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  1. Yes, not to forget a new option for birthday presents from other kids, Im not certain what people pay in other countries but here (Sweden) I would say generally not more than the cost of a battlepack. So a new CMF would also increase their profit for kids WHO only want SW lego Dont know what I meant either, hehe, looks like autocorrection messed my sentence up. Its not like they have to introduce armprinting and such to the SW CMF, it would be nice, but people buy regardless.
  2. Theae standard OT characters you mention are not even in most sets anyway that are on same right now and they are still easy accessible on the secondary market so really doubt that is a reason. Considiring more obscure characters, isnt most lego movie CMFs like that, like they have continurd to release four series from their own movies, so its like that reason doesnt stop them either. By that being said, I think it will take time to get a SW CMF series, because of the uncertainties of license, planing and other priorities, so probably not until earlist 3-4 years, but more likely even slightly later. But I dont think there is a reason for lego not to take a chance and see what happens. I mean relatively speaking, in comparison with for example releasing a large Stranger Things set, a SW CMF is not a strange thing.
  3. In honestly I think there almost too many SW related shows running right now and they compete in lego attention. If it would be up to me, I how lego focus more on the movies because there is still so much not covered yet.
  4. Even me, the few arms and torsos I have broken have been from before 2010. Dont know if its a matter of quality or age.
  5. It does, more european countries have higher taxes or merchandise to pay for a more covering welfare system, so not strange at all.
  6. Yes it is, because the dude or dudess doesn't claim it's real either, xhe has written: "Set Ideas List (and Minifigures) for 2020! We need a Line of Mando sets!" So it would more go under wishlist than fakelist.
  7. I doubt he is that well known, despite having his small fan base. I had no idea who he was until just right now, and Im a preson who have turned wookieepedia inside and out, and seen what I thought was a relevant SW related media. But I have not played all games, and a character belonging to a game that is over 12 years old is not something that that really would come to attention to kids today that are the target group of lego. I think it would be a super weird move to include rebel friend in any set.
  8. Then it would be super odd if we dont get more sets from the show
  9. Just bought the Mandalorian battlepack, really one of my favorit bathlepacks together with the battlepacks from Rogue one and Solo.
  10. Probably at some point, but generellt dont buy complete sets if not OT and PT related just to avoid my collecting getting out of hand, both in terms of money, space n time.
  11. Whats wrong with chiffren nowadays
  12. Well, I must say that Im not too pleased about TLG aquiring bricklink. Alteady they have striken down on third party accessory suppliers and customparts, for no reason other than to eliminationen competition it seems. Wouldnt be suprised if they inrease fees and put other restrictions as well.
  13. When there is only a new vehicle and no single location, how can the movie be covered, I could easily make up 15 more sets from that movie if it was up to me, and that goes for basically all movies, I just think they have a calculation on how many sets in total are viable to release a year before the compete with themselves
  14. I do understand, but the problem is that the waste slots for better sets, I mean it's not like they will drop 7 more meaningful TROS set in the summer just beacuse of that, at least that is not what they have done with previous movies, they will just make 2 or threee than one or two more the next year