconds. Overview Name: 71714 Kai Avatar - Arcade Pod Theme: NINJAGO Year: 2020 (1H) Pieces: 43 Minifigures: 2 Price: GBP 8.99 / USD 9.99 / EUR 9.99 / SGD 14.99 / MYR 49.90 Introduction As we enter into NINJAGO Season 12, TLG had already released several webisodes in Youtube. It's all about the new game in town, Prime Empire, that will be central to the new season plot. So far we only have Jay, Kai and Lloyd arcade pod sets but I hope that we will see the rest of these arcade pods for Cole, Zane, Nya and even Sensei Wu. Let's start with the packaging because I kid you not, the LEGO packaging is getting more and more creative. Now, we have an arcade pod set with packaging that looks like an arcade cabinet too. Front & Back view of the packaging Kai always had the unfair advantage on grabbing your attention because of his fiery red colour. In this strikingly new box design, it showcases what you can do with the 2 Kai minifigures, such as swapping around parts and accessories. Side views of the packaging "Prime Empire" is written at the side, in NINJAGO language. Open the packaging, then you will see there 2 loose big pieces -- one arcade cabinet and a new door for it, 2 plastic bags with LEGO elements (the one with tiny holes contain the sets of weapons in trans-neon green), 1 instruction paper (folded), 1 promotional leaflet (folded) and 1 sticker sheet. Unboxing Sticker sheet The aesthetics of the arcade pod is helped by these stickers to give them that typical gaming machine design. Here are the translations for the NINJAGO scripts: #1, #2, #3 - Prime Empire #2 & #3 in circle - New! #4 - A B (game controller buttons) Contents Unpacked Below are the contents of the clear plastic bag. It includes the 2 minifigures and some notable accessories like the gold game controller. Trans-neon green 10 weapons pack This 10-piece weapon is just awesome. They are included in a separate plastic bags, with tiny little holes (which reminds me a lot of vintage sets) I can't wait for TLG to release them in more colours. Build The construction is fairly straight-forward. Anybody above 7 years old can do this without difficulty. From this view, it looks like a normal clothes cabinet, or a wardrobe. Inside, the minfigure parts and accessories are organised but only 1 minifigure stands on the slope pedestal. In order to get the torso and leg parts, you need to remove the plate at the bottom. This is not a big issue even if you think it's inconvenient However, to appreciate the the shape and the design of the arcade more, you need to view it from these viewing angles: The shape of the arcade pod is reminiscent of Atari Monte Carlo arcade cabinet. Just look at its service manual. I can't find any other arcade cabinet that is closer to the shape of this arcade pod piece. I know that the arcade looks vanilla without the side stickers, but I like it this way. Here are additional view of the completed arcade cabinet - front and back view: Completed build If there is a single sticker that needs to be applied, I think that should be the arcade game pads. That's because without these game pad stickers, it does not look like a proper arcade machine at all. Minifigures Usually, the impulse buy sets like this contain 1 minifigure only. However, the NINJAGO arcade pod changes everything. If we can get 2 unique minifigures for this price point, I expect no less in the next waves. The argument is that if we go back to 1 minifigure next wave, it will be a step backwards unless the next gimmick is incredibly strong and convincing. So let's check out the minifigures. Digi Kai and Avatar Kai with weapons - front view If you have not read my review on the Gamer's Market, read that swiftly and come back here. You will find that the design of Digi Jay is very close to Digi Kai.. As for Avatar Kai, I seriously have no clue what is going on here. He has a blonde hair like a Super Saiyan and a red war paint on upper face area like Harumi. Digi Kai and Avatar Kai with weapons - back view At the back, the sleeveless top Avatar Kai has a cobra print, ergo Cobra Kai. This is another pop-culture reference that has something to do with martial arts. However, unlike the Kill Bill inspired Avatar Harumi in the Gamer's Market set, Cobra Kai reference on Kai is definitely more mainstream and kid-friendly. if you are not familiar with Cobra Kai, it is a continuation of the story of Karate Kid which is a Youtube Premium series. The Cobra Kai motto is: “Strike first. Strike hard. No mercy." Digi Kai and Avatar Kai - 3/4 side profile view Just like Jay, Kai has a white arm which is different colour from his left arm. I have never seen this design choice applied to Kai's gi up until now. Only Digi Kai has 2nd face print. You can see the 2nd face print of Digi Kai here. Let's appreciate the new armour a bit more because I didn't have a chance to showcase it in my previous review. To make up for that, I have taken a new photo of this new armour from this angle: (black monochrome minifigure used for illustrative purpose only) It is such a bulky piece, and almost look like a back pack if there are no swords or accessories inserted. Personally, I would have liked it more if it was in metallic or grey colour. Conclusion In summary: Pros: Interesting new arcade piece Great accessories included, such as gold game controllers and trans-neon green 10 weapons pack 2 minifigures, 1 exclusive Cons: Not as portable as the regular pods Large stickers Review summary Playability: 7/10 - While it is still limited with the small size of the build, this set will entertain kids of appropriate age. Design / Building Experience: 7/10 - While the portability suffered a bit compared to the older round pods, building experience is slightly more enjoyable now that there are more pieces to build and play with. Not a fan of stickers but it's entirely optional so no point(s) taken. Minifigures: 10/10 - It is refreshing to find 2 minifigures with great selection of accessories in these NINJAGO impulse buy sets. Price / Value for money: 9/10 - I could not say this to a lot of small sets but it's likely the first time I feel that I am getting a fair price for this kind of package. Overall: 8.25/10 - Well-rounded tiny set -- a solid impulse buy for collectors and fans of all ages. No chair... How to play now?
