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  1. I ordered a Clone Army Customs sun visor and jetpack for Cody, as well as the Series 2 Marge arms, and wow he looks absolutely fantastic, an already great figure made near-perfect in my opinion. Definitely recommended and doesn't cost much to source them either.
  2. Willsy

    10497 Galaxy Explorer 90th anniversary set

    Just finished building this and wow what a fantastic set The build was super enjoyable with some very creative and interesting techniques, and the number of features and details is considerable. The rear bay for the buggy is admittedly a lot of fun to play with! The retractable gear is masterfully implemented as well, the underside of the ship looks pristine. I think the Explorer itself is perfect, I just wish an extra astronaut or two were included (perhaps a blue or black one?). Overall I think this is my favourite set this year, which I really was not expecting. £90 for this is very good value for money. I grabbed a second Benny's Space Squad from eBay to fill out my classic astronaut ranks a bit more.
  3. Willsy

    10497 Galaxy Explorer 90th anniversary set

    My Smyths Toys pre-order is being prepared for shipping!
  4. The 212th visor prints in official images look wider as well, more in line with the 2014 versions. I wonder if the print in the final set is a prototype version that they accidently put into production. If so I hope they'll ship out new helmets to those who own the set. Also, regarding Obi-Wan's Starfighter, any ideas as to how to close the gaps on the wings, besides falling back on hinged plates? I really cannot look past them, they were distracting on Anakin's CW Starfighter and they are just as distracting here. It's quite a notable blemish on an otherwise beautiful looking set.
  5. Very much here for a UCS Razor Crest. Even with the absurd price point I think I will have to cave on it. Also it's not an OT UCS model, which is great to see.
  6. Still kind of prefer the old visor but the more animated one is better for consistency with the 501st/187th troopers. Overall looks great! Glad the helmet mold is 95% the same thing.
  7. I wonder if the original Grand Inquisitor minifigure will retain its value following this. If so I honestly wouldn't mind selling him towards the Scythe. The new version of him still looks great even without the helmet and the ship itself is gorgeous, it turned out far better than I expected and looks very polished overall. The starfighter looks good too, though I'm unsure as to why they didn't use the newer wedge plates that can create a sharper tip.
  8. I mean the Razor Crest is only a type of ship, it isn't unique. It's not impossible that Mando could get a new one in the future. It's an iconic design already and I can't see them leaving it on the table. Either way I'd be extremely tempted by a UCS Razor Crest, I liked the play scale set but it's no secret that it doesn't capture some of the ship's angles very well. The potential for the interior as well
  9. If I'm reading into this correctly, I'm sure that could still work for Rex, as long as the holes are the same diameter. It wouldn't be ideal but as long as the holes are roughly on the side of the helmet I would imagine it will work just fine with all of those accessories. After all, the sunvisor piece is only part of the accessory packs we always get with these sets, they likely won't want a bunch of spare accessories you can't use with the set they're included in.
  10. I'm surprised they didn't throw Tech into the set to get a bit more mileage out of that helmet mold, whereas Hunter will either use the existing P2 Clone helmet or the new AT-TE one which are/will be more commonplace.
  11. In regards to the complaints from some areas of the fanbase, I really hope it doesn't put the design team off listening to the fans because the recent nods to the fanbase such as Cody, the 501st set, have been genuinely nice to see. But anyway, the AT-TE sounds wonderful and will be an instant purchase for sure, I'm very happy we're finally getting P2 Cody and seemingly a new P2 helmet mold with attachment compatibility. I'm sure he will look fantastic and it definitely bodes well for an updated Rex. I just hope the interior is better than the 2013 version, because that design was otherwise great. Five clones and three (technically four) droids is a really great lineup for the set.
  12. I'm already starting to notice a bit of a trend actually: first the Imperial Armoured Marauder, now the Fighter Tank. You could maybe argue the AAT as well but the figure selection there is arguably weaker than the $40 ground transport sets that succeeded it. I do wonder if we'll be seeing a set of this format every year with a small-ish ground vehicle and a decent number of amassable figures. Also, with that rumour of the AT-TE including a few clones (not sure if that was debunked or not), perhaps Lego are finally starting to be more lenient with trooper distributions in sets where it would make sense.
  13. Just received the fighter tank this morning. Overall a pretty good set! Minifigs are great, the tank is actually a nice build, the worst part about it is the gap between the canopy piece. I do think there was a missed opportunity to bring back the seat-raising function from the original version though, I'm sure they could have worked it in. All in all though I'm happy with it and I think I prefer it to the 2017 version.
  14. There was a Dewback in the Cantina in 2020. We do get them from time to time, they just very occasionally pop up due to how expensive they can be to produce. Nothing released this year so far has really warranted using them either.
  15. Had to order the Fighter Tank through S@H as nowhere else currently seems to be stocking it or the Trash Compactor in the UK right now. Very strange...