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  1. l0renZo

    Modified TIE Fighter MOC

    Looks like a damn good TIE Fighter. Hats off to you sir.
  2. I agree, thanks for sharing. The cockpit makes all the difference in the world. It was the main reason I never started the original build. Now I'm wondering if I should make room for one more MOC...
  3. l0renZo

    [MOC] Battletech/Mechwarrior King Crab Mech

    Thanks @Kevin Hansen for the instructions, I just finished it! I'm a little surprised to be the first to comment on the building process. The end result is really quite beautiful and very faithful to the source material. I have to admit that before I started I was a little concerned about the solidity, especially since I chose not to build the base. But I have to say that it is very sturdy and holds well on its legs. The instructions are well done and clear to follow which is a treat. A big thank you for sharing the instructions, especially at such a competitive price. I saw on your instagram that you have started the design of the Catapult and I can't wait to see the final result!
  4. So smooth, so pretty. Personally, I prefer with a real canopy, rather than transparent parts, but I understand that compromises must be made to respect the shape. Which is definitely the strong point here. Very well done and thanks for sharing!
  5. l0renZo

    The Tribute to The Razor Crest - Released!

    It is true that with Disney, nothing is ever permanent dead or destroyed. But I wouldn't be surprised if Mando gets a new ship. For them it makes a new toy to sell and for us a new Lego build. ;)
  6. l0renZo

    The Tribute to The Razor Crest - Released!

    I just finished the build and I wanted to thank you @Jerac. She's a real beauty. The construction is really interesting, very intricate and yet the instructions are easy to follow. All in all, a very nice experience. :D By a curious coincidence, I promise that it was not intended, my next one is your Battlecruiser. The last parts should arrive very soon, so I'm looking forward to it.
  7. Very well done, I like it a lot. Very faithful to the video game model. Thanks for sharing!
  8. l0renZo

    [MOC] The X-Wing Strikes Back

    Bricksafe works fine for me.
  9. l0renZo


    I didn't even know until now that I wanted a Lego Evengelion! I really like it, very accurate! I agree that it is definitely missing a weapon. How tall is it? About 30cm?
  10. l0renZo

    Star Wars / Classic Space Mesh-ups

    I love it! Really well done. My favorite is definitely the snowspeeder. I don't know why, but it works so well. Thank you for sharing.
  11. l0renZo

    [MOC] UCS Colonial Viper MkII

    Thank you! I didn't know there was an mod to the canopy. I was lucky because I found it at a good price on BL, although still expensive. But always interesting to know that there is an alternative.
  12. l0renZo

    [MOC] UCS Colonial Viper MkII

    Hi @Morgrim As far as I'm concerned, I used as many parts as I already had. So I used a mix of 4085b and 4085d and I didn't encounter any problems. For me, what made the price go up is the canopy, which is fairly uncommon. Apart from that, the price of sourcing the parts was quite reasonable. I hope this helps you.
  13. l0renZo

    U-Project - Where to buy?

    I understand why Mirko insists on limited instruction and I completely respect his approach. However, considering the price that the instructions can fetch, I would personally prefer to give such a large amount of money to the designer of the model who has made all the effort, rather than to someone who has just been in the right place at the right time to get the instructions. But again, I totally respect his choice and find it even very noble.
  14. l0renZo

    The Tribute to The Razor Crest - Released!

    Likewise! I just went to see and indeed the prices have doubled. And yet, there was another batch of Razor Crest available not too long ago. But when a part as unique as this is only available in one set, it' not surprising.