  3. Welcome back to 2017, time traveller. This is my 27th review, 50004916 Kai's Dojo Pod. Estimated reading time: 2 minutes, 45 seconds. Overview Name: 5004916 Kai's Dojo Pod Theme: NINJAGO Year: 2017 (2H) Pieces: 35 Minifigures: 1 Price: N/A (Promotional item) Introduction I don't think we need any sort of introduction for small polybags but this is not an ordinary polybag because this is the 2nd pod to be released as promotional item, next to Nexo Knights. I remember seeing this and my initial reaction was very neutral. The next thing I know, my local marketplace is already flooded with all these pod sellers and collectors trying to get their hands on one. Front of the polybag Exactly what you see in front is what you get. Back of the polybag Like most polybags, there is a thin transparent strip in the middle so that you can peek what's inside. However, because the pod acts as a storage, you don't see what's inside at all except the pod and the instruction manual. Once you open the polybag, right immediately, you will see the circular lenticular image that is attached in front of the pod. Just in case you don't know how a lenticular image words, when you change the viewing angle of the image, it changes from one image to another. This makes an illusion that the image is animated. From Kai's face, the image changes to the creature emblem of Kai. The instruction included is just a piece of folded paper, typical for polybags. Content of the pod Inside the pod, the small parts and minifigure elements are inserted in a clear plastic bag. The 6x6 round plate attached to the pod is not designed to be removed. I tried prying it but I think it will damage the pod or the plate before I could even remove it. Dare if you want. Build Out of the plastic bag, below are the parts needed for the build. You can complete this in less than 5 minutes because the pieces are so few. Below you can see the 2 small assemblies of the weapon racks. Voila! We are done. Minifigures There is only 1 minifigure in the pod and there is no shame in that because it is a descent minifiture. Kai has a Wu Crew training gi which is generic enough to be used if you want to make a large group of dojo students. The Ninjago script written on the left leg is "ninja". At the back you can see the Wu crew emblem repeated. Kai also has dual face print which is always welcome. Conclusion In summary: Pros: Free, if you got it from a promotion Portable Novelty has staying power Highly collectible Cons: No external stud or anti-stud connections Review summary Playability: 5/10 - Kids can put this in their pocket but the playability is very limited to what you can do with a single minifigure and a small compartment. Design / Building Experience: 7/10 - The appeal of these pods is its portability. It has very high marks in form & function but very low in building experience. Minifigures: 8/10 - Above average. The torso and legs can be repurposed easily to make an army or large group of dojo students. Price / Value for money: 10/10 - I got it free so I have no problem giving this a perfect score in this criteria. Overall: 7.5/10 - For such a tiny set, these pods offer pocketable toys that kids can bring outdoors to enjoy and play. They are also highly collectible for adults.
  4. Here's my entry to the polybag contest - Jai's Water Plane: Kai's Water Plane is based on the City Police Water Plane (30359), which was released in 2018 as part of the Mountain Police sub theme. In addition to the colour changes, I've added about 20 parts to the original parts count of 48. The main changes were to the floats and the wings. The swords ended up being in a precarious position, but I couldn't not include them. Kai will just have be careful when he's getting in and out of the seat! Hope you like it!
