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  1. My S@H order arrived today (perhaps the fastest I've ever seen them deliver!). I'm actually quite surprised at how much I like the AAT, while it's not strictly accurate, I feel it's well designed overall, not underdeveloped, and has some really nice part usage. My Ahsoka minififure has a couple of misprints on her smirking face though, a white line above her top lip, and two faint white lines above each of her cheek markings. May get in touch with Lego customer service about it and see if they can send a new one out.
  2. Hoping you're right! I was saving VIP points for months specifically to get a second 501st pack, would be so disappointing if they cancelled! Going through Amazon isn't so bad, there will likely be delays with S@H given that so many new sets have gone live at once. This happened in March and created a huge backlog for them at the warehouse.
  3. My order is currently in the warehouse, I'm really concerned they're going to cancel it because I ordered 2 501st packs
  4. That's odd, when I ordered I was able to get two. Maybe they imposed it shortly after release?
  5. Sets are up on the UK S@H, just ordered the AAT and two 501st packs.
  6. Heads up for UK folks, John Lewis seem to have all the new sets in stock except for the AAT and 501st (which have sold out already).
  7. Didn't the rumours say that the Bespin Duel would be a $40 D2C set? The box seems to be pointing in that direction for sure.
  8. Just saw a review of the new AT-AT, and I'm very impressed. As somebody who owns the 2014 version, it seems like a big improvement. Not sure I would buy it since I do still have the previous one, but credit where credit is due Also it seems like Angry Clone has indeed met an end, because neither the AT-AT Drivers nor the Snowtroopers use that head. In fact, they finally all have unique heads to each other.
  9. Willsy

    Harry Potter 2020 - Rumors & Discussion

    Oh wow, that's incredible! I've done something similar with mine, but trying to keep it as close to the size of the original set as possible due to lack of space. I really like how you've done the interior, it's definitely inspired me to change up the one on mine a lot more!
  10. The AAT can fit a pilot! The Galaxy's Edge set looks great too, I may pick that up at some point. I'll be getting a couple of 501st sets and the AAT on day one though.
  11. Willsy

    Harry Potter 2020 - Rumors & Discussion

    Thank you! It's taken months of redesigning and rearranging things, but I'm super happy the with result. Just need to do the bridge from the Great Hall courtyard now! My Burrow just dispatched as well, should be arriving within the next couple of days!
  12. Willsy

    Harry Potter 2020 - Rumors & Discussion

    Thanks! Other forums I use tend to require more steps so it always gets a bit confusing. The Burrow is my most anticipated set this year, I already have plans to mod the left side of it so it's covered but can open up.
  13. Decided I will be picking up 2 501st Legion sets and the AAT on August 1st. That Ahsoka minifigure is incredible, I was actually hoping that a new Ahsoka wouldn't use the Rebels leku piece but I'm surprised at how well it works. I suppose it's a better fit than the original mould anyway. Personally I really like how the AAT looks, the "skirting" (if you can call it that) looks off with how rounded it is but I can't see that being a difficult nor expensive fix, 95188 in dark blue seems pretty cheap on Bricklink, I can imagine it's cheaper in LBG too.
  14. Willsy

    Harry Potter 2020 - Rumors & Discussion

    Thanks, I can never quite remember how to deeplink pictures. Shows how much I actually share pictures on EB!
  15. Willsy

    Harry Potter 2020 - Rumors & Discussion

    Got the Astronomy Tower on Tuesday, and wasted no time integrating it with the rest of my Hogwarts layout! Really happy with it so far! The AT itself surpassed my expectations, it really was a joy to build. Just need to wait for The Burrow to arrive from S@H!