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  1. It's very hard to evaluate invidiual sets, especially since they are not even out yet. But legos revenues did decrease last year, I have not seen any explanation to it, but lower sales is likely a reason to it. Those lower sales have most likely two main reasons, stronger competition and less attractive products. I have heard many more AFOLS complain this year so it's very much possible that TLG in general are not responding to the demand of the customers in an enough satisfactory way...
  2. Pretty pointless set if one has the old version. Just god that the BL price for sand trooper probably will go down slightly and we get wuher
  3. Isn't it strange that shop lego has not listed almost any of the winter sets as coming soon yet? I really doubt the sets will be out by 15 december. Because last year what I recall lego started to list the sets the last days in november
  4. Hello! I got some pieces that someone has painted or used a permanent marker over some pieces and I would like to have them as much as possible back in original shape. Someone have any suggestions?
  5. Too bad not the 14th since I be watching TLJ in the same supermarket as the brand store is located.
  6. Anyhow it is disapointing that lego would do another cantina that is not an UCS version, which would put an UCS version more far in the future. but anyways, someone knows the date when the winter sets will be released?
  7. But has a set of only 300 pieces ever has as much as five minifigures? I think that something does not add up here
  8. So in the whole TLJ wave and both fall and winterwave, not a single new head mold. Very disapointing
  9. Well maybe the picture you have seen is more clear than mine then. Cox the one I have seen really forsens look that way. Anyways, happy to be wrong in this case
  10. I love the Ahch-to set, geting a porg is a realt Nicke bonus (however dont understundom the avoidence of TLG to do molded crestures in SW when they do it in all Otter themes) I will Aldo get the jawa battlepack, the rest is meh to me... It is not the same Kylo Ren, the MF uses the old torso printing it seems
  11. Updating Your Minifigs

    Haha! The question is whether the little guy or we who need to watch him suffer the most. Damn thats ugly!
  12. Updating Your Minifigs

    I like to make my little buddies scream a bit, helicopter parenting aint good for anyone! No but I think that the base for lego is creativity and it should be endless and if one will let the trademark stop you, then your on a detour
  13. I suggest u remove those pics b4 u get trouble and read the rules on the first page
  14. Research about minifigures

    What I know, even if a multiple of services like this exist, the variety of custom parts is way to narrow, thus a service that would be sufficiently satisfying should include a couple of hundred options at least, a couple of thousands whould be better. But generally, what lego lacks the most, and what supplementary manufactures have not filled the gap at all, is in terms of custom molds for body parts.