  5. For the Ninjago Legacy Contest I decided to remake this set... Using only about five set and with the "bones" of the Fire Mech, I came up with this MOC up. The Action Shot The Front View The Earth Shrine Here is a link to more pictures (when it becomes public)...
  6. Ghost Onyx

    Ninjago: Project Rebuild

    Hi! I didn't know where else to put this so I hope it's ok if I post this here. Hey random person on the internet reading this! Did you watch the Lego Ninjago Movie and were unable to help but feel like the trailers sold you a very different product? Did the Lego Ninjago Movie feel lacking in any way, as though many scenes were cut from the finished movie? Did you feel that the other Ninja, or anyone without “Garmadon” in their name, were given the shaft in terms of character development, or any substantial characterization? I feel you, reader. I feel you as keenly as one feels a stray, unsuspecting brick on the floor when the lights are out. Last question, are you looking for quality Ninjago content? Then look no further! I’ve got you covered! Welcome to Project Rebuild! What is Project Rebuild, you ask? It’s my script rewrite of the Lego Ninjago Movie. My goal is to condense the essence of 7 seasons of the tv show into one cohesive story, while following the basic plot of the Lego Ninjago Movie. But wait! There’s more! Tirelessly seeking out all promotional material for the movie, (i.e. trailers, junior novel, the “Making of Lego Ninjago Movie” book, etc.) I have struggled to reconstruct (pun intended) this cohesive story with as many deleted concepts as I could fit in. It’s an adaptation distillation, if you will. Oh and this just in! As an added bonus, I’ll be attempting to incorporate the toys sets into the story too. Here’s the synopsis: Lloyd Garmadon, the Chosen One, stands at the center of the battle between good and evil. As the Green Ninja, he is beloved by all as the constant savior of the city of Ninjago. But as the son of the Evil Lord Garmadon, he is hated by the very same citizens he saves. Under the guidance of the wise Master Wu, Lloyd and his team, the Secret Ninja Force, will need all the help they can get to keep it together and defend the city from Lord Garmadon and greater threats. Without any further ado, here's Chapter 1: EXT. MOUNTAIN TOP – NIGHT TWO FIGURES stand locked in combat against each other atop a tall and craggy mountain. Rain pours down heavily. Lightning crackles and thunder booms to emphasize every movement. Blow after furious blow is struck. Lightning strikes illuminate the faces of the combatants. We see a close up of MASTER WU, a wise-looking old man with a long white beard. He wears a white robe and a conical hat. His weapon is a long, wooden staff. Opposite him is his brother, LORD GARMADON, a far taller adversary owing to his towering horned helmet and double torso that sports four arms. He wears black samurai armor that matches his skin, which has been charred black due to his corruption. His red, glowing eyes are also signs of his corruption. His weapons are four katanas, one in each hand. Despite Lord Garmadon's extra arms, Master Wu defends himself well. The two appear locked in a stalemate. Lord Garmadon makes a demonic, fanged smile as he speaks. LORD GARMADON: You will never defeat me, brother. MASTER WU: It is not my destiny to defeat you. But it will be your son's. Angered, Lord Garmadon uses his swords to push Master Wu away in a burst of energy. LORD GARMADON: You leave Luh-loyd out of this! Master Wu remains calm but his eyes fixed on Lord Garmadon. His voice is resolute. MASTER WU: One day, your son, LLOYD GARMADON, will defeat you, as the prophecy foretold. I invoke it! A powerful burst of thunder and lightning strikes ominously as Wu says this. We pan up to see a large object fall from the sky. It is a non-Lego fortune cookie. It breaks apart as it crashes on the ground, revealing the fortune prophecy within written in glowing, gold ink. LORD GARMADON: Prophecy? Well, two can play at that game. One day, my son, Lloyd Garmadon will join me and my evil ways. MASTER WU: (shocked) What?! LORD GARMADON: Together, we will conquer Ninjago and we shall be unstoppable, as the prophecy foretold. MASTER WU: No! LORD GARMADON: I… MASTER WU: You… LORD GARMADON (CONT’D): …invoke… MASTER WU (CONT’D): …wouldn't… LORD GARMADON (CONT’D): …it. MASTER WU (CONT’D): …dare! Another powerful burst of thunder and lightning strikes ominously as though to punctuate the gravity of their words. Another non-Lego fortune cookie falls from the sky. It falls between the two brothers, causing them to jump away to safety. Both witness the fortune cookie splitting in half before them as the glowing prophecy fortune writes itself into existence. LORD GARMADON: Oh, I dare. I have every right to dare. Our entire realm has the power to invoke prophecies on a whim. We control the destinies of every citizen in Ninjago! We should be gods! MASTER WU: Father would not have wanted this! LORD GARMADON: Well, father is no longer here. We've squandered our potential long enough, brother, and now it is to time to re-make Ninjago in my image. MASTER WU: I may not be the one to defeat you, Garmadon. But I will make sure you don't succeed. Lord Garmadon sees something behind Master Wu. He smirks confidently knowing he has the upper hand, all four of them. LORD GARMADON: Hey, whatever lets you sleep at night, brother. A large shark-shaped flying vessel, the SKY SHARK, arrives from the clouds. It lowers its anchor, which Lord Garmadon grabs onto as it flies by. LORD GARMADON: Looks like my ride's here. Another time, brother. Garmadon leaves on the Sky Shark. His evil laughter echoes in the distance. Wu is left on the mountain but he has a determined look on his face. MASTER WU: I, Master Wu, swear the solemn oath to form a SECRET NINJA FORCE to stop Garmadon at every turn. I invoke it. Dramatic thunder strikes. Cut to black as the last fortune cookie falls from the sky.
