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  1. Not so sure there will be a second Sabine anytime soon. I think that it totally depends on number of seasons for Ashoka or if she is present in another show, otherwise I highly doubt they make more than maximum one more set for this season, but most likely none.
  2. I love the actual build, but not a fan of the minifigure choice, no new mold or nothing in this set, a new alien could have been way nicee than another mon calamarian. But dont have the old ghost, just the figures so I will probably end up buying it.
  3. Why, are both the stormies in the mech and magazine a new variant? Otherwise I dont see ur point
  4. Obsessed I dont know, rather routine bound, lazy and insecure…
  5. I like Vane mostly so far this year, but I will not crown him until all products are released.
  6. Im only in for a Jar jar mech, rest is garbage
  7. Cant we have a vote on this? 😅
  8. I think that was pleasent, what a boring world if people would not be allowed to through around insanity tags
  9. I think the US&UK are more the exceptions here, most countries what I have experience dont have other than lego store exclusives. I think the problem with anything Luthen related that we get a reprisal of him as a minifigure. I be suprised if they release more than maximum 1 more Andor set and then I think we need new figures, to at least get some of the most important characters.
  10. I tend to forget that those egocentric miniature bastards wants different things than us 😜 Well probably something would be needed un top of the structure, but then maybe some kind of ground machine would have been prefered.
  11. Finally a set I really want to purchase this year (well the Tie-bomber too but thats it). Yavin is really standing out in terms of minifigures, dont know if this is a possible change in terms of being stingy in amout of minifigures, or it might be a result of not needing to make any new molds, or just a one hit wonder. Although I wished they would have used the extra total unnecessary pieces of making a micro Y-wing to make the Yavin base slightly larger. In comparison with the Cloudcity car and the Mos Eisley vehicles, this Y-wing adds zero value to the set
  12. Not for me when checking, dont know uf that can be becsuse I am at a different location or there is another reason for it.
  13. I dont see any discounts at all in Sweden, think this was a general bad may the fourth. And dont see any 5x vip points like in other regions. But happilly enough the promo was bad so dont care much that I didnt bought anything this year and I dont have to strain myself as much on my vaccation in Mozambique.