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  1. They added all SW figures on monday directly, parts tend to take some more time I guess
  2. Sneakguest

    Updating Your Minifigs

    true, hehe didn't think about that, but sure, it could do and easier than painting it for sure
  3. Sneakguest

    Updating Your Minifigs

    Yes, only thing missing is the red knot covering the stud
  4. I think the second wave for the STs have usually been bad, I think the only second wave I've really liked so far was actually Solo.
  5. It's not impossible that we see it released during the fall, there could potentially be another amazon set this year as well, as the Darth Vader castle last year.
  6. true, but it's odd that they are not listed as comming soon. That usually happens 1-2 weeks ahead of actual purchase date. I can also tell to my suprise I have not found any IX figures continued listed on either brickliink nor ebay, which there are usually a couple of sellers who does with a month before release date
  7. When is thanksgiving, end of november right? Nothing we celebrate where I come from so I have never thought about wheather it coinsists with lego reveals If he has a prominent role, its very possible of course. But do we even now that it's not a lady?
  8. Leaks of parts and figures can come any day, but leaks of full sets seems unlikely for atleast another 1 1/2 month
  9. Well lego rarely release the whole crew of anything. They did for the central protagonists in Rogue one, but its rar they do, and if they do it take agera, like with rh ESB bounty hunters
  10. Unfortunately unlikely, if we get 4 of them we should b happy
  11. Relax, was just teasing you, besides, how can I know what skincolour you have or your gender anyway, even if that would be the stereotypical easily offended stereotype. We can just agree to disagree, I think she actually looks around 19 to me, even if that is kind of like still very young, but sometimes we tend to forget nowadays that most soldiers and warriors were that age decades and centuries ago.
  12. Well, just for your information, she was not a kid, she was 20 last year when the movie came out, so at least 19 when they took that shoot. Same age as Jeanne d'Arc (a bad megablocks soldier) was when she died. So maybe it more like you have a problem to see a 19 year old woman as a bad megablocks soldier, more than the fact that she actually was one. Me on the contrary, I thought she was dope.
  13. Its not even sure they did on purpouse, they just thought after having three, four and five column ranking is time for two, and they didn't care if that ranking has ever been visualized
  14. Only thought people talked about it due to the klatoonian head (which belonged to the Mandalorian) and a hairpiece from Leia (which probably was just the old one but without printing). What I recalled being mentioned a while back ago was something. Wookiee related, but cannot remember if it was mentioned here or somewhere else.