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  1. I know there is a bunch of exclusive Super heroes figures but they have never done similar with SW right? (not counting the various chrome bobas, r2d2s and c3po, but more normal printed figures)
  2. Lets hope they sell well so we got more Solo sets in the near future
  3. When I start to think about it, Im pretty sure the leaker of these sets did not include the gunner in the Conveyex and included another Becket figure in the Hauler that did not appear so I as I said when this rumor came out, you should never be 100 % sure until you actually see the official pictures,
  4. For me it's only the presence of another Qi'ra that bothers me, rest of the figures are solid, and actually satisfied that they they include two new head molds, it's not too often TLG do that nowadays Love the range trooper as well, but should have something that make their feet look bigger, some kind of new molded shoe. And that gunner feels necessary, would rather have wanted another marauder instead. Is he even in the movie? cannot recall
  5. Russian site Val looks good, but Rio has googles in the way of his face, so difficult to get a close up on his face print, cannot really see the solution of his four arms either, but it looks like its a new double arms mold since his back is clear of any body gear
  6. Pictures of the Hauler is out There is two enforcer and no Becket, good news!
  7. Sneakguest

    Updating Your Minifigs

    I just read the canon and the legends article about him on wookieepedia, two completely different stories, that site need to be revised more often I think
  8. I agree, and least anticipated. Looking forward to see Val and the Range trooper
  9. If lego dont make an exception here, there is one more battle pack to go. Although since they always make a rebel and an empire battlepack, a cloud rider gang battle pack is pretty possible
  10. If the purpose was to combins, they would not include Becket twice
  11. I guess the order is in terms of set number, that the first is the Cloud rider gang swoop bikes, the second is the train and the third is the ship that the Benket Crew uses before the Falcon
  12. my spontanues reaction is more like haha than cool. But I like the effort that they actually cared to change the printing than just releasing the same figure again
  13. I would say it's likely with another Solo battlepack, since we only had one, and Mimban battle pack is of course one of the likely options, but since they already had an imperial battle pack, I think it is also possible with a Crimson Dawn enforcer battle pack or a Cloud Rider battle pack. Any of the last two mentioned would be great
  14. Think u r 2 negative here. I will not give up on a L3. Still lego has only made 10 solo sets, which is really low, even compared to rogue one Sorry take that back, realises it’s the opposite, only 9 play sets for rogue one. But still only one backpack. But I don’t think anyone can draw any direct conclusion merely based on how many R1 sets lego has made.
  15. Is it the 1st August that is the release date for the summer wave?