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  1. Best news since the MSB Bespin set! Maybe the Shuttle is for 2021 then?
  2. I just hope the next cantina is a MSB / UCS, these small joints dont give it justice!
  3. Yepp, here as well in Sweden. My experience is that sets retire in NA faster than in the rest of the world, but people there seem to think that what's happening there is happening elsewhere as well
  4. I liked the improvement of the pilothelmet, but, the problem is when you have collected all pilots + some customs from firestar, then starting over with a new helmet is just to much headache
  5. Sneakguest

    sw0861 Just generic pilot or is named somewhere?

    Oh, was afraid of that. Well lego has done mistakes before (at least I believe they were concidering screening time, like when they brought Boolio into a set instead for example that snaillooking guy who had considrable more screening time, or the mole from R1 who were just seen a few seconds), but at least if the character has a name and can be recognized in the movie, it's okey. But when it's like this, I just feel disapointed. But then it also really make sense why the change to Finch Dallow later. Wonder what the percental division is between generic not really existing pilot and Finch.
  6. I just wished that most lego buyers (especially parents and other relatives) were aware of BL, then we would get rid of this megablocks repetition of main characters 300 times
  7. Question: Have lego identified this figure afterwards or somebody have identified the character by any name? sw0861{"ss":"SE","iconly":0}
  8. If i would have collected ST ships, probably would have gone for the Resistance transportation ship, but I don't. They should have spent 10 € more for some interior space. But still, in best case they would have done something similiar to the U-wing, which wouldn't have been enough anyway. Im not sure there will be anything more then a couple of BL purchases, but we will c!
  9. Well even if most 20-30 years old have less economical demands which are created by family life, they earn less and also my experience is that many are in the dark ages until they actually get kids and thats how they come back to lego
  10. Sneakguest

    Post your general LEGO Star Wars questions here

    Question: Have lego identified this figure afterwards or somebody have identified the character by any name? sw0861{"ss":"SE","iconly":0}
  11. Yeah but there have not been a non-remake since like Assault on Hoth, and they have actually repeated more of the UCS then they have unique ones. I just think it's getting silly the lack of innovation and thanx bro!
  12. lego dont have insane secondary market prices. Relatively speaking in regard of course. Just to mention art or music.
  13. So a Shuttle? If it's true that is pretty much dissapointing I must say, we never seem to get something new in terms of the larger fall UCS, but since I gonna take my parental relief rest of the year from now on and only get 80 % of my salary, it might be good not to be tempted for something that expensive