  7. Hi all, If anyone knows, could they please clarify with me about the symbolism of the printed circular crest? And could someone please translate the words on Kai's robe? Thanks to all who contributed. Venefic
  8. Hello All! I just picked up two new Ninjago Hands of Time sets - Dragon Forge and Samurai VXL, and wanted to share a pictorial review. The set contains six minifigures (All new to 2017) and a large, brick-built figure, costs $79.99 in the US, and contains 1,137 pieces not counting spares. Minifigures The set contains six figures - from left to right, there's Ray, Maya, Kai, Nya, Commander Raggmunk, and Slackjaw. All the figures are great and I love the fact that we are getting more and more metallic torsos - in this case gunmetal - but it really is a shame that Ray doesn't have the stunning metallic torso that debuted in Episode 40: Spellbound in a flashback. It's especially unfortunate the metallic highlights are gone, as this wave has a strange abundance of metallic torsos even for foot soldiers, so I'm not sure why this particular outfit wasn't made, especially as Maya has the exact same outfit she wore in the flashback. Removing all headgear, weapons, and accessories, we see that all the figures have alternate faces - Ray and Maya have scared expressions, and Ray gains a headband, Kai and Nya have normal faces (nut new expressions!) compared to their powered-up elemental Fusion faces, and the two Vermillion get slightly different faces - Slackjaw appears to be winking in his. What do I think of Kai and Nya's new faces? As far as the show is concerned, Nya's face is very similar to her previous Samurai X face that debuted in the Ninja DBX, which is fine and pretty accurate to the show. As for Kai's face, there's something about it I can't quite put my finger on, but something about it seems off compared to the show, besides the obvious scar difference. Perhaps it looks a tad too much like an expression Jay would make... As for Ray and Maya, the alt faces are nice, but I wish they had been angry/fighting faces instead - it would work in their captured situation, and that way, you could use the expressions in battle as well. Unfortunately, neither face really works for battle - the other sides are too calm and relaxed. Additionally, you can view the alternate faces with headgear here. Also, you can see Kai and Nya's new regular faces with hair and the new Fusion faces with hair. Build The set is composed of 8 bags, as you can see, and it also comes with instructions with a cardboard backing as per the usual in larger sets like these. There is a sticker sheet included as well. Here's a link to an image of the the built contents of every bag: Bag 1 Bag 2 Bag 3 Bag 4 Bag 5 Bag 6 Bag 7 Bag 8 New/Interesting Parts There are a number of new and recolored parts for 2017 here - the most obvious being the new weapons, armor, snakes, and of course the Hand of Time. The snakes, armor, weapons, and the Hand of Time will be covered in-depth in my review of Samurai VXL up soon, but for now, we can highlight a very nice selection of Apollo studs: The Elementally colored extras are great for bringing the elements to life in the hands of the characters, as you can see. Why so many extra trans-blue Apollo studs, you ask? Well, that's because they're ammo for a special play feature - but we'll get to that later. Model 1: Buffmillion The final character to showcase is Buffmillion, one of the new brick-built Vermillion figures. Since I built Samurai VXL first, to be honest I didn't have too high hopes for this guy - the brick-built figure in VXL was plagued with stability issues and a jumbled color palette. However, I was fortunately surprised with Buffmillion and he is really growing on me - he is completely stable due to the bend in his tail which actually looks more realistic (for a massive cluster of snakes in a suit of armor). The use of bigfig arms are great, and they really make him look... well... buff. (Sorry, I couldn't resist ). The only unfortunate thing is the color of axles, which wreak havoc on the color scheme (a problem Bionicle fans are very aware of). Also, the black Technic element holding the tentacles together stands out as well and is a break from the usually cohesive flow. Overall, though, this is a really great figure and a step-up from his counterpart in Samurai VXL. What I really want to see is how he is handled in the show - I can't think of how he will translate to the screen. I guess we will find out next month... Comparison Photos 1, 2, 3 Model 2: Hydro-Pyro Dragon Kai and Nya's Fusion Dragon is the latest addition to the growing dragon lineup. It's about the size of Jay and Nya's Hydro-Electric Dragon and uses a similar wing design to boot. There's a lot to like about this model, but a lot to dislike as well. I'll start out with some Pros: 1.) The Split design is very unique and hasn't really been seen before in any dragon, not even the previous Fusion Dragon which was really marketed as solely a lightning dragon. 