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  1. The probability is high that they eventually will make a UCS of it as well, I mean, there was a reason it was selected in the competition, lego would not have chosen a set that they would not believe in or want to make for other reasons. Huh? Then I think it's a bit odd that rumours of the set start floating up now. Shouldn't it have been released months ago then? Of course I do appreciate the "more the merrier" but from legos own perspective, if SDCC is already why passed, and there is a set made that nobody knew about, why not just prospond it to next SDCC?
  2. But when was the SDCC supposed to be? Assume it was cancelled like everything else.
  3. Seems there is a Nebulon B coming after all, not the size I would have hoped for though, but better than nothing
  4. No, I wouldn't say I don't expect, on the contrary I do expect lego to have many sets con clones. Very few unpopular decisions (according to me) that lego makes it's not something that suprises me, I've learn my TLG by now, but still, the heart doesn't like what it doesn't like. And more clones of course lead to less of other figures (that is by the end of the day my main concern, if we got twice or triple the amount of figures in each set, having two clones per set would of course not bother me the same) Yeah, it's probably good I started collecting in 2014 instead of during the CW series era.
  5. Yeah, unfortunately it seems that way, thats the main problem I have with PT sets. Well even if they make sets from AoTC and RotS, they dont have to have 50 % of the figures clones, 10 % is more than enough.
  6. Just hope they one time will make same PT sets but without clones, don't like them
  7. I bought the Cantina a couple of days ago, haven’t bought it yet, but my opinion of the minifigs is the following: 4/5 in selection of the figures out of what one should expert. Lego did better than what could have been expected but for 5/5 they should have added three more new cantina patrons. 3/5 in exekution. One or two armprintings, definitely more legprintings. Has lego ever released this many figures without legprintings before? I like all torsoprintings but think they could have introduced a few more new molded parts. My favourite is Ponda Baba, also liked Kardue'sai'Malloc and the recoulred tradoshan, but wished they recoloured the ithorian as well, new print for the jawa, better design for Evezan, bigger trunk for Garindan and a completely other solution for Kabe (molded head would have been the best).
  8. I don't understand any of this, if you don't mind can you explain? Ah now I think I got the previous comment as well. I don't know why people care about this more than just change the actor or the look, despite an alien is an alien, and animated is animated how can someone tell what Ahsoka would look like if she was real on this planet. So considering the characters are from SW universe I think it's very weird to translate the characters into white, black and asian, especially since thats even wierd to do outside US (where else in the world you count dark skinned people with the origin in the african continents as black instead of africans, none of these colour make sense in reality) atleast to be consistent it should be white, black and yellow.
  9. Well then maybe we can rid of this old and exhaused cliché of AFOLs are not a big marked for LEGO as an excuse to counter criticize those tired of constantly repeated sets.
  10. After all talk about 501st this year, I cannot help not to share this: I somehow assume that there are not too many hiphop heads among lego fans, but I might be wrong, lets see if someone else like this.
  11. A SW boxing ring would be a nice set!
  12. Well I don't know what to say about the 2021 rumour, except Im used to be dissapointed by lego, and as relative good as the summer and fall 2020 was, one should not be used to expect satisfaction by legos production choice. Like some other people say here, I try to console myself that I instead can save some money and buy some loose parts on BL instead.
  13. That or geonosian arena. I think lego is about to move out of their OT comfty zone Never heard about it on this side of the World, dont forget Lego is a danish company not a US, danes aren’t sensitive to alot of stuff, these people are allowed to get drunk on lunch brakes
  14. Wow, yeah full grown man getting SW nerdy after TFA, no probably not the most common, but that just chose that there are many paths to the light side! And yes, probably very few have read all canon comics, I have read pretty much, most of it old republic or older so not canon any more I guess. Dont know how many canon comics there are, but it sounds impressive. But if defending the reverse order by anything, there must be atleast some value to have Palpatine be exposed as the main antagonist, thats hardly any suprise for people who have watch OT
  15. Well actually I made the deciscion when I wanted my wife to watch the Star Wars saga to start with the TPM, mainly because I thought if I start with ANH she would just want to turn of the TV after 5 minutes (shes one of those people who cannot watch a movie older than the 90ies in terms of overall quality). I was somehow wrong, she made it to the cantina then she was like, turn it off. lol. Now I now a bunch of people here would scream DIVORCE. I can't, she would take half my lego... and kill me. Dont know what is worse. ;) To her defense, she actually liked Rogue one and Solo somehow, the ST we haven't come there yet. And for myself, first movie I watched was ROTJ. I was eight or nine years old back in 1991 or 92 and a classmate had just got hold of a cool movie he had taken from his older brother so we were just thrilled we got a cool space adventure movie a bit above our age limit. Before that, I had no idea what Star Wars was. I would be suprised if I was the only one who just started to watch a SW movie like that just randomly.