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  1. No way they put a darktrooper in this years calendar. Maybe nxt year
  2. Most likely dark troopers will show up in other sets, but I think ut depends mostly of they be frequent in the future. The special troopers from Rogue one and Solo movies have not shown up again.
  3. Shit. So I aint buying anything this wave either. Its the first time in ages I dont buy any new stuff in the first 6 months of the year.
  4. Now I break the longest silence on this forum since I registrated. But Im confused so wonder if anybody can answer what happened with the gunship? I thought we were sure it was coming next weekend?
  5. lol, dude, no worries, I thought it was funny so couldn't help to comment on it, happy I didn't get banned for it though ;) Haha, I think the problem is the postage, its up to 40 euros for shipment to US
  6. Well if she’s stupid enough to have that opinion, anything could happen. For me, i really hope they replacr it for two reasons. First of all I almost thought of destroying that figure because I dont like what she stand for. Second, I already have the figure and the figure is cheap and easily accessible on BL Is this just an USA forum? Lol But yes, see now you are eager for us to drop the subject so I try my best 😇
  7. Yes! Another datk trooper! hope they dont recast her, I rember how I loved the spartacus series but when they recasted the main actor (for more tragic reasons) they spoiled it. I hate recasting. they should do cgi with her one episo and let her die, much better. So Cara has possible made a favour for SW lego fans? Maybe she can get a new job as a SW lego ambassador? Lol
  8. U can disagree all you want but many AFOLs and more or less all parents who buy lego for their or other kids would not even notice the armprinting.
  9. Honestly, I think very few people would make that decision based on armprinting only, but I do agree I dont see why though
  10. Apperantly someone making the set decision seem to think that also, unfortunately Im of a completely other opionon, especially since I like to display my minifigures in a set moving into action and vehicles generally except maybe Star Destroyers are not suitable for that. Yes, they could easiliy have extended, especially Yodas hut to make it a bit more swampisch. If they ever make Lukes homested, I really hope it will be atleast 150 euro set, not a 30 euro one. Well, at least I do my part. I send two emails every year to lego complaining about this and the fact that they more or less stopped making new animal molds. We'll se if this "vocal minorirty" will have any effect.
  11. BTW, have someone else thought of the decreasing lack of medium and large size location sets? Last few years the only large one we have been getting is Darth Vaders castle, and we haven't been getting any medium ones either last few years. TLG were good at realsing them in relation to TFA, where we got three of them. But since that it's only Scarif and Snokes throne set what I recall.
  12. Lets hope hes not included. Dont think lego would care about that at all. Most people who would buy the gunship would already have done so by the time any NB would come out Its not too good to be true, people simply have too low expectations. If the released a wave with 5-6 mbs/ Ucs then one could say that
  13. Im less hyped then most of u I guess. Would have liked some larger playset, plus to much repetition of mandalorian characters. Just a few minifigures bricklinked, problem is that I either like the figure lineup or choice of build, not any combination.
  14. Honestly jedi bob? Such a waste of a spot if they would do that instead of actual jedis fighting in the arena
  15. Maybe logistically the AU market is not big enough?