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  1. The more I see of the Razor Crest the more I like, its just too bad that Im pretty reluctant to start collecting UCS spaceships (only have one ground vessel as for now and its the sandcrawler) what it would cost in time and money. But damn, lego has really made a great job with this one. Hope they continue in this direction.
  2. Im still waiting for better pictures of the interior
  3. Looks great, however I have never collected UCS spaceships and probably never will, its too expensive as it already is, but if I would I would totally buy it, looks too me way better than most they done previously. I would of course, like most probably everybody else here, want to get the mythrol and kuill, but dont want to pay 100 € for them each, hope that alteast Kuill will appear in a cheaper set later.
  4. Sneakguest

    Updating Your Minifigs

    How havve you connected the upper and lower body of l3? Atleast looks like a solution I would like to try myself.
  5. Yeah me too. Theo have to work om the makeup before I breakup there 😅 Still would like an official apology 😂
  6. Regarding something else, im in Amsterdam right now, does any of the dutch folk now where I can get Lego star wars magazine? I have been inside some flod stores but not been lucky. Cheers / Peter
  7. Well its also possible that Sloane Will show up in one of the coming shows next year
  8. Sneakguest

    Wishlist: Future Star Wars Sets and Minifigures

    I hope lego soon do a proper padawan hairpiece, just realised that yesterday when I sorted my jedis
  9. Sneakguest

    Wishlist: Future Star Wars Sets and Minifigures

    I just want more molded creatures, thats my highest priority, but unfortunately it seems like all effort in this line goes to jurassic park and city. What I would desire the most are: the Petranaki arena beasts Fambaa Rathar Fathier Colo claw fish
  10. I assume u mean third october and not tenth march hehe saw someone else with the same confusion. Eager to c some pictures, even if I wont buy it
  11. Was it 1st october the USC Razorcrest supposed to be released?
  12. Tie bomber! Finally! im not a fan of the first generation of sw set, thus I have nothing older than the Endor bunker at present, so for me its fantastic we finally get a OT set (that is not UCS or MBS) that I dont already have. Really hyped for this one, dont expect a variaty of figs but we might get a new imperial officer rank or a named officer character. =) Dont mind more endor stuff, until this year, its been a while, diorama or not, Hope they bring along atleast a ewok we dont already have. 501 battlepack is not bad, but nothing Im longing for. Mando 3 sets is a must of course, Im not collecting brick heads or helmets but understand that they are included. Its only the thrown room set that I wish it was something else, not to long ago we had a version of it. And didnt they write that they only had parts of the list? Since it looks a bit small, I dont think this excludes a precense of either more Obi Wan, BoB, BB or Andor sets. Im sure at least one or two of them will be represented.
  13. Sneakguest

    Wishlist: Future Star Wars Sets and Minifigures

    Would be great if they made any PT scenaries / location, we didnt really get overfloodet with those. Yes no way they include 8 figures in a 80 euro set, but if they make it, honestly they have to included a new jedi at minimum, but hoping for two would not be out of reach, they really could skip Yoda and Mace sicne we are overflooded with those, but most likely they would include atleast one of them
  14. I know, but they shouldnt for me as soon as the head size just deviate more than 10 % from a humans, make a mold, although still less irritating than the refusal to make new molded animals or beasts in the star wars line
  15. Sneakguest

    Updating Your Minifigs

    Who is the figure to the right?