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  1. Yeah shit, you right, forgot about those, funny since I have them both, and outdates yes indeed
  2. In OT yes, and the Mynocks, otherwise the were not that many creatures in the OT, probably due to the trickiness of making them with the budget and technology of the time. But there are a lot of creature in the PT and what I can recall, no creature of the PT has of yet been turning up in lego.
  3. Yes of course, I know that, maybe I should have been more specific, what I meant is the last few years of brick build creatures, the last time we got a large molded creature or big fig for star wars is four years ago, meanwhile the other themes have continued to be given theirs. But we getting out of topic, I just hope that lego will change for sw, I think I have written them over 5 times the last few years, complaining every time the decide to do a brickbuild instead of a mold.
  4. Personally, it's not too important to me since I already got two of them and they for all, already exist. But generally I think it's very unfair that ninjago and super heroes get big figs, city and jurassic get molded creatures and SW just get brick build ugly shit, just hope that the corelian hound is a trend break
  5. Maybe people should not spread information that someone else has deleted, I'm thinking that most time people delete something is with a cause
  6. If it includes a molded fathier, I don't care about anything else, I will be happy just like that.
  7. As usually news are not good news, just read random newspaper ;)
  8. Well in that way I agree with you, I would just not be able to buy every SW set that came out, have to prioritize other things + the space in the house is limited as well. But it irritates me that they really waste a space for a new set like this, we pretty much identical figures from a few years back, and why do they even bother to change the printing when the difference is so small (know it's not the first time considering all the Bobas, Kenobis and Solos, but still)
  9. Sneakguest

    Post your general LEGO Star Wars questions here

    Well, okey I do agree in general terms, but would a small CMF series really affect the sales on Hasbro, that I pretty much doubt and I think companies should compete by making better products, not blocking each other from making better ones. probably Bricklink
  10. Sneakguest

    Updating Your Minifigs

    I think it looks weird to be honest, maybe it's possible to make it good in one way, but the way it's bending and the length of the arm doesn't do it for me, however, I like the idea and the effort
  11. Sneakguest

    Star Wars Resitance

    I dont think it is as bad as some people put it, rather first episode went of pretty well, and then Im not a fan of the new saga at all. And in terms of lego, there are a couple of new aliens that would be nice to get as figures (however will probably not happen) Although what is more likely is that Jarek Yeager will be made and thus the first real dreadlock hairpiece, which is really about time!
  12. Sneakguest

    Post your general LEGO Star Wars questions here

    Then I think during the circumstances they do get it pretty right anyway, and no surprise why for example maybe lego got the intel that the vessel droid in the MF was supposed to be L3-37 Well I think it would just be mean to block lego from doing that, it's not like the hasbro and lego compete since buildable toys and action figures are not the same market. Either people collect one or the other, or both.
  13. Or I think it's time for you guys to stop arguing about nothing
  14. Point one and three I agree, not like vaneƩ is an important character and he is easy to moc, but still, are not any other characters really that feel attached to the set so much more relevant than a normal trooper. However for point three, the main reason I dont agree with you is that SW is already bad at location sets, so to see a mid size location set it's not something we have had since Jabbas Palace in 2012, so I definitely welcome this initiative and hope they continue to drop a new location set this size, on top of an eventual master builder set each year. It's not that it wouldn't be nice as a master builder set, but there are so many other locations from the OT and PT that would take priority as becoming a master builder series.
  15. Sneakguest

    Post your general LEGO Star Wars questions here

    Do someone know when Hasbros monopoly on star wars action figures comes to an end? So we finally can have some bricktober and cmf's.