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Found 12 results

  1. I confess the Star Wars theme is far from my favorite thing, and I know, this is far from a winning material. However, I just wanna have fun. I had just one small Star Wars set in 1999 (Luke Vs 2 speed bikers) when I was young, the only part I could find was a very used chrome lightsaber. I don't have any Star Wars Sets since then. So I made this Greebling stuff just for fun. I hope, at least, to make some of you laugh :) Lego - Star Wars - "The place where Luke's hand fell" by Sérgio Batista, no Flickr
  2. Boy we are a very opinionated and vociferous bunch of AFOLs aren’t we? The recent leaks and hi-res photos of the upcoming sets have really sent this forum into a feeding frenzy. We seem to all have girded our loins and prepared for battle. It’s like we are waiting for World War III to break out on June 1st. One thing is for sure, there is no lack of passion for our hobby amongst this crew of introverts, miscreants, and techno geeks. I think the only thing left is if we started eating our own young, but we still have time for that between now and the next big reveal (or leak). Seems we have a whole camp full of teams to choose from as we pick sides: We have Team Vomit, Team Anti-vomit, Team System, Team Anti-system, Team Color Diversity, Team Monochrome, Team Function, Team Form, Team Panel Hole, Team Smooth as Silk, Team Supercar, Team Anything but another Supercar, Team Crane, Team Crawler, Team Buggy motor, Team 2L Motors, Team Studded, Team Studless, Team 8880, Team 42056, Team Buwizz, Team SBrick, Team IR (yay!), Team Connector, Team flexi-axle, Team 3rd Party, Team Purist, Team Up, Team Down, Team Left, Team Right, Team Wrong. So where do you fall? I can tell you we all fall into Team Technic and that’s just about right where I want to be. Technic Lego is my drug of choice. Hi, my name is Bublehead, and I have been sober for 10 minutes. Welcome to Technoholics Anonymous Bublehead, glad to have you.
  3. The Search begins... I must find master Skywalker before the Empire does... Huh?...Whatever... Maybe he's still on took me a while to get away from those irresistibly cute creatures I really hope he didn't fall in the snow......again... Maybe he traveled back in time to Kamino to avenge Han Solo's carbonation? The chance of this droid successfully leading me out of here is 3514 to 1 MASTER LUKE! I finally found you!!! I'm so glad I found you before the empire did! Luke Skywalker: "um...ok...thanks 3po...?" THE END please leave your comments and suggestions for more of these posts :)
  4. The Adventures of Professor Boom (part 1) by Luis Baixinho, on Flickr This is a small vignette that I made for a contest at my LUG, Comunidade 0937. I have plans to use this minifig in other situations.
  5. NevertooOld

    LEGO Movie Night!

    Green Lantern invites Batman and Robin for a Movie Night. Someone has a gas problem...
  6. I think this was my second mini movie. Camping in the wild and scary things will happen.with a twist (of course) in the end.
  7. This is my secret project WIP for TC6. This is not a joke, construction is almost complete. I'm just waiting for some additional parts to arrive because I don't want to show incomplete work. You may ask "Why creating a topic then?" - So you could expect one more TC6 entry of course ! While I'm getting camera and parts I will update this thread with some info. Here's something to start: Technical specifications: 2 RC units 2 M-motors 1 L-motor 1 Servo-motor Manual gearbox. 7-9 functions. Some awesome lights. Maybe pew pew pew capabilities, dunno yet. To keep you interested I made a comics about the creation of this MOC. Enjoy.
  8. ^ This is the other scenery in my modified haunted house that was inspired by the fantastic Kubric movie The Shining, the bloody bathroomscene being the first. Let me introduce to you the Grady Twins... These peculiar identical twins appear out of nowere at the end of the hotel hallway and ask Danny to 'come and play with us'... Short flashes of a bloody massacre surrounding them make shure you'll never ever forget... But in my scenery I added a little humor. Instead of blood, the creepy twins created a milk-massacre... Hope you'll like my moc.
  9. Here is my second episode of Space Mess To read the first episode click here! Thanks for reading!! Space. The Final Frontier. Too bad we can't keep 'em out of it. Third one is still in the planning, but its going to be good, so the wait will be worth it Thanks for viewing! Constructive Criticism appreciated
  10. I've recently started working on a comic series, a sci-fi comedy entitled: "Space Mess". This is my first episode of my new comic series, so enjoy and I'd appreciate all constructive criticism. The images are a little large, but I think that its alright. There are 8 pages so its a little longer then I intended, but oh well, what can I do, I went overboard I guess Thanks for reading!! Space. The Final Frontier. Too bad we can't keep 'em out of it. I've actually already created the second episode, but you'll have to wait a bit to read that one Thanks for viewing! Constructive Criticism appreciated
  11. Captain Settle

    A Pirate Life For Me! Comic

    A new comedy Brick comic by me based on glorious pirates:
  12. Captain Settle

    A Pirate Life For Me! Comic

    A new comedy Brick comic by me based on glorious pirates: