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  1. Sneakguest

    Post your general LEGO Star Wars questions here

    I dont know, but I can't decide right now what I think about lego, like if I think it's a really nice thing to do, or if I'm kind of wasting time. I think it's kind of hard to tell at the moment, but I guess that happens when u in Kampala and u smoked some really good kush, BTW I apologize or this meaningless out of nowhere post. Just couldn't help it. Now really enjoyed i by the way.... so funny
  2. lol, yeah usually unfortunately that is the case. Stupid or messed up, yeah that our TLG
  3. I think that this thread should require every post to be accepted by moderators, since the wast majority of comments have nothing to do with actual rumors.
  4. Sneakguest

    Future Star Wars Sets

    You mean the Palatines office set? Hehe, well it's probably the closest we will get, but yeah not really the real deal Hehe, no of course not, but not too many AFOLs are fans of larger playsets on the expense of visual appealing UCSs.
  5. Sneakguest

    Future Star Wars Sets

    I hope the next years large fall set is a master builder series set again, but it feels like I'm a minority here who like big location playlets over a UCS vehicle. Preferably jedi temple, the coruscant senate, geonosian arena or the rebel Yavin base. At least the later two have a change to show up sooner or later if the star wars brand for lego continue a decade or two.
  6. Sneakguest

    What's your recent LEGO Star Wars Purchase?

    I got a new Betrayal at cloud city for 250 euros, felt like a pretty good deal.
  7. Wild speculaiton, rather no speculation at all, maybe it's actual time to open a speculation thread so people who like to guess what's gonna come will have their fun over there and stop confusing for others who require some actual support for the findings. Not only that it is confusing and misleading, it's also irritating when people continuously makes a mountain out of a molehill
  8. Not to reopen old wounds but are there still no news of a final black VIP promotion? If there even will be one.
  9. I cannot help to wonder why lego make SW sets (also Jurassic sets and super heroes) for kids who are waaaay to young to be allowed to watch the movies. My daughter is 4 years right now and the only reason she actually can relate to jurassic and sw is because of my lego collection. Im not saying that kids would neglect something just because they dont know about it. It would make more sense if lego made more themes similar to Power Puff girls for the 4+ theme
  10. Don't know why people are realistically disappointed that there is only two praetorian helmet versions, lego almost never complete crews, like with the bounty hunters from ESB, the inquisitors or now the Solo crew from the Solo movie. The only time I can recall they have done it was with the Rogue one crew, which actually really surprised me.
  11. I might buy the battle packs, think this is the first wave since i started collected 4 years ago that it's actually possible that I won't buy anything. But somehow it's good, I can justify for myself to buy the Cloud City instead.
  12. At least the quote was helpful for me, Im not a person who remember quotes from movies, even if I see them 10 times.
  13. I do agree with you of course, and I'm one of them that can easily forget that, but and there is most often a but, is still the lack of sense of just slightly upgrade sets that was just up on the shelves two years ago. If it would be the case that they sold so well, and lego only care about making money, why not safe more and just re-release the exact same sets again? It's not like lego has never done that before anyway.
  14. Sure I will as well, but I have the feeling that I will not change my feeling that this will be the worst SW wave ever.
  15. Whether this other praetorian helmet i custom or not, Aethersprite claimed earlier that he knows that all helmets will be presented, that is, according to him, that is not a custom helmet