2.) I especially like the backside of the model highlighting a fire/water swirl pattern using the relatively new shorter angled plate elements. This motif is seen throughout the set and looks really good here. It's simple but elegant. 3.) Leg Variety - Compared to some other dragons in the line with no variety in the leg shaping at all (Looking at you, Master Wu Dragon), this contrast between hind and front legs is a welcome breath of fresh air, although it isn't without its problems. Cons: 1.) Figure placement is really, really awkward. Most dragons have a decent enough saddle to seat the figures on, with some better than others. For this dragon, an attempt at a semblance of a saddle occurs with the brown elements under the top of the dragon, but the figures are raised so high up that the brown pieces don't even help. Nya has it a bit better as it's not as obvious how high she is due to the crossbow cannon, but for Kai it is very noticeable. 2.) Having very short back legs and very long front legs make posing a bit of a struggle. 3.) Every Ninjago dragon since Zane's has brought something new to the table, be it a NPU for the head build or a new type of wing. This dragon feels like a bit of a step back. The heads are way too generic and simple, and we've seen the wings before in Jay's Elemental Dragon. The only unique thing it has is the fusion aspect, which is alright but not a standout. Play Features The only play feature the dragon has is a single stud-firing crossbow. The only real interest here is the lovely trans-medium blue Apollo stud ammo, which I'm sure will come in handy. Finally, here's a shot of all Ninjago dragons together on the same shelf for comparison purposes. Model 3: Blacksmith Workshop Ray and Maya's Blacksmith shop is easily one of if not the best blacksmith shop Lego has ever produced. Comparing it to the most recent one in Ninjago in 2011, this new one is leaps and bounds ahead of the old shop. Unfortunately, this is a model that is very photogenic from certain angles only, and looking at it from the top, back, or sides when it is splayed out makes it a lot less appealing. Pros 1.) I love, love, love how the archway entrance was done. The slanting pillars were done well - simple, but effective. The crossed sword logo comes together nicely as well. 2.) The interior is filled with many interesting and accurate features, and even has small printed sushi roles that debuted in the Friends line. Also, note that really nice and re-usable rug sticker. 3.) The play features are all great, and I'll cover them more in-depth in a bit. Cons 1.) When viewed from other angles, especially the top and when it is opened up, the image kinda falls apart - especially because there wasn't the set budget to give it a roof. To be fair, the set was only $79.99, so you win some, you lose some... 2.) The geared play feature, which we are about to get to, features several large, four-tooth gears which jam a lot. Almost every few seconds a lot. Play Features There are two main play features in the set, both of which are closely related to each other. In addition, there are other smaller secondary play features. Lift up the stairs and pull out a shelf holding this mysterious bladed weapon. What is its purpose? We shall see... Now comes something I have never seen before in a LEGO set - and I like how new and innovative it is. See that exposed Technic pin under the fire? Stick the blade into the grooves of the pin and rotate, revealing four different beautiful stickered patterns on the column. Nya: Fusion Dragon: Blacksmith Emblem: Kai: Additionally, there is a minor play feature: Lift up the bench and underneath is yet another collectable ninja card sticker. This time, it's Samurai X. Also, this isn't really a play feature, but the abundance of weapons such as this neat copper Uruk-Hai sword is great. Summary For $79.99 (US), Dragon Forge has really good value for its price. I appreciate the all-new figures, although Ray could have been done a bit better, and Buffmillion is growing on me. The dragon is good, if not great as it brings pretty much nothing new to the table. The shop is much better, and I love the door shaping. Overall, here's my rating chart for this set: Value: 4.5/5 Figure Selection: 4/5 Dragon: 2.5/5 Shop: 4/5 Part Selection: 3.5/5 Playability: 4.5/5 Total: 23/30 "Above Average" PS - This is pretty much my first review ever, so please go easy on me but do give constructive criticism. Thank you!
  9. JamPotStudios

    Ninjago: Skylor's Quest

    What has Skylor been getting up to, aside from taking over her father's noodle business? A new Ninjago saga begins! Created by Jack Rizzo. -Cast- Skylor - Sara Dunham Sensei Wu - Jack Rizzo Chamille - Annette Rizzo If you follow my Instagram, you've probably seen that I've been getting into Ninjago lately. I've accumulated some of the sets over the years, but only got into the show about a montha and a half ago, and since then I've been bouncing around ideas and Bricklinking parts, etc. The world has such a unique aesthetic to it, and making up new storylines has been really fun. I'm hoping to bring a couple to you; let me know in the comments if more Ninjago videos is something you want to see! Want to see more from Jam Pot Studios? YouTube: Facebook: Blog: Instagram: Flickr: Twitter:
  10. The first Episode in the tirology "Kai´s Nightmare"
  11. I wanted to display all the ninjas I have collected in their elements so within a day I put together this to parade all the ninjas (except Nya as I am unsure how I can fit Nya in this display) but I am happy how this came out after only spending 2-3 hours for this very simple MOC. Haven't put the stone army Kai yet.... and once I get the 2016 wave I will update this for sure. here's the plate without the ninjas --
  12. Fire up the Engines! Introduction: January 2013 saw six new Ninjago sets featuring a new type of Ninja suit and the stone army! Let's check out the smallest set of the line today; Kai's Fire Mech, a fiery looking robot, all geared up and ready to go! With two minifigures (Kai and a stone army warrior), 102 pieces for $9.99, this set is an excellent introduction to the Ninjago theme! Product Details: Name: Kai's Fire Mech Number: #70500 Theme: Ninjago Year: 2013 Pieces: 102 Minifigures: 2 Price: USD $9.99 Sources: Brickset, LEGO Shop@Home Paper Contents (Instructions and Box): The box is a fair size, and has a nice background of rock and light blue sky which contrasts well with the bright green and gold of the top and bottom banner. The Mech is shown in a well posed stance, although I'm afraid it would be extremely difficult to balance the stone warrior in such a fashion! Below are the front, sides, and back of the box (showcasing the possibility of the Mech as well as the fire blade), respectively: (Click for a larger view:) The instructions feature the same graphics as the box but without as much information; just the set number: A (more or less) random page: The inventory and a picture of the completed build: On the next page and on the back we get some LEGO advertisement, geared toward the online Ninjago site, the Club magazine, and the traditional back page advertisement. And, last but not least, the Dreaded Sticker Sheet (DSS) - after the removal of all but one sticker, that is. Fortunately the sheet is not that big here, and the stickers do all add to the build. I didn't have much trouble putting them on straight but then I don't generally have problems with that. The Minifigures: As is typical with ten dollar sets, this one includes two minifigures - Kai in a new outfit which many fans have designated "Kimono" (though it seems there is no official name or at best, ZX), and a little midget stone warrior, complete with a crossbow, red quiver, and a red straw hat! Both have back printing, however since the stone warrior's is just a continuation of the front lined gray it is not pictured below. Kai (back and front): The Stone Warrior: The Build: I personally found the build fairly enjoyable (though the arms and legs were a bit repetitive) and certainly fast. I was building in the back seat of a car so that might have made a difference, but it's certainly a neat little set that uses SNOT (Studs Not On Top) techniques pretty well to give it both smoothness and sturdiness. Anyway, the pieces that caught my attention were the flat golden studs and the cheese slope (because I didn't have any of the former and only a very few of the latter), the fire blade - in particular the bottom telescope piece as it's in more of a metallic gold rather than warm gold - and the shorter and longer L plates. After finishing up the build, the extra pieces were a flat golden stud, golden cheese slope, black clip, red 1x1 stud, and, rather to my surprise, an extra golden Katana. The Mech itself has an appealing color scheme and is quite sturdy. The "shoulders" in particular struck me as a good piece use, and the build is very pose-able (as I will be illustrating...). The blaster does look a bit blunt, and I'm not a huge fan of the sudden jump from the body to the shoulders (I, in fact, modified that myself). Front and Back: Can a Fire Mech do a headstand? On one hand? You bet! I'm not quite sure how Kai is liking that position though... There are a couple of other neat details to the Mech that add to the experience. For one