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  1. l0renZo

    ALL out Brick

    I always thought it was to protect itself from that that Brickvault used the term "Space Wars" instead of Star Wars on their website? Although I'm sure it would never hold up in a court. Or is it because they have a couple of instructions from other IP.
  2. No I haven't started yet. I hope to start gathering the parts by the end of the year.
  3. Interesting idea to have a platform. I'd be curious to see what that would look like. And thank you @lowlead for your insight. From what you say, I think (hope) I should be okay. At least in terms of stability. The weight is a good point, I hadn't thought of that honestly. My shelf is hanging on the wall. But it's costum-made and essentially consists of several small shelves supported by vertical mounts at regular intervals that are attached to a wall-mounted bracket (I don't know if that's clear). Also the planks are 3/4 inches thick for more strength. As an example, I have had the Onecase Executor on it for 2 years and no bending so far. The Vigilance has about 30% more parts, so I'm hoping that won't be a dramatic difference... Especially since the Executor will stay next to it. Maybe I'm playing with fire? I guess I'll see. :D
  4. Small question about this build that may seem a bit odd. The only space I have available to display this beast would be a 12" (30.5cm) deep shelf. I've already calculated that the stand would stick out by about 3 and a half studs. My question is, if I remove the 2x4 slope on the edges of the stands, will I be greatly compromising the stability ? Or will 3 less studs not make much difference? And obviously this modification would only be necessary on one side of the two stands.
  5. l0renZo

    [MOC] The Return of The X-Wing

    It is exactly as @carpandean said. @LDigital I will pm you the list of all the steps number where there is a color change. But it's nothing complicated. Basically I played the game of differences by comparing the instructions of the dirty gray version with the white version.
  6. l0renZo

    [MOC] The Return of The X-Wing

    I've had so little time to myself in the last few months that it's taken much longer than I thought, but finally here's my version of this amazing MOC (sorry for the quality of the photo): Personally, the light bluish gray is the closest color to what we see in the OT in my opinion. But for display reasons, white was a better choice for me. Basically, it's going to be next to the Millennium Falcon, so if I want it to stand out visually, I knew I had to use another color. Very happy with the result and the MOC itself is stunning and a real pleasure to build.
  7. l0renZo

    [MOC] T-47 Airspeeder

    Looks fantastic! Nice attention to detail. It's been a long time since I've seen such a beautiful rendition of the T-47. Is this minifig scale? Maybe a little too large for that? Obviously you need some space to fit all those movable bits.
  8. l0renZo

    Lego Pick a Brick problems?

    I received my order yesterday. It took exactly 2 weeks, from the date I placed the order to the delivery. It's a good improvement over the 8 weeks it took two months ago. Clearly TLG was able to catch up.
  9. l0renZo

    Lego Pick a Brick problems?

    When orders reopened in late May I placed a small order. I'm hopeful that it will take less than 8 weeks this time since they had a month to catch up on their backlog. But maybe I'm underestimating the popularity of TLG!
  10. l0renZo

    Lego Pick a Brick problems?

    I think this is a very realistic explanation of the reality. I just find that from a customer's point of view, the appeal of "bestseller" parts is not really that they are popular (I don't care about that), but rather that I can get them quickly. It is on this aspect that I found that the term "bestseller" was perhaps poorly chosen. But it's really just a matter of wording. Thanks for the clarification! Much appreciated. ;)
  11. l0renZo

    Lego Pick a Brick problems?

    I contacted TLG customer service about an unrelated issue and took the opportunity to ask some questions about this issue. Apparently, Pick a Brick "Standard", was closed purely to allow some catching up on the huge backlog of orders. This could be quite possible since personally it took more than 8 weeks to receive an order. Also, I understand that the term "Bestseller" is very misleading. In fact, it would have nothing to do with the popularity of the parts, but rather the provenance. Of course, we have to take this information with a grain of salt. (Is this expression exist in English?)
  12. l0renZo

    [MOC] UT-60D U-Wing - SB00101 UCS

    The most important are the white parts. If they are not yellowed, the model will look just as great. For the 4 black wheels, I think it would be possible to replace them with dark bluish gray ones without affecting too much the look of the build.
  13. l0renZo

    [MOC] The Return of The X-Wing

    I'm on the same side as @LDigital on this one and will go with a white and dirty look. I have already converted the partlist.
  14. @sandtrooper When I built mine, there were some visual glitch in the instructions, from what I understand, they fixed that. An email that accompanied the update specified that nothing changed for the model itself: You should be fine.
  15. Hey guys! I've just finished this amazing build and thought I'd post a little review of my experience. First of all, thanks to everyone who answered questions on this forum, it's a good help. And thanks especially to 2impaired for his precious informations and for this creation as a whole. I wanted to replace my USC ISD 75252, with something maybe a bit bigger, but mostly with something much more accurate. It was clear to me that it would be a choice between the Intimidator, the Monarch or the Eviscerator. The choice was rather easy since for space reasons I needed a model with only one stand. But that was not the only reason. With the latest upgrade, the Eviscerator came very close to the slim profile I liked so much about the Monarch, while keeping the almost completely studless look, which I liked very much. As for collecting the parts, I proceeded step by step. By using the parts from the 75252, I was already at 19% if my memory is good. Then 55% by adding the parts I already had. For the tiles, which represent a large part of the visible surface, I ordered as much as possible from Pick A brick to avoid having too many pieces with scratches. The last 25% was ordered on Bricklink. Despite the large amount of parts, there are not many ultra rare parts (except for the alternate engines). The vast majority are rather basic. The building process is a charm and the instructions are very clear. There are a few small mistakes, like the same part in two different steps or the schematic not being perfectly centered. But in these cases it is always possible to go 2-3 steps further to validate what it should look like. I only spotted one real mistake, in step 354 of the second book (page 290) where the 1 x 7 liftarms cannot be installed at all. In the instructions you can see the collision bug where the pin goes through between two holes. But the problem can easily be solved by removing one hinge plate. The only other difficulty I had was with the power system (the dome under the ship). It kept falling off. But this was not due to the instructions in my opinion, but probably due to one (or more) parts being a bit too old and not holding up as well perhaps. Anyway, a slight addition for more support solved the problem for me very quickly. All in all, the whole build and especially the frame and stand is extremely solid. Despite the length of the front of the ship extending beyond the stand, the ship remains perfectly straight which is a real miracle of engineering as far as I am concerned. Also, I went for the alternative version of the engines. It turned out to be an expensive choice, but I preferred the look, which in my opinion, is much more faithful to the film. My post is already way too long! So thanks again 2mpaired and I strongly encourage anyone who is interested in this build to give it a go, you won't be disappointed. And sorry I don't have any photos, but I'm a terrible photographer. I wouldn't be doing the MOC any favors. Cheers!