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  1. Irrational hatred? You know u r talking about lego right and not feminism, migration or other issues on a slighter larger scale
  2. I was more worried before I saw the trailer, my feeling was before that this would be the first new SW movie that would flop, but I don't have that feeling anymore. My concern now is more like Im afraid that TLG will not focus on the Solo movie as they did not with RO1. Like it will take some time after the next wave until we see more Solo sets. I don't know why they seem to favour the new saga, since as a prequel and OT fan, the RO1 and solo sets are closer to my liking
  3. Well it have imperials, plus doesn't Moloch and his compadre count as villains?
  4. I have seen info that its 20 % off
  5. A new Shaak Ti would be great, then they basically have no excuse to make new pedis that dont have their lego representative as of yet (even if I have customs of the majority of them)
  6. I cannot remember the rumor for any of those two sets, somebody who can remind me?
  7. Saw that too, they might have it in stores anyway.
  8. However, all those were fairly easy to customize. A new droid is another story. I am more afraid that we do not get the 4 armed Alien crew member
  9. Yes, Yodas hut + a clone trooper battle pack What Im not sure of, will there be a Darth Vader pod everywhere or is it only in NA?
  10. Didn't contribute with two much new info, but again, i like the atmosphere in the beginning. I just hope they can keep it cocky in a good way, avoiding the shannara teenage mtv trap
  11. Its funny that they took down the new Solo sets again at I mean they will be sold soon, the pictures are out since long time. Whats the purpose. Sometimes it feels like legos intelligence level is like a kid playing hide and seek by putting a hand in front of their eyes
  12. Yes, they got canceled due to lack of generosity and fantasy ;)
  13. Yes it looks good, nice for those who liked the R2D2 last year, hopefully there will be a minifigure as well (last year the R1 one astromech just a few days later)
  14. Then it must be released in may
  15. Lets hope for the later, since if it comes now, It would make me doubt a CC is on the rise, since it would be very strange (at disappointing) if we got two Bobbas this year