thing, the Mech bears several resemblances to the Samurai Mech - though more in color than in shape - and they complement each other well. The second nice detail is that the Mech actually attaches to Cole's Earth Driller. Admittedly not quite in such a small package as it did in the show, still it was an interesting surprise (credit goes to whoever it was that mentioned this in the Ninjago thread, I can't remember who but I didn't come up with it on my own!). Here's how it's done: Ready for the road! Conclusion: Playability: 9/10 - The Mech is sturdy, very poseable, and provides plenty of play potential! Design: 7/10 - As I mentioned the width jump from the shoulders to the body is a bit annoying, and probably the major flaw in the build for me. Other than that though, the colors complement each other well, and the SNOT works very well. Minifigures: 9/10 - I really like the way Kai looks in his new outfit, and the back printing just adds to it! Plus it's all very sharp and clear. The stone warrior also has a nice torso print. I only wish he had something better than a crossbow (or in a different color) and it's too bad LEGO doesn't do short leg printing... Price: 8.5/10 - With 102 pieces it hits the 10 piece per dollar ratio fairly on the head, and though I don't find the robotic style pieces useful for my type of MOCing (My Own Creationing), some of the others will (or have!) come in handy. Overall: 8.5/10 - All things considered, Kai's Mech is an excellent little set, with an eye-catching color scheme and an appealing couple of figures. Given that it's a Mech, a lot of poseability is expected, and the final build doesn't disappoint! The building experience is about what one would expect, and the Mech's ability to attach to Cole's driller is the icing on the cake. The Ninjago nut in me would probably have told me to get it anyways, but even just as a LEGO fan, it's a great little set! And that concludes our look at Kai's Fire Mech! Until next time,
  13. Introduction: The hiss of spinning blades filled the air. A hovering Nindroid scanned the countryside. Suddenly he started. “Roger, 3160.” “Roger.” “He’s right up ahead over the next hill. 500 yards, I’d say.” “Zeroing in. You see the Technoblade?” “Right there. Go get ‘em! Roger.” The glint in 3160’s eyes showed that the last part wasn’t really necessary. “Roger.” Kai, in his X-1 Ninja Charger, rolled lazily down the road. Before he glances behind him and picks up speed, let’s freeze the scene for a few minutes and inspect the vehicles… starting all the way back at the boxed up deal! Product Details: Name: X-1 Ninja Charger Number: #70727 Theme: Ninjago Year: 2014 Pieces: 426 Minifigures: 3 Price: USD $39.99 Sources: Brickset, LEGO Shop@Home That Stuff that Grows on Trees (Paper Contents): Fresh off the shelf. Mmm! This Ninjago box follows the typical LEGO box type, with lots of bright, eye-grabbing colors and a satisfyingly speedy, slashing look. The front of the box shows off the set to its best advantage, while the back demonstrates some of the neat functions we’ll be checking out. The front of the larger instruction booklet has the same set picture but on a very different background. The back advertises some of the latest sets. A random instruction page from this booklet shows a nice light blue background with a bit of a digital effect on the corner. The smaller booklet has the same graphics in front, and a Win! Advertisement – this time featuring a LEGO minifigure (a Ninjago minifigure, in fact), Lloyd Garmadon. And a random page from this booklet shows us the same design as the previous one. The inventory is found in the back of the larger booklet. And lastly, we have the sticker sheet, with detail that isn’t absolutely necessary, but does add a lot to the final build. Building the Set: After all that paper it’s nice to get to some good old ABS plastic! Bag one empties out to build the minifigures, Nindroid vehicles, and motorcycle (which ends up inside the charger), which we’ll be looking at in detail later. Bag number two. Those pieces get us here: And bag number three empties out into this: Which gets us this far: Last but not least, bag number four: And that completes the X-1 Charger! The building experience was quite agreeable (barring the fact that I was building in a very hot environment). I did mess up a couple times but that very likely was because I have a tendency to skip steps, and rely on spotting the other pieces on the next step… which doesn’t always happen! There are quite a few extra pieces including an extra mask. The Minifigures: Kai and two Nindroids make up the minifigure count in this set, and they muster up pretty well. Only one of the Nindroids has leg printing, which is a shame, but both of them have very detailed torsos. Kai also has a very nice torso, but the lack of leg printing really spoils the look. Nevertheless, he cuts a dashing