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  1. If they really really have to release another X-wing, let it at least be a X-wing OT please
  2. I even hope they are customs since I actually had enough of TLJ pilots, it's like a third of all TLJ mini figures so far are pilots. =(
  3. LEGO Star Wars 2017 Pictures and Rumors

    There is a thread under customizing minifigures
  4. Updating Your Minifigs

    Do you mean the brown skinned pilot or did they have a black skinned as well?
  5. Well, it sound likely. I think that they need to do special promotions for at least one time a quarter for people not to feel cheated. In the end though, it will pretty much be the exclusive gifts that determine how well it be worth to purchase the falcon now, rather than to wait a couple of years to get it on discount or second hand.
  6. Updating Your Minifigs

    Maybe they were not that many since I doubt that the mainstream lego buyers are continuously updating the info on such sites. I will definitely get a few later but I must say that I don't really feel too enthusiastic to just buy 20 pairs of identical arms for 40 pounds
  7. I agree, Boba looks nice, but I think it's better that a brick head is exclusive rather than a normal set
  8. My only interest with the falcon is what the special black VIP card would bring for members next year, since I'm not going to buy it, hopefully it will be just special deals and no exclusive figures. But the falcon is a bit tooooo expensive just to buy in case of maybe getting some good exclusive stuff in 2018.
  9. Updating Your Minifigs

    I just made an order from firestar, however the arm pairs where already sold out and buying left and right arms singly would have been too expensive if the aim is to give all my pilots printed arms, so I hope the will get restocked later on
  10. After the disappointment with lego ratters, I saw that force link will release a rather figure now in October and I plan to buy and if possible put studs on it so it can be fixed into a lego setting. Has anyone done this before?
  11. LEGO Star Wars 2017 Pictures and Rumors

    Friendly it should be, however I do agree that the MF is consuming the threat and for those of us who are not interested, we feel that the rest of the topics disappear in the crowd. Thus I have basically stopped viewing the thread regularly, thus creating a specific MF topic is a pretty good idea.
  12. I wouldn't say hes given, lego is pretty often random with minifies selection, plus they already have two Poe's in this wave Not to forget that I would be disappointing if we don't get one or two new characters from the TLJ, which at least lego has provided previous years
  13. Well if it would have had 20-30 mini figures and the majority would have been new, I would have bought it, Im just into collecting mini figures as my first priority and if there are more like me, lego are loosing money by not trying to balance both mini figures and the actual set. Concerning the personal issue part, if that is more issues or not I don't know but for anybody to buy a 800 euro cartong full of plastic when almost one billion people in the world are living under a dollar a day, I'm pretty sure all of us AFOLs have issues.
  14. Oh, what is that, YODA at home? But was that something we have seen before? Anyway this site is good since they often fastest with new stuff and they never ever take anything down, so it's good to have even as a place to access pictures since you now you don't have to save them.
  15. Well of course they can, they can make money and now they just lost mine by not including any molded creatures or new mini figures, of course people who cannot afford will complain, but people who cannot afford will always complain if they want it. However if you can afford but don't want it for certain reasons of quality, that loss is worse