figure with his crazy hairdo and ninja mask! Removing the three masks gives us a nice look at the faces. Who would have thought that Nindroids had teeth? The backs are all printed, which is a nice treat. Both Nindroids have printing on the back of their heads as well. I could see those prints coming in handy on a Sci-fi build! Nindroid Vehicles: What has teeth and goes round and round? A circular saw of course, and that’s what I’m guessing this Nindroid Vehicle is based off of… or perhaps I should say, based on! It has a pretty nifty look, and while simple enough, still uses some nice pieces. The second vehicle is also an airborne one, but looks a bit more maneuverable and more of a scouting affair. The last Nindroid vehicle drops the nin and is just a droid. It’s pretty neat, but has a perverse desire to lie down! X-1 Charger: You can’t catch me! I’m the gingerbread man… ahem. I’m in an X-1 Charger, that’s all. This vehicle has quite an eye catching color scheme, and a very sleek race car look. The curves and angles are almost perfect, and the little gold highlights set the red off to best advantage. Kai has a neat little (stickered) control panel up front. The Charger has several sweet functions. For one thing, there are a pair of flick-fire missiles that can be pulled out! It also makes use of the new spring loaders: The darts can be put in either side of the loader and click easily into place. To release them, all you have to do is push down slightly on the back end. The entire affair is mounted on a swivel, and, besides turning around, can also be aimed up or down. In closed position (completely down), the swivel function is locked, but the dart can still shoot, so be careful! If Kai’s inside, an accidental shot will give him a wake up tap on the back of his head! The coolest function, and the one that really sells the set, is the ejecting motorcycle hidden inside. A casual look at the X-1 Charger does seem to suggest that there’s a little more than meets the eye, but it’s not clear what, until after opening the hood (which can be done by pushing on the two black stickered levers located along the sides). After opening the hood, all that remains to be done is to push the convenient button located on the back of the Charger. And, voila! You are now ready to escape! Or… not. Conclusion: With such a striking look and such slick functions, it probably comes as no surprise that I found this set to be quite enjoyable. Building it was a good experience that kept up plenty of variety and didn’t lose my attention. The final set was rewarding, especially with the built-in motorcycle eject function, which really adds to what would otherwise just be a cool sports car, but is now a nifty ninja vehicle! Overall, I was suitably impressed and pleasantly intrigued. Playability: 9.5/10 Given the motorcycle function alone, this set has huge play potential. Add the fact that it has two different kinds of vehicles and three little Nindroid sections, the X-1 Charger becomes a set that will be sure to provide any youngster with hours of fun! Design: 8/10 I’m sure fitting the motorcycle in there without incongruity was not easy, and the designers did an excellent job of that, besides using some nice pieces and techniques to liven things up. Minifigures: 4/10 This was the only let down part of the set to me, I really would have liked some leg printing. Kai could also use a new face (or another side), but that’s a minor point in comparison with the other one. Price: 7.5/10 Of course, we’d always like the price to be cheaper, but given the amount of pieces and the ultimate size of the build, it really is worth the money, at least to me. Overall: 7.25/10 In summary, this set is a fun one to build and also provides a good play experience afterwards. The fact that there are three Nindroid vehicles means plenty of ‘bad guys’ to help mix things up and make the odds a bit more even for play, something I’ve often felt to be missing in other large sets. For the more (what shall we say?) reserved fan (no swooshing desired), the set is an eye-catcher. Either as a standalone build, or as part of an extensive Ninjago collection, this set will look great on display, and provide visitors with a nice ‘Wow!’ when you demonstrate the ejection function! Overall, it’s a great set at a good price point that won’t disappoint!* So go ahead and take the X-1 Charger for a spin… but do be sure to look behind you! *if you are reasonable in your expectations, etc., etc.
  14. The terrible snakes have stolen the Golden Shurikens of Ice, and only Zane can use his spinjitzu to retrieve them! But the Constrictai aren't about to give it up without a fight! Adn they have enshrined the weapon high atop their walls! Building a tornado took me quite a while, but I actually ended up likeing the design! C&C are welcome! Edit: Knew I forgot something: More pictures on